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How To Convert A 2-Seater Jeep Wrangler into A 5-Seater?

The Jeep Wrangler is a well-liked vehicle among many people. However, if you have a large family, the limited seating may be a disappointment.

Jeep Wranglers feature three seats in total, with two bucket seats in the front and a bench in the back. The back seat of the two-door Wrangler versions can accommodate two people. The four-door models increase the back passenger capacity to three, giving you a total of five seats.

In this article, I will discuss how to convert a 2-seater Jeep Wrangler into a 5-seater.

How To Convert A Jeep Wrangler 2 Seater Into 5 Seaters?

There is hope if you need more passenger space than the standard Jeep Wrangler provides.

In four-door Wrangler variants, a third-row seat is available.

It will take some effort, and you may need custom-made brackets, but if you follow these instructions, you will be able to transport an additional two passengers in your Jeep.

You will need:

  • Seat
  • Seat brackets
  • Drill
  • Knife
  • Socket and Wrench set

You want a seat that is both secure and narrow enough to fit in the back cargo compartment of your Wrangler. A back seat from a two-door Jeep Wrangler works nicely for this.

The majority of individuals that conduct this upgrade utilized a rear seat from a two-door Wrangler JK from 2007 to 2018.

OEM replacement seats may be found for $500 to $1,000 on the internet. At a salvage yard, on Craigslist, or eBay, you might be able to locate one for cheaper.

The brackets should be very sturdy and well made. You can have these brackets if you are wondering where to find them.

Those brackets are designed for Wranglers from 2018 and before, but we’ve noticed that many customers use them in later models as well.

You may take precise measurements and construct replacement brackets yourself or have them fabricated at a local machine shop if you prefer a different seat.

Whatever you decide, be sure the brackets are high-quality and robust enough to support the seat as well as the weight of your passengers in the event of an accident.

After you’ve gathered all of the necessary materials, you can begin converting your Wrangler two-seater into a five-seater.

Steps To Make Your Jeep Wrangler 5 Seater:

1. Remove Carpet

To get access to the floor beneath the carpet in your cargo compartment, you must first remove it. Set the carpet away in a secure location until you’re ready to replace it.

A subwoofer may be installed in the cargo compartment of select models. You may need to remove it as well, depending on the seat and brackets you pick.

2. Drill Holes

This part might be a little tough, so pay close attention to the bracket positions when marking.

To check for clearance between the seat and the tailgate and window, you should attach the seat to the brackets and arrange everything in position.

If this isn’t an option, make sure you measure everything precisely.

Some bracket kits include installation instructions that may or may not be compatible with your seat and Jeep. When in doubt, double-check your measurements to ensure that everything is in order.

Mark where you’ll need to drill the holes once you’ve decided where you want the brackets to go. If feasible, use a hole punch to guarantee precise drilling.

Before you start drilling, make sure you check underneath the car to make sure your holes won’t go through anything important underneath.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to attach a nut and washer on the underside, so make sure there’s enough area.

Start drilling your holes after you’re confident everything is in the right place and there’s enough room beneath.

Start with a tiny bit for a pilot hole, and then gradually increase the size of the bit until it is the proper size for your bolts.

3. Attach Brackets

This will be simple for brackets like those in the TeraFlex kit. Inserts are included with their package, which is pushed in from above.

If you have custom brackets, you will almost certainly need to add a nut and washer to the underside.

Remember that this will keep the passengers secure in the event of an accident, therefore use high-quality bolts. You prevent the washer from pulling through, be sure to choose one with a big diameter.

4. Reinstall Carpet

Place the carpet over the brackets and secure it in place. The region where the bracket protrudes must be trimmed.

This will function differently for various brackets. For something like the TeraFlex brackets, though, you may reduce slots so that just the seat-holding tabs protrude.

One method is to use your hands to feel around under the carpet until you can determine the edge of the bracket, then cut a bit along that line.

You should be able to feel under and on top of the cuts from there to figure out where the remaining cuts are.

5. Install the Seat

If your seat locks onto bolts, now is the time to insert your bolts into your brackets. The seat may be bolted directly to the brackets in some circumstances.

Regardless of the situation, you may now install your seat in your car and secure it. You won’t have to bother about seatbelts if the seat has them built-in, but not all seats do.

If your seatbelts are bolted in, they may need to be connected to the same bolts you’re installing here. Keep this in mind so you don’t have to unscrew these nuts in the future to install the seatbelts.

Check this video to have a clear visual guide to converting your two-seater Jeep Wrangler into a five-seater.

Are The Seats Comfortable?

In terms of comfort, the consensus opinion on Wrangler seats seems to be that they are suitable for the vehicle they are in.

Persons of ordinary height and weight appear to be alright with them, while taller or heavier people may find them uncomfortable.

The bottom of the seat tilts forward somewhat, which is a typical complaint we heard about them. There were also some concerns regarding the back’s lack of lateral support.

Despite the foregoing criticisms, the majority of people enjoy them. They don’t provide the same degree of luxury as a luxury automobile, but they do compare favorably to a variety of other cars.

But it’s all up to you which seats you choose to convert your Jeep Wrangler 5 seater.

Final words

If you have a large family it is obvious to have a vehicle with a large seat capacity. And if you already own a two-seater Jeep Wrangler, now you know how to convert your Wrangler into five seaters.

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