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Increasing Tire Size on Jeep Grand Cherokee: No Lift Required?

When any Jeeper wants to add a bigger tire, the first obstacle starts from the cost and lifting issue. I mean you have to spend 1000$ to 10,000$ just a 1 or 2 inches lift to your beast.

So this is obvious to ask ‘Can I Put Bigger Tires on Jeep Grand Cherokee without a lift?’ as long as you are a Jeep Grand Cherokee user.  Bigger tires will give your Jeep a much better appearance than before.

But it is unwise if you are not aware of your jeep model and the modifications you can make.

From the deep research and the opinions of Jeep veterans, we’re quite sure that anyone can add up to 33” tires on their Jeep Grand Cherokee with or without lift.

The pre-concern about adding a larger tire to a Grand Cherokee or any Jeep is a rubbing issue.

Why Would You May Want to Lift Your Jeep?

Basically, this is not our agenda to discuss today. But it will help you to understand about lifting issue. Especially, for two reasons Jeepers want to lift their beast.

  • Some want the lifting to fit bigger tires on their Jeep. Sometimes the young Jeepers want to give it a dashing look! But the matured Jeepers do the lift, if it’s necessary to improve off-road activity.
  • The additional height improves articulation, ground clearance, and approach angles of a Jeep in a greater way. But to fit the biggest tire with lifting, you need to follow some basic rules and a lot of modifications.

The reason behind fitting bigger tires to the beast with or without lifting is to enhance Jeep’s aggressiveness.

But the best thing about adding bigger tires to the Jeep Grand Cherokee is to do it without a lift.

A huge amount of modifications generally damage the actual accuracy of a jeep. And, this is not the end dude, more obstacles will arise when you hit the road.

Moreover, Jeeps are specially made for the rough track offering a lot of control. Then why would you take a risk of permanent damage while you can put bigger tires without lifting?

How to Read Tire Size of your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In this session, we will discuss how to read tire size. It is essential knowledge to choose the perfect size as per your demand and the model’s configuration.

Let’s take a number as an example- 295/45ZR20 110Y.

  • 295 indicates the tire width between sidewalls, counting in millimeters. That means how wide needs to fit onto the wheel of your jeep.
  • 45 is the aspect ratio of the vehicle’s sidewall height and percentage of the tire’s width. The bigger the aspect ratio means bigger the sidewall.
  • ‘Z’ stands for a performance tire
  • ‘R’ means radial. You may also see a construction designation with the letter ‘D’ which means diagonal layers of a tire.
  • 20 indicates the wheel’s diameter.
  • 110 represents the load index of a tire, generally counting in pounds. To understand it properly, look at the standard chart.
  • ‘Y’ refers to the speed index (like ‘Z’). You may also see the ‘V’ or ‘H’ letters as well. These letters indicate the maximum speed that a tire can take easily.

Can You Put Bigger Tires on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, you can put bigger tires on your beast.

But Cherokee gets a problem scrubbing against the lower control arms (LCA) while you take a sharp turn.

So, a Cherokee Jeeper might have to adjust the steering with slightly hardened longer bolts and locknuts for a couple of bucks.

Jeep Cherokee Classic 84 – 01:

325 is the most comfortable for these models. But if you want to do anything serious, it’s not your type.

You can put up to 235/75 or 30 x 9.5 tires on your 2001 Cherokee jeep without lift.

A little LCA rub can be experienced but adjusting the steering (knuckle stops) is a solution you have.

Stock Jeep Grand Cherokee:

You can put up to 285/50-20’s (32 x 11.50) without rubbing or scrubbing issues, well fit at stock height.

You can also add 32’’ tires on your Trailhawk (275/65/R18). That means, Stock Cherokee Jeepers can put 32” tires without facing any issues and modifications.

Moreover, can also put 33’s tires with a pinch weld modification. Now it’s up to you.

For Laredo WK2 2014 (4th Generation) Models:

The solution is the same if you want to run your beast more aggressively.

If you have the standard suspension, you can put 31.8” to 32.1” diameters (i.e. 275/65/18 size Jeep tires).

Jeep Grand Cherokee WL (5th Generation) Models:

The variation and specifications of this series or generation open a vast range to a new modification era. They are the newest model than the SRT, Trailhawk, Trackhawk, Limited, or Overland.

But observing the specifications and wheels or other countable facts, these beasts can easily handle 33” to 35” tires without lift.

Well, let’s see when they are on the real tests.

What is the Biggest Tire You Can Fit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

When you think about putting the biggest tire on your Jeep, you must have knowledge about the original Grand Jeep Cherokee Tires.

Let’s take a brief look at the original wheel or rim size, diameters, and everything with a number.

Keep in mind the original manufacturer tires are not always good or the best option.

So, you need to educate yourself about the rim, width, height, and sizes of your beast.

  • Limited and Laredo come with 17/18/20 inches wheels, where the tires may be 245/70rq17’s or 265/60r18/20’s size.
  • The Trailhawk is manufactured with 18’’ wheels and configurated by 265/60r18’s (110T) sized tires.
  • Overland and Summit models are bearing 20” wheels. They come with 265/50r20’s sized tires and a 107T rating.
  • The Trackhawk and SRT have 20 inches wheels. And their manufacturer tire size is 295/45ZR20 with 110Y.

Why am I mentioning those odd things? Well, if you are not satisfied with the original configurated tires as mentioned, then this info will definitely help you.

Now, look at the following chart to get an idea of how big of tires can you put on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What is the Maximum Diameter for the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk?

Any Grand Jeepers can easily use 265/65r18’s with 31.6’’ diameters tires on their beast without any modifications or rubbing issues.

For the 2017 Grand Cherokee, anyone can easily use up to 32.1’’ tires. That is a 275/65r18 or 255/70r18, I am talking about. It may make a feeling of a little amount of rubbing.

But it totally depends upon the tire’s quality and the aggressiveness of off-road (side tread) activity.

Final Words

The bigger tire means a lot of comfort and control over sand, muddy, snow, or rock tracks/trails.

So, Jeepers always try to find out a way to improve this fact. Every Jeep manufacturer has its individual size chart if you look for it.

Hope the chart and the article will definitely help you to decide on can you put bigger tires on your Jeep Grand Cherokee without a lift or, make you understand what biggest size tire you can fit your beast with no lift.

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