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Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee: How to Prepare and Tips

Jeep Cherokee is a great partner for car camping. Sleeping in their car is a perfect choice for people who do not like to take extra gear with them camping. But a general question that might poke into your mind – can you sleep in a Jeep Cherokee?

Yes, it is possible to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee. You may need to do some modifications, such as flipping the front seats, sleeping in the back seat, or folding the chairs. Jeep Cherokee is perfect for sleeping people under six feet. However, if more than one person sleeps, it might be a little uncomfortable.

To sleep in your car, you must make many preparations and apply modifications to your Jeep Cherokee. So, let’s summarize all the knowledge we have to make your car camping experience more enjoyable.

Modifications For Sleeping Inside A Jeep Cherokee

It would be best if you did some possible configurations or modifications to your Jeep Cherokee so you can sleep in that. Here we have explained three possible changes.

1. Sleeping In The Back Seat

Whenever we say sleeping in a car, the first possible way that comes to our mind is sleeping in the back seat. It is the easiest way.

But only short people can use this method. Most of the time, keeping gear in the back and being unable to use the Jeep’s rear portion will be the cause.

This still functions if you’re by yourself. Although it isn’t the most pleasant way, and you almost certainly wake up with pains all over your body, this is an option if necessary.

2. Folding Seats

If the first plan fails, you can uninstall the back seats. Also, push the front seats a little forward. It is possible if the back is empty. Then, you can place a foam or air mattress on the flattened bed that results from the open space.

It can fit two people easily and is quite comfortable. However, if the Cherokee is manufactured before 2000, you must detach the bottom padding to fold the back seat properly.

3. Flipping The Front Seat

The last modification you can do is move one or both front seats. It will help to get even more room and fit a taller person. The front seats will need to be taken out and flipped over.

The best technique to fit individuals taller than six feet is probably this. Some bolts must be removed to remove the seat. There are only four bolts per seat. You can complete this task in under 10 minutes.

Things You Need To Bring To Sleep In A Jeep Cherokee

It’s possible that the weather won’t always allow you to set up a tent when camping. Again, it can be a matter of practicality.

For instance, sleeping in your Cherokee and skipping the morning setup and takedown of your tent can be more convenient if you are going on a hike.

But you cannot just sleep inside your Jeep Cherokee. You must bring the proper equipment to make your car ready for sleeping.


You can install a queen-size bed in the rear of a Jeep Cherokee, but some adjustments may be necessary to make it fit snugger.

There are several alternatives available when selecting a mattress. You can choose between a coil mattress, an air mattress, a futon mattress, and a foam pad. To be sure this will fit in the car, be careful to take precise measurements.

Mosquito Repellant

If you choose a hilly or jungle area for camping, bringing mosquito repellant with you is a must. Otherwise, it will be very tough to sleep.

Lantern or Flashlight

You can not wish to have electricity in a camping area. So, as a safety kit, you should always bring a lantern or flashlight to use at night.

First Aid Kit

You never know when a first aid kit is necessary. Accidents will never come with a warning. Setting up a bed inside the Jeep requires removing screws and carrying heavy products. You can get hurt anytime.

How To Prepare Your Jeep Cherokee For Sleeping?

Being organized is key to a successful car camping trip. Plan what you will require for your vacation and acquire all the items.

When car camping, there are four primary categories to worry about: the sleeping area, clothes, storage space, and gear.

Sleeping Area

There are a few ways you may transform your Jeep Cherokee into a comfortable sleeping space. There is space for both sleeping and storage in the Jeep’s back. Or you may use it exclusively as a place to sleep.

In either case, you should begin with a cozy sleeping surface. The bumps on the car floor will be covered with a thick mattress or foam cushion. If you’re ambitious, you could even construct a wooden structure that would fit inside the Jeep’s rear.

Once your base is in place, you can add more layers to provide the support you require. In addition, the mattress can be made warmer and cozier by layering blankets and comforters on top of it. You will also need pillows and a sleeping bag or additional blankets.


You’ll need appropriate attire if you plan to sleep in your Jeep Cherokee. Now, this is less of an issue if you go camping in the summer.

But when you camp in the winter, clothing is most of your concern. Wearing layers of clothes allows you to add or remove items as necessary while ensuring that you keep warm in your car.

If you plan to spend time outside in the rain or snow, you also need to make sure you have waterproof clothing and equipment. If you keep your dress dry, you won’t have to worry about sleeping in damp clothes.

Storage Space

You will require storage for your clothing, toiletries, food, hiking equipment, and other necessities when automobile camping.

Smaller mattresses can easily accommodate some storage boxes next to them. Your stored stuff is accessible thanks to this. If your bed is large, you probably won’t have enough area to do this.

You can have storage underneath your mattress by placing a wooden frame underneath. The advantage of this is that you have everything with you inside the car. It is not always simple to get things, though.

Camping Gear

After you’ve decided on your sleeping and storage spaces, think about the equipment you’ll need for your car camping trip. Again, this largely depends on the activities you intend to do while camping.

What Precautions Should You Take Before Sleeping In A Jeep Cherokee?

Don’t lose sight of the fact that camping grounds are inherently dangerous environments when you’re busy getting ready for your camping trip.

The following advice will assist you in organizing a safe and fun camping trip:


Watch the weather and prepare your clothing correctly. Consider the temperatures during the day and night because warm, sunny days can quickly shift into chilly, frigid nights.


Remember to keep a watch out for smaller animals as well as drop bears since they are likely to cause the most significant trouble. Ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects can bite, itch, and carry diseases.

Insect bites can be avoided using insect repellent, long sleeves, and long pants. When possible, close the fly screens on your tents, and avoid leaving open water and drink containers near your campsite because they could draw starving insects.


You have already got your answer about whether you can sleep in a Jeep Cherokee. But, there are always some basic questions in the customer’s mind. So here are some frequently asked questions that you may want answers to.

Is it safe to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee?

If you can take proper precautions before sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee, it is safe. Do not forget to check the weather and the wildlife in that area.

What is the standard height to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee?

If you are below 6 feet, you can easily sleep inside a Jeep Cherokee. Otherwise, it will be a little tricky.

How many people can sleep inside a Jeep Cherokee?

It depends on how much space you can manage for sleeping. If you can prepare the whole area as a bed, at least two people can sleep easily. But if you need to leave space for storage, only one person can fit in there.


Unfortunately, you cannot just fall asleep in your Jeep Cherokee. If you’re not particularly tall, you ought to be capable of sleeping peacefully. If you are taller than six feet, you might consider folding the front and back seats to allow yourself a few more inches.

After taking all the precautions and modifications, you can finally sleep in your car. So whether you can sleep in a Jeep Cherokee should not be a concern anymore after reading this article because you can!

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