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Most Common Problems With Hisun 700 UTV

Most Common Problems With Hisun 700 UTV

Hisun 700 UTV is one of the best utility vehicles you can find in the market. It is an incredible innovation of Hisun motors corp., a USA manufacturer. Among many of their production and mechanics, this vehicle became a breakthrough for them.

The characteristics of the vehicle became so renowned that it went past America in no time. Be it dessert or iced or any mountainous region, the Hisun 700 UTV has been significantly serving for quite some time. It is one of the best budget utility vehicles you can ask for.

Regular common issues of Hisun 700 UTV

Having so many unique features, you might overshadow the most common problems with Hisun 700 UTV. Later, these problems will go on to hamper your driving and work consistently.

So, it is better to disclose and know them before you become the victim of these. Here are the most common issues you can face while using the Hisun 700 UTV.

1. Misfires During Revved

When you are done using the Hisun 700 UTV for a considerable period, you might face sudden revving from your vehicle. This happens due to a weak battery and associated connection.

The engine seems to shutter or stop after running for a while. This creates a huge problem, especially when you are out on a mission with the vehicle. More or less, your vehicle won’t be able to sustain and run like usual.

An additional problem arises with the indication of the flicker and occasional reverse light. You get to experience the occurrence, especially when you are driving around with the vehicle.

The best way to look over the matter is to check the vehicle from time to time. More or less, your regular checking will allow you to investigate the parts associated with the issue. Primarily, the condition of the battery can be well known through it.

Don’t forget to check the fuel line inside your Hisun 700 UTV. The situation might prevail when you fuel-supplying and running is having a misinterpretation and lacking. Overall, ensure a proper connection of your vehicle’s internal motors and parts to prevent unexpected stutter and revved.

2. Rack and Pinion Slipping

Rack and pinion are mechanical gear process that regulates running your engine. The rack and pinion as a whole allow generating rotational motion through the application of power supply.

It is because of the rack and pinion; your engine goes on and on while you drive. This generates the rotational motion to your engine gear and enables the vehicle to run.

When the rack and pinion become dry, their rotation becomes lagging. Due to dehydration, they cannot circulate the usual motion as they should have. As a result, your engine won’t function as usual. As they generate the friction, the rack and pinion result in damaging and prevent their usual role.

To resist the problem, it is your sole duty to consistently maintain your rack and pinion lubrication. Use the oil and another lubricant to prevent any kind of friction of the gears.

3. Overheating of the Engines

When you run a machine or vehicle for a long time, it is expected that it will be overheated. The same goes with Hisun 700 UTV but excessively.

Many users and testers have been frustrated with the problem. After running for an average of 10 miles at a stretch, the engine becomes hotter than expected. The coverage for reaching that level of heat is low when the temperature of the environment remains warm.

Mostly at times, you need to cool the engine by giving certain breaks to the vehicle. On a serious and urgent mission, you might get hampered and slowed down a bit through it.

The rise in engine temperature goes on to make the inside of the vehicle hotter. Driver and the passenger, at times, might feel the urge to change the system. It is a significant problem, but resistible.

It is recommended to drive the vehicle calmly, mainly with a mere speed. This will prevent the engines from going hotter and will work in your favor. With safe speed and precision, you can drive the car for more miles and distances.

4. Malfunctioning Fuel Pump

When you fill fuel in your vehicle, it gets supplied to the whole car through the fuel pump. Any defection or error in the fuel pump goes on to damage the usual flow of the car, which is a mentionable problem of the Hisun 700 UTV.

The UTV shows the symptom of the problem with a significant period after usage. As the pump is fully regulated manually, there are high chances of it getting damaged by external factors. Even your hand or any stuff can cause damage deliberately.

When you get to see such an issue, you need to change the whole pump. It is recommended to do so to get the best out of it. Otherwise, you might repair any kind of damage or leak. Though it won’t sustain long-term repair, you can persist for a few months.

5. Improper Air Flow

 Improper airflow in your engine will not result in a good drive. Because when the engine is not getting the cool air inside, it will raise its temperature and intend not to work accordingly.

The air filter plays a vital role in this restriction. Because when the filter becomes dirty, it doesn’t let any air pass through it. Moreover, a damaged air filter will allow dirt to go inside the engine. When the air gets mixed with dirt inside the engine, there is a high possibility that your vehicle won’t work as usual.

Change the filter instantly while you get to see the problem. Or, if the air filter is fine but dirty, take measures to clean it properly. Make sure you know the proper ways of installing and taking it off from the vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Hisun 700 UTV

The Hisun 700 UTV is such a fantastic utility vehicle that can be used all over the world. Its versatility became favorable and adaptive to most people using it for the first time.

When you have spoken about its cons, you cannot pass denying the pros and brighter sides. Let’s take a look at them.


  • The Hisun 700 UTV can be driven with the least experience. It is straightforward to regulate and drive with precision.
  • For a tricky route, the vehicle is perfect and suitable to carry you without any hassle.
  • When the price is an issue, you’ll find it suitably going well in your favor. Comparatively, you are to get it at the most fantastic price in the market.
  • Seating in the vehicle is comfortable and restful. You can drive all along the path with your mates in it.
  • The shocks and suspension of the Hisun 700 UTV are impressive. There are no chances you have to drive your attention from driving for getting disturbed.


  • The engine heats when you drive for a long time.
  • If not maintained and hydrated, the parts inside generate friction and damage.
  • The tank of the vehicle is small. It doesn’t hold adequate fuel in it.

Final words

The issues of the Hisun 700 UTV just say how simple they are. Comparatively, these issues are resistible and can be avoided most of the time.

With proper precisions, you get to have the maximum outcome of the vehicle most of the time. This makes the Hisun 700 UTV go ahead of many other vehicles in the market.

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