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5 Ways to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside

5 Ways to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside

To err is human! One of the most common silly mistakes people often do is leaving the keys of their cars inside after locking them. It’s even more problematic if you’re in the middle of nowhere where you can’t get help. 

But that’s not something worrisome with every vehicle out there, some of them have some technical ways to unlock even when the keys are left inside. And Jeep Cherokee is also one of them!

So, if you have ever been into situations like this with your favorite SUV, then this article is definitely for you. 

Here we will be discussing 5 ways to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside. Keep on reading to save yourself from hours of trouble and panic when you accidentally lock your Jeep Cherokee.

Can a Jeep Cherokee Unlock With Keys Inside?

Before we get to know how to unlock a Jeep Cherokee, we need to know if it’s even possible to unlock it. 

The answer is, yes! You can unlock your Jeep Cherokee if you somehow happen to lock it with the keys inside. You just have to follow the right steps to do it so that you don’t damage your car.

How to Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside?

If you want to unlock your Jeep Cherokee that you locked with the keys inside, you can try the following steps first:

  • If your Jeep Cherokee has a soft top, then you should try unzipping the side window. 
  • If the Jeep Cherokee has a hardtop, you can open up your car door window with the help of a Slim Jim.
  • You need to find a thin rod that helps connect the locking mechanism and the door handle with the help of the Slim Jim when you insert it in the gap. 

If your car doesn’t have a soft top, you can’t get the window open, or the Slim Jim doesn’t work, there’s no reason to panic. We’re here with more elaborate plans. Let’s get to work then!

There are several ways you can do it. We will talk about a few of the most efficient ones here to help you get back inside your Jeep Cherokee.

1. Breaking into Your Jeep Cherokee

If you have accidentally locked the keys of your Jeep Cherokee inside of it, then one of the possible ways would be for you to try to break into your Cherokee. It might sound like a bad idea at first, but it’s one of the first thoughts that anyone who locked their keys in their car would think of. 

You need to pry away the door of your car from the hardtop. You will find the job more manageable if you were to use something shaped like a wedge. For example, a wood door stop will do the job.

You will also need something that is at least a few feet in length. Something such as a metal coat hanger or even a yardstick works excellent. You need to try and hit the lock with this by sticking it in there.

You will not find it that hard of a chore if you bend the door of your car when you are trying to pry it open. If you follow this correctly, you will have successfully broken into your Jeep Cherokee. 

2. Using a Tension Wrench

You can do this by twisting a tension wrench just in the right direction. Now, locate the place on the lock where the teeth of the keys to your car would go. You need to take a rake and put it in there. 

If you have never done this before, this part is done wholly based on intuition and feeling. You need to twist the rake while pulling and pushing it out of the lock. Make sure that you are turning the tension wrench in the right direction at the same time.

If you manage to do all of the steps above carefully and properly, then you should have the lock to your Jeep Cherokee spring open in no time. All you need is a little bit of time and patience to do this since it does require a bit of luck to get the rake click in the locking mechanism of the Cherokee. 

3. Using a Credit Card

This can be done using a relatively simple tool. The most you will need is your credit card. What you need to do to unlock the interior door of a Jeep Cherokee without using a key is take a credit card and use it on the spring lock. 

You need to force the credit card down between the lock and the frame of your Jeep. Bend the frame back by flushing the credit card against the frame. Doing this will open up the door by forcing the lock to go back to the door. 

If you cannot find any space to put your credit card between the frame and the lock, you can try to force the credit card to go in between the structure above the lock of the car and, of course, the door of the vehicle.

This is something that can be done quite easily if you have your wallet on you. 

4. Using a Screwdriver

You have probably seen this done before where a person opens up a car with the help of a simple screwdriver. To do this, place the screwdriver on the lock where the teeth of your car keys go. You now need to thrust the screwdriver in and out of the lock by jiggling it.

Make sure that you are slowly and carefully switching back and forth with the blade of the screwdriver. You also would want to be engaging as many pins as you possibly can in this process.

This is why you should also try to work on the handle of the screwdriver. Work it around simultaneously while you are thrusting it in and out so that you can work on multiple different angles. 

Doing this will allow you to keep engaging a lot more pins than you would generally be able to. That is why it is helpful to increase the chances of you successfully breaking open a padlock with the help of a screwdriver. 

5. Using a Hammer

As it turns out, breaking open the lock on your Jeep Cherokee is easier than you would think. With just the help of a tiny little hammer, you can break open almost any Master Locks you want. 

This is one of the simplest solutions and requires nothing but hitting with a small hammer. You need to use a hammer to tap on the side of a Master Lock to get it open.

You do not require any combination or any keys to do this. Just a hammer and a few taps to break the padlock. Just be careful not to use too much strength to damage your Jeep Cherokee. 

How to Cut Open a Padlock on Your Jeep Cherokee?

If your Jeep Cherokee has a padlock and you don’t have the keys, you can easily cut open the lock with a few simple steps. To begin with, you need to have the right tool complete the whole task and that is bolt cutters.

Bolt Cutters

Yes, that is all you need, a bolt cutter. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a pair of scissors that has been reinforced with a fulcrum joint so that it can deliver more power.

They are available in different sizes. You can get more power out of the ones with long handles since they have more leverage. 

A 24-inch bolt cutter would do for most padlocks, but if you have a high-quality one on your Jeep Cherokee, then you could consider a 36-inch long bolter cutter. 

Cutting Off a Padlock on Jeep Cherokee with Bolt Cutters

  • All you need to do is grab the padlock and face it in front of you.
  • Then, you have to locate the U-shaped lock that is on the padlock.
  • When you find it, position your bolt cutter to the right side of the lock. This is because the lock’s left side rotates.
  • Now, cut open the lock by putting adequate force on the bolt cutter. If you manage to put enough force, the lock will break instantly.

Make sure to be careful while using the bolt cutter. You don’t want your precious Jeep Cherokee to get damaged because of a cheap lock!

Final Words

Locking your Jeep Cherokee with the keys inside can be a terrible nightmare if you are out in a hurry.

However, as you can see, you can easily get it open in no time with some simple tools and by following some simple steps! We hope the 5 ways to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside turned out to be helpful for you.

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