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Can Soft Top Jeeps Go Through Car Washes? (Explained)

A soft Jeep is a great vehicle to travel on and off-road. It can get pretty dirty and murky during off-road driving. On-road driving also hampers the Jeep’s performance, depending on the driver. Consequently, it leads to an emergency car wash. But can soft Jeeps go through car washes?

No! Soft Jeeps shouldn’t go through car washes. The commercial car washes will damage the Jeep soft top with hot water. Many car washes use strong chemicals that can discolor the top and affect the fabric’s properties. Sometimes, the zipper stays dirty and often gets stuck. A scratched window is another devastating outcome of a go-through car wash.

Sealants used in soft Jeeps can get loose while washing the car if you haven’t cleaned it. Cleaning the soft Jeep boosts its performance, keeps it shiny, and makes the owner happy.

Can Soft Top Jeeps Go Through Car Washes?

It’s tough for a soft Jeep to go through car washes. Soft Jeeps have a fabric-made top for traveling in wild and rough environments. However, cleaning a soft top becomes a headache in a go-through car wash.

Most go-through car washes use brushes and boiling water to clean the vehicle. Consequently, the hot water can damage the soft-top fabric and even discolor it. Next, the water might get into the engine and essential electrical parts.

Many times, the cleaner severely damages the soft Jeep plastic windows. So, a scratched window can’t stop the dirt. Plus, it’s tough to wash a grated window.

Why You Should Avoid Go Through Car Washes For Jeep Soft Top?

There are tons of reasons why you should avoid ‘go through’ car wash for your Jeep. Using ‘go through’ car washes for Jeeps even leads to vehicle engine failure. However, we’ll discuss some crucial reasons for avoiding ‘go through car washes.

Applies High Water Pressure

Some ‘go through’ car washes use high water pressure with brushes to clean the Jeep. Consequently, it damages the Jeep’s sensitive parts.

Ripping Risk

Cleaning your Jeep in a ‘go through’ wash can damage the Jeep’s soft top. The water pressure and brushes can severely damage the soft top’s seal. Consequently, the top easily gets ripped.

Damaging Windows

Brushes clean the windows with hot water throughout the ‘go through’ process. So, windows are highly likely to get scratched during the procedure.

System Malfunction

If you’re using a soft top and taking it to a quick ‘go through’ wash frequently, there’s a high chance the operating system might be affected.

As a result, the water gets into the electrical parts and sometimes in the engine while using ‘go through. Consequently, the vehicle’s response time decreases to a significant level.

Best Cleaning Method For Jeep Soft Tops

You can follow various methods to clean your soft Jeep. However, it’s easy to get confused choosing a simple and easy procedure. But don’t worry! We’ve found a simple method to clean your soft Jeep.

Required Tools:

You’ll need some tools before you start cleaning the soft Jeep. Here’s a list of the required tools.

  • Threaded clothes and gloves
  • Sponges
  • Brushes with soft filaments
  • Usual fare for Jeep washes

After you’ve collected the required tools, check out this detailed step-by-step breakdown of the best cleaning method for your soft Jeep.

Step 1: Rinse Jeep’s soft top

First, clean the soft top just using moderately high-pressure water. Use a hose connection to properly clean the dirt and mud off the soft top. Don’t forget to protect the windshields.

Step 2: Use Cleaner On Jeep’s Soft Top

Now, use the sponge and fill it up with industrial cleaners. Don’t over-saturate the sponge with the cleaner. The cleaner chemicals affect the soft top’s material if the sponge is over-saturated.

Step 3: Clean The Jeep’s Soft Top Again

Clean the soft top again with water after you’ve used the industrial cleaner on it. Don’t forget to check the water pressure before cleaning. Excess water pressure can discolor the soft top in various spots.

Step 4: Apply Sealer

Park your Jeep under a shade. Use the soft threaded cloth to apply the protective coating on the soft top except for the glass.

Give the soft top a good rubbing if the protective layer disappears immediately after applying.

Step 5: Clean The Zipper And Lubricate

Use the brush to take out the debris and sand from the zipper. Then, apply lubricants around the zipper’s teeth. Use water-based lubricants for the best outcome.

Step 6: Clean With Detergent

It’s time to clean the soft top again with detergents or mild soap. Follow the same process to wash the Jeep soft top as before. Apply cold water on the top while washing it for the third time.

Step 7: Check For Leftovers

Finally, use a lint remover to take out the leftover debris. After cleaning the leftovers, wash the Jeep and the soft top with cold water for a polished look.

Simple Window Cleaning Process For Soft Jeeps

Cleaning the windows of a soft-top Jeep is quite tricky. The water might run into the electrical device in the Jeep while cleaning.

These steps will help you to clean your soft-top Jeeps windows:

Step 1: Mop With Water

Use a towel to clean the window with water 2 to 3 times. Avoid round mopping.

Step 2: Apply Plastic Repairing Solution

Please take a few drops of the solution on the towel and rub it on the window in a linear motion. It’ll take 5 to 10 minutes at most.

Step 3: Use Soft Cloth

Sometimes the window inside stays wet after applying the plastic repair solution. So, softly clean the window’s inside with a threaded cloth.

Step 4: Use Sealing Spray

Apply sealing spray on the window and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, use a new towel to set the spray correctly.

Pro Tips For Soft Jeep Cleaning

Some tips and tricks help clean the Jeep’s soft top faster and more efficiently. We’ll discuss the simple tips you can follow in cleaning the soft top properly. So, let’s not waste time and discover these fantastic pro tips to clean the soft top quickly.

Let The Dirt Dry

Obviously, you don’t want mud to move around while driving. Take some time to dry the debris before cleaning it with water.

But don’t let the dirt get too stiff! It’s easier to remove relatively dry mud than watery mud.

Make A Water Vinegar Combo

Unlike most expensive cleaners, the water and vinegar combination works like a charm while cleaning the soft top. Bacteria and dirt can’t stand the vinegar’s acidic nature.

Surprisingly, the vinegar’s acidic character doesn’t harm the Jeep’s soft top.

Don’t Use Robust Chemicals

Cleaners like Windex or Fantastik contain alcohol and ammonia that dries out the fabrics, accelerates cracking, and discolors the soft top badly.

Applying bleach on the window hampers vinyl window’s characteristics. Use mild soap to clean the soft top.

Use WD-40

Dirty zippers get jammed easily. Keep them clean and moisturize them all time. The classic WD-40 works better than most expensive cleaners.

Use Vinegar On Window

Vinegar is pretty robust against sticky mud on windows. Mix a cup of water with vinegar and maintain the water and vinegar ratio to 1: 0.33.


You might have numerous queries about go-through washes for soft-top Jeeps. These questions will give a clear idea of the small details of a soft-top Jeep.

Can I clean My Jeep’s soft top once a month?

Yes, you can clean your Jeep’s soft top once a month. But it’s better to clean it twice a month for an increased lifespan. The Jeep’s top remains shiny if you tend it routinely.

What is the lifespan of a Jeep’s soft top?

An average soft top can last up to 5 years if properly cared for. If you’re an adventuring-loving person who loves to travel to rough environments, you must change them often.

Is a Jeep’s hardtop replaceable with a soft top?

Yes, it’s very much possible. You can replace the Jeep’s hardtop with a soft top. However, ask a mechanic to replace the hardtop accurately if you’re an amateur.

Are soft Jeeps loud?

Well, soft-top Jeeps are pretty loud. This increases even more while driving off-road. It makes quite a roar on rough pavements resulting in a severe headache.

Final Words

The soft Jeep is an excellent vehicle for some wild adventures. However, the soft Jeep’s performance drops significantly when cleaned in a go-through car wash. Hand-cleaning a soft Jeep is a favorite option for drivers.

Hopefully, the discourse about whether soft Jeeps can go through car washes has given you the required information.

Try to clean the soft Jeep with your hand. Always keep the Jeep in the shade to protect the soft top. It’ll save the canopy from sunlight and extreme UV rays.

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