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7 Most Common Problems With Arctic Cat Prowler 500

7 Most Common Problems With Arctic Cat Prowler 500

From youth models to high-performance sports machines, Arctic Cat Inc has been producing quality Snowmobiles, Side-By-Side, and ATVs since 1960.

Especially Arctic Cat Prowler 500 all-terrain UTV is one of the most popular models and versatile enough to shove a full workload as well as an end-of-day trail ride.

However, according to the users and experts, there are some common troubleshooting issues with the Arctic Cat Prowler 500.

Therefore, in this article, let’s explore and learn about the 7 most common issues that you might encounter with this Arctic Cat Prowler 500-

Common Problems of The Arctic Cat Prowler 500:

1. Reliability Issue

According to several online user forums, many Arctic Cat Prowler 500 users have expressed their disappointment towards this particular model’s reliability.

They claim to encounter loose roll cage bolts on early trips issue on some of the Prowler 500 UTV year models, especially the older versions.

Several users have also complained about the front axle and tie rod problems.

Even people using this vehicle for hunting complained about their encounters with loud brakes in the rear.

However, several previous version users of Arctic Cat Prowler 500 have also mentioned that the newer versions like the 2021 and 2022 models are more reliable and durable than the older ones.

2. Bad Fuel Fitting, Fuel Leak and Fire Hazard

Many 2014 and 2015 Prowler 500 side-by-side model users have complained about this problem on the online consumer forums.

The fuel leak and fire hazard mainly occur due to the manufacturing or assembling fault on those years Prowler 500 HDX models.

The company even recalled approximately 2,700 2014 and 2015 Arctic Cat Prowler 500 HDX models because of that.

According to the reports, those models have an issue with the fuel fitting at the throttle body and have potentially caused a fuel leak or created a fire hazard issue.

Some may think this is not a major issue, but the Arctic Cat company still informed their customers with an official announcement and offered free repairing for the faulty assembling.

All those model users were requested to stop using and contact the nearest dealers immediately.

Later on, the company fixed the issue on next year’s versions, such as the 2017 and 2019 models.

3. Missing Parking Brake & Faulty Rear Brake

While going through several Arctic user forums, I also noticed another common complaint of the missing parking brake on the 2016 Arctic Cat Prowler 500 vehicle.

Even riders who have to deal with towing jobs from time to time will find missing parking brakes as a nuisance on their Prowlers.

Also, many users are habituated and comfortable with the old-fashioned emergency or parking brake.

Although many users claim that it is not a big issue to complain about, people who are more comfortable with these basic features felt disappointed.

Even the 2005 Prowler 500 models had complaints of bad rear brake on them. those models had brake pad separation from the caliper or improper flex in the pedal and because of that, the brake used to fail to respond correctly.

According to the Consumer Affairs website reports, Arctic Cat has also recalled 2005 models due to faulty rear brakes.

However, the company always acknowledged all its manufacturing and assembling faults and made recalls to ensure consumer safety.

4. Bad Diaphragm Pump/ Vacuum Piston

Many previous Arctic Cat Prowler 500 models more particularly the users of the 2007 versions have mentioned their encounter with the bad diaphragm.

When the ethanol blends with the gas, it causes a lot of problems like no power, sputtering issues, pops, or sounds like a raped ape while pulling something or climbing a hill.

One particular user has mentioned that besides those issues, he also encountered low rpm and throttle issues too.

Mostly, it is either due to the bad diaphragm which refuses to move freely or the fuel level of the engine is off.

Both problems are easily fixable, but many users find them troublesome.

5. Belt breakage & Heated Clutch Issue

Some users have claimed that they encountered problems restarting Arctic Cat Prowler 500 vehicles after they were in use.

Also sometimes, they smelled odors from belt slippage.

More precisely, several 2017 version users have agreed that the clutch heats up pretty quickly and frequently, which ultimately causes the belt breakage.

So, they have to change or replace the belt pretty often than normal.

6. Unavailability of Accessories

Although it is not that much a common issue, a group of Arctic cat prowler 500 users has claimed that they found it quite troublesome to get the correct compatible accessories.

According to them, those accessories are not widely available like other competitor brands’ product accessories.

One of the 2017 Prowler 500 version users mentioned that he also had a hard time getting some of the parts, like the correct winch mounting bracket or the correct power steering unit.

7. High Maintenance

Maybe many people will find this one as no major problem compared to other facts, but it is essential to know before purchasing a new ATV or UTV whether that vehicle requires regular servicing or no maintenance.

According to a group of Arctic Cat Prowler 500 riders, this vehicle requires frequent servicing or maintenance for hassle-free smooth operation.

Especially, people have mentioned that the intake and exhaust valve clearance settings of this Prowler model need a routine inspection.

Even users have reported that they do the servicing of their Prowlers every month, and sometimes they have to install additional aftermarket parts to ensure better performance.

That is why Prowler 500 owners often complain about the shorter limited warranty the company provides.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Arctic Cat Prowler 500?

The feedback and customer reviews I got from several forums, consumer affair reports, and YouTube reviews are split between positive and negative.

Although if I count the exact rating numbers, most Arctic Cat Prowler 500 users are satisfied with the power, durability, performance, and comfort they are getting. 

They have also mentioned undoubtedly, it is not the best, but it is worth enough to deliver a standard and decent performance.

“I purchased the 2017 Arctic cat 500 prowler HDX new in 2018. I have not had any mechanical issues with it. It runs well and rides good on the trails. It is not a powerhouse, but it does what I want.

The only issue I have is finding accessories for it. I added a winch and power steering. I could not find a correct winch mounting bracket or the correct power steering unit. both items were purchased through an Arctic cat dealer and they required modifications before they could be installed. i also added a snowplow and it works very well for snow and leveling gravel. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase.” David W Carr, Owner of Arctic Cat 500 Prowler HDX

“The Prowler 500 does not have a parking brake, a bit of a nuisance if you are towing from time to time.” Eric Jensen

However, some users are not entirely satisfied with the performance quality of this particular model of the Arctic Cat brand. They think it is better to switch Honda or Kymco rather than this one.

Some owners also think the price of this model is considerably higher than the quality and performance it serves.

Even several Prowler 500 users have also complained about their struggle to find parts and the problems they often encounter with their vehicle.

“Hopefully Textron will realize that if they want to steal sales away from the others, they need to go to war on price. I’ll never understand why Arctic Cats have always been priced as a premium brand while they’ve been built like a budget brand.” Poppa Ron

Final Thoughts

Textron has designed the Arctic Cat Prowler 500 model with compact design and built with all features that ensure efficient power to deliver better performance than other similar grade brands. 

This model also features class-leading enclosed storage, which lets you store and pack everything needed, and even the space ensures way more storage capacity than the competitors. However, before making your decision, do not forget to mull over the problems that you might encounter in the future with the Arctic Cat Prowler 500.

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