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Most Common Problems with CAN-AM Defender

Most Common Problems with CAN-AM Defender

The CAN-AM is a Canadian company that mainly deals with mechanics and vehicles. They became widely popular with the vast production of utility vehicles such as snowmobiles, defenders, sport boats, outboards, etc.

Their innovation kept on elevating, and finally, they brought the CAN-AM Defender. This became a significant breakthrough of their sales and company, and the vehicle became widely popular worldwide.

About the CAN-AM Defender:

The CAN-AM Defender is built for the most demanding production and versatility. Be it in the snowy valleys or sand storm arenas; the vehicle remains rough and tough. The commitment to being the most complex working utility vehicle never rips off while it is on a mission.

Using the vehicle hardly would make you aware of its harmful impacts. But with the flow of time, some little issue might pop up in front of you, which is irresistible. It’s not like they cannot be fixed, but their impact in disturbing the regular flow of the vehicle is enormous.

5 Common Problems with CAN-AM Defender:

Here are some common problems with CAN-AM Defender which should not be taken lightly.

1. Safety Switch Limitations

The safety switch of the CAN-AM Defender is one of the most active things to use while regulating it. But after a particular time or even at the beginning, it is not easy to maintain and go with the flow with the safety switch.

The safety switch is limited in the defender. This makes it precise in the case of multi-directional tasks. Snowplowing becomes tougher and requires much precision because of the limitations.

For non-professionals, locating the safety switch and taking measures against it might not be easy because it is located quite complicatedly. You need to lift the hood and locate the switch behind the solenoid.

The task is achievable but not easy. Also, any kind of mere error might make the switch not functioning properly. So, the safety switch will not be a blessing unless you know about it properly.

2. Suicidal Doors

The characteristics of the door don’t go with the term quite directly. Suicide-style doors are pretty renowned and famous in the world. These doors are risky to deal with while you are in motion.

One of the main reasons for using the suicidal doors for defenders is their flexibility. Because you get to open and close it without any hassle. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much on its maintenance or damage for a considerable time.

But while you are in a motion inside the CAN-AM Defender, the door will not be in your favor at times. A slight opening or regulating the door might cause severe injury to yourself.

At times, you might lose control of the door and fall on the ground from the running car. Surely it will not be a good thing for your health as well as your car.

Previous incidents and experiences with the suicidal door of the CAN-AM Defender say that you need to be more careful and precise in dealing with it. Keep in mind, any kind of loosening or cracking symptoms of the door will end up going against you.

3. Starting and Running Issues

It is open to all that the CAN-AM Defender is one of the most used defenders for plowing snow. As per expectations, the engine of the defender should’ve been built accordingly to uphold the pressure and external impact of the adverse condition.

Unfortunately, the company couldn’t live up to the expectation. Running the defender for long hours resulted in them becoming idle at times. It did run after restarting but failed to maintain the running flow for a while.

After resting it for a few days in a cold environment, starting the defender might get you a few sweats. The engine freezes and requires several attempts to become active. 

The valve’s fluid does not seem to be righteous for the condition. Moreover, the fuel pressure creates an extra burden to the engine to uplift the performance further. 

4. Delicate Tie Rod

When running on a sloppy surface is your utmost task, the tie rod is one of the most valuable materials of your vehicle. Manufacturing the CAN-AM Defender, the tie rod is inserted with a similar kind of expectation.

But the expectation couldn’t live up to its live usage. First of all, the tie rod is not very durable and sustainable in the long run. It is fragile, always tending to get off on an up-down surface.

Secondly, the tie rod holder remains associated with the default rod in the defender. When the initial rod gets broken, the front-end holder also becomes fragile. Replacing the rod with a new one won’t serve you as feasible as before.

The most common symptoms of the unsustainable tie rod can be dislocated and jumping vigorously while driving the vehicle. This, at times, makes your tie rod loosen up and fall.

5. Squeaking and Chirping Noise

More or less, all electronic and mechanical devices produce sounds when there is any internal defect. So as the CAN-AM Defender. The defender produces squeaking and chirping noise from the front end on the cobblestone.

Pondering and searching upon the reasons, we could say that the dryness of the part produces the noise. When you go several months without lubricating the suspension, it will produce the sound after you start it.

The parts associated with the suspension can also be responsible for the sound. As they are directly in functional linking with the suspension, they might also require to be lubricated.

General Pros & Cons of CAN-AM Defender:

Amid all the opposing sides of the CAN-AM Defender, you will be delighted and enlightened to know the pros of it. The vehicle didn’t become world-famous in one day. The quality and assurance became trustworthy to the people, and then it became a tried and trusted one.

Talking about the pros, we also got some of the mere cons of the vehicle. Let’s discuss them in this section.


  • The running time of the vehicle is impressive. You get to go around 750 miles without any hesitations on the parts of the vehicle.
  •  It can run in both snowy and muddy places. Tends to remain flexible without causing any hassle to the driver.
  • Its 3-mode selection switch made it easier to cope with the condition and environment.
  • Hardly gets cold. The heater is very active in maintaining a suitable temperature inside the defender.
  • A highly efficient engine makes the vehicle go crazy. It never lags or malfunctions upon casual usage. 


  • Dust resistivity is low. The inside of the vehicle becomes dirty during summer.
  • As the doors are unhooked, it becomes hazardous for the driver and passengers.
  • Maintaining the window power is complicated. Being manual makes it quite old-fashioned.

Final Thoughts

There are no perfect machines or vehicles that will always live up to your expectations. But surely, the CAN-AM Defender will go on to change your perception about such utility-based vehicles.

The problems don’t lower the specialty of the vehicle a bit. Instead, it allows you to use it in the best possible ways.

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