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6 Most Common Problems With Can-Am Maverick Trail

6 Most Common Problems With Can-Am Maverick Trail

When Can-Am introduced the Maverick Trail, they were trying to give a new type of utility vehicle that would be perfect for people who wanted something small and easy to use.

However, there are some major problems with Can-Am’s design. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 6 most common issues with Can-Am Mavericks!

The Can-Am Maverick Trail does have some flaws when it comes to its performance and design. Problems like poor suspension quality, low ground clearance or no option to turn off the GPS system are some of the Can-Am Maverick Trail problems that you should be aware of before buying this utility vehicle. Overall, the Can-Am can be a little problematic to maintain if you buy this vehicle.

Most Common Problems With Can-Am Maverick Trail

Despite Can-Am’s best efforts to create an easy, affordable utility vehicle it seems like Can-Am Maverick Trail missed the mark. There are some major problems with this vehicle that we all need to know, and here are the top six Can-Am Maverick Trail problems-

Not Enough Room

One of the most common issues with the Can-Am Maverick Trail is that even though it’s a two-seater, there isn’t enough room in its seating for adults to feel comfortable. There needs to be more space and legroom between each seat so people can really enjoy their Can-Am Maverick Trail.

Not Enough Power

Another Can-Am Maverick Trail problem is that it simply doesn’t have enough power for what people are expecting out of a utility vehicle. Even though the engine size is right around 350cc, this isn’t sufficient to give an exciting ride experience which leads many people to be disappointed by Can-Am Maverick Trail.

Poor Tires and Suspension

The Can-Am Maverick Trail has poor tire quality which leads to it having a bumpy ride experience with lots of bouncing around on the trails. Also, Can-Am Mavericks have very cheap suspensions that are made out of plastic instead of metal or rubber leading to them not being durable enough to handle the trails.

Low Ground Clearance

Can-Am Maverick Trail has a low ground clearance which means that it can’t go over large rocks or other objects on the trail without getting stuck, and this is very frustrating for people who have bought Can-Am Mavericks because they were expecting something different from their utility vehicle.

GPS Can’t Be Turned Off

One of the most annoying Can-Am Maverick Trail problems is that there isn’t a way to turn off the GPS which means that it makes beeping sounds and other noises while operating. This can become very irritating after a while, and we wish Can-Am would have fixed this problem before releasing Can-Am Maverick Trail.

Poor Suspension

Some of the Can-Am Maverick Trail users also complained about having problems with the Can-Am Maverick Trail’s suspension. They claim that it bounces around too much when driving on bumpy roads, which is extremely unpleasant in a vehicle of this size and type. A poor suspension is the last thing that you’d want in a utility vehicle, and the Can-Am Maverick Trail has miserably failed in this regard.

General Pros & Cons Of Can-Am Maverick Trail

Well, looking at all these problems, you’ve probably started to think this vehicle is a total loss project, but it does have some good features. Here are some of the notable pros & cons of the Can-Am Maverick Trail-


  • Large storage space on the back
  • Good build quality
  • Noise level is near to the minimum
  • Vibrates way less than other utility vehicles
  • Better low-end engine torque
  • Better clutching system


  • Poor suspension quality that doesn’t handle bumps well
  • Poor ground clearance
  • Not enough legroom
  • Not enough power for steep hills and rough terrains

Customer Reviews On Can-Am Maverick Trail:

The users of the Can-Am Maverick Trail have given a mixed review about this utility vehicle, some of them are really impressed with their units where the rest of them were dissatisfied. Here, I am going to share the Can-Am Maverick Trail customer reviews from different websites and forums.

“I have driven Can-Am Maverick Trail for a week and it is an enjoyable experience. I got this utility vehicle to enjoy the trails with my family members, but one of its serious Can-Am Maverick Trail problems was that there isn’t enough legroom between both seats. If you are over six feet tall then forget about riding in Can-Am Maverick Trail because your legs will get hurt from pressing against the dashboard.”

“I bought Can-Am Maverick Trail only a few months ago, but already I am facing serious issues with it! One day while going uphill on a trail almost halfway up the hill, Can-AM mavericks engine stopped working all of a sudden after making loud noises and smoke coming out from under the vehicle.”

Bottom Line

Overall, Can-Am has tried hard to produce a decent utility vehicle by including many features in Can-Am Maverick Trail such as GPS system, advanced braking system, and off-road safety equipment, etc., but they have failed miserably when it came down to designing an overall package where Can-Am Maverick Trail users may not be satisfied.

Anyways, I hope this article has helped you in making your decision, don’t forget to mention your Can-Am Maverick Trail experiences in the comments section below. Happy hustling!

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