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5 Most Common Problems with Can-AM Outlander 570

5 Most Common Problems with Can-AM Outlander 570

Can-Am Outlander 570 is one of the best side-by-side vehicles in the Bombardier Recreational Products ATV lineup. It is equipped with class-leading Rotax engines and a LinQ quick-attach system, offering unmatched agility versatility to the rider.

Everything comes with drawbacks along with benefits, and Can-Am Outlander 570 is no exception. Apart from the innovative technology and rider-focused design, it has a few common problems.

Going through this write-up, you can learn the most common problems with Can-Am Outlander 570 and how to fix them.

This comprehensive guide will let you fix the complications efficiently and make your next ultimate off-roading journey more enjoyable. 

What are the Most Common Problems with Can-AM Outlander 570?

When you are ready to hit the trail with your Can-AM Outlander 570, but your ATV refuses to go anywhere, what will you plan to do? 

Well, you need to act according to the complications. If you have little knowledge regarding automotive parts, you can simply fix a few of the issues. For advanced errors, you have to visit the nearest workshop or contact your dealer.

Here are a few things to be aware of:

1. Excessive Heat

A day out with your quad will be so much fun until it overheats. Overheating is quite a common problem of all off-roading vehicles, and some riders complained that excessive heat is coming out from the left panel where the leg rested.

As a result, riders can’t leave their legs in that place since it becomes so hot. Some customers tested the panel using an infrared thermometer, and the temperature was rated 150°F.

Now the first question is, why is the excessive heat being generated?

After analyzing, the manufacturer found that the excessive heat was caused by blowing air from the horizontally placed exhaust pipe.

Luckily, the fixation process is so simple, and you can do it using 3 different mechanisms.

  1.  Use header wrap to cover the exhaust pipe. Header Wrap is a vermiculite-coated texturized fiberglass that is extremely high-temperature resistant.
  2. Buy an exhaust heat shield. It can reduce a maximum of 70% radiant heat from the exhaust pipes.
  3. The final fix is to force the vent air back and forth in the opposite direction as the tank and panel. 

However, it can cause more as you will need to do mods on your 4-wheeler.

2. Ignition Issues

Cold starting is not only a common issue for Can-AM outlander 570; this issue is also found in other ATVs of BRP. Unfortunately, till now, a cookie-cutter resolution has been unavailable.

The manufacturer and mechanics recommend the below things to solve this issue:

  1. Grab a long wooden rod and provide a healthy tap to the starter
  2. Look and replace the stock battery with a powerful alternative

According to the manufacturer, upgrading to an AGM or Optima type battery with extra reserve cranking amps will give your quad starter enough hit to start the engine in severe winter.

However, complicated problems like throttle icing and leaking carburetor are unavailable in 2017 versions of Can-Am Outlander 570.

3. Broken Shafts

BRP received 13 complaints of broken shafts throughout the world, of which 2 reports in the USA. The manufacturer is contacting the purchasers of Can-AM Outlander 570 directly and assisting them to solve the issue permanently.

The problem is that a faulty dynamic power steering shaft breaks under certain situations, creating an immediate impact on steering. For this, the riders can lose control of the steering, leading to injuries, crashes, or even death.

Thankfully, till now, no person has been injured due to this problem. BRP is working closely with the purchasers to solve this issue.

In this case, BRP requested the owners to contact the authorized dealer of this ATV. Also, they advised consumers not to make any attempt to fix the issue themselves.

They ensured that the dealer would carry out the repair cost. All you need to do is, make an appointment with the dealer and take your affected quad to the nominated workshop on the scheduled date.

Though, this problem is not found in all Can-Am Outlander 570 models. BRP instructed owners to visit the official website of Can-Am and click on the owner center, following Safety for more info.

In case if you need the Vehicle Identification Number, you will find it printed under the middle seat’s frame and behind the right front wheel’s frame.

4. Inferior Stock Rubber

Unfortunately, the quality of the Can-Am Outlander 570’s factory tires is flimsy. The wheels puncture easily.   

Replace the wheels with the 2016 Can-Am Outlander model’s 28” size tires. If you already own a 2016 model, swapping will be unnecessary.

5. Regular Maintenance is Necessary

Can-Am Outlander 570 shows few other problems if regular maintenance is not done meticulously.

For example,

  1. The brake pads need to change quite often. Damage happens in the stock brake pads prematurely, and many riders are dissatisfied with the brake pad’s quality.
  2. Fluid changing is a bit challenging as it requires the removal of the floorboard and body panel. The machine contains 16 grease zerks that you will get familiar with your grease gun quickly.
  3. After 700 miles, bushings can get lost.

Can-Am Outlander is promised to give many years of efficient service when you ensure regular maintenance and proper care.

More importantly, regular inspection will allow you to identify problems on time and take necessary fixes accordingly. You can avoid problems by ensuring periodic maintenance of your ATV.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you are now well aware of the most common problems with Can-Am Outlander 570. Regular maintenance is the secret to solving all the problems of your ATV. When you do so, this ATV ensures to give you your money’s worth.  

Additionally, remember that the owner’s manual is always handy to solve simple ATV problems. Besides, by reading the manual, you can get familiar with the basics and learn how different parts operate.

Understanding the basic stuff will help you figure out the issues of your ATV when you are out on the trail. Thus you will be able to make a precise decision to solve the complications.

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