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Most Common Problems with Hisun Strike 250

Most Common Problems with Hisun Strike 250

Hi-sun, literally pronounced as High-sun, is a China-based UTV manufacturer that has started dominating the market since its inception. This company started its journey in 1998 and manufactured ATVs, scooters, motorcycles strictly in China. In 2014, they participated in Orlando’s AIMExpo.

Although they were in the USA ATV industry before 2014 and since 2011, Hi-sun is the No.6 largest UTV manufacturer in North America. They have released a couple of exciting releases for youth, and the Hi-sun Strike 250 is a great deal to offer.

ATVs can show different problems, and imagine the frustration on your child’s face if ATV doesn’t start. Well, to put a smile on your child’s face, we will look into the most common problems with Hisun Strike 250.

Common Problems with Hi-Sun Strike 250 and Solutions

In most cases, Hi-sun Strike 250 shows a problem in the engine. Here we described some engine problems and the solutions.

1. Engine is Difficult to Start or cannot Start

An ATV that is difficult to start needs to be addressed without fail. Although this malfunction is not life-threatening, an engine may not start quickly due to several purposes.


  • No flow of fuel.
  • Availability of water in the fuel system.
  • Oil viscosity increases during winter, and a slow engine revolution happens.
  • The engine doesn’t turn over quickly because of a weak battery.


  • The fuel tank and fuel filter need to be thoroughly checked.
  • The electric fuel pump can be the reason for the problematic engine start.
  • Injector inspection is necessary.
  • If required, you need to replace the ECU and filter the electric fuel pump injector.

2. Insufficient Engine Power

Ever wondered how ATV produces power? To cause combustion, an ATV uses a mixture of fuel and air. This way, we can observe energy production and occurring combustion. However, the engine can lose power due to several reasons, which are:


  • Less amount of fuel.
  • Clogged injector.
  • Bad crankshaft position of the sensor.
  • Clogged air cleaner.
  • Fouled or dirty spark plug.
  • Bad or poor-quality ignition coil.


  • Inspect the fuel system.
  • In this case, cleaning or replacing the injector will help you get rid of the problem.
  • The air cleaner needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Spark plug cleaning or replacing is also an excellent solution to the issue.
  • An ignition coil replacement is also a suitable fix.
  • Change the crankshaft position sensor.

3. Sudden Stops of the Engine

When an engine stops suddenly, you will surely lose control over the vehicle. It can be dangerous if you are driving fast. However, this problem doesn’t appear with a new car. Most of the time, it happens with old ATVs.


  • Electric problems in the ignition system or computer system. Thus, the engine fails to send a proper electrical signal to the engine.


  • It would be best to take your ATV to an automobile shop immediately.

4. Engine Overheats

This problem is so common in other ATVs, and Hi-sun Strike 250 sometimes shows it as well. If you don’t address this problem on time, it can be permanent. Your journey can ruin if your ATV engine gets too hot. Here are a few reasons and fixes for this issue.


  • Overloaded engine.
  • Low coolant level.
  • If the motor-driven fan doesn’t work.
  • When the radiator ore gets dirty engine overheat a problem may arise.
  • The corroded coolant flow route


  • Shifting to the lower gear will be an effective fix. Also, reducing load is another solution.
  • A correct level of the cooling system is necessary. So you need to maintain the correct level meticulously. Additionally, proper connections and leakage of the hoses can solve the issue.
  • Check the electrical system thoroughly and correct it if you find any problem there.
  • Clean the dirt.
  • Flush cooling system.

Pros & Cons of Hi-sun Strike 250

Undoubtedly, Hi-sun created a standard in the ATV industry. No one could imagine that an ATV would come with so many impressive features.

The Hi-sun Strike 250 is one of the best side-by-side for youth riders. It is built with parental safety features and powered by a 4-stroke single cylinder OHC engine.

However, every product comes with cons as well, and the ATV is also the same. Let’s deep dive into the pros and cons of Hi-sun Strike 250.


  • You will rarely find a youth ATV with so much smoothness. The acceleration of this ATV is remarkable and allows youth to run it smoothly.
  • Everyone wants to make a ride memorable, and it is only possible when you feel comfortable while riding an ATV. The comfort level of this ATV is so high that other ATVs can’t beat it. Many users appreciated its comfort level. Also, this vehicle offers comfortable space in the vehicle, allowing a rider to sit comfortably.
  • You can set the brake system to neutral, low, high, and reverse.
  • Good quality ATVs for youth come at a higher price range. You will love to know that the Hi-sun Strike 250 is available at a reasonable price.


  • Unavailability of dampeners in the suspension.
  • The older model’s engine is heating up. You can solve this issue quickly by reading the above “Engine Overheating” section.

Final Words

The regular maintenance of Hi-sun Strike 250 is significantly crucial to get the most out of it. When you do periodic maintenance, you will be able to find out the most common problems with Hisun Strike 250 before it appears and solves them with no time. This way, you will always have an enjoyable and memorable ride.

One of the biggest things is that the Hi-sun Strike 250 is of premium quality, reducing the risk of problems and repair. This means it will help save valuable money.

Keeping aside the minor issues, customers can rely on this ATV regardless of the terrain. The benefits of this ATV outweigh the drawbacks. For a budget-friendly option, it is a great choice overall. It offers reliable performance on all terrains.

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