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Most Common Problems With Massimo 400 UTV

Most Common Problems With Massimo 400 UTV

UTVs or Utility Terrain Vehicles are ideal for places where a truck cannot reach with supplies. Typically, UTVs are designed for working, while occasionally, they might be seen on trail rides and golf courses. Overall, these motor vehicles have ample storage space to carry equipment and load within a small distance easily.

Massimo Motor is a company based in Canada that designs and builds various motor vehicles such as Side X Sides, ATVs, UTVs, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, etc. Our primary focus throughout this article will be on a particular UTV to let you know about the problems and probable solutions with that specific model of UTV.

About the Massimo UTV Series

From their official store, there is a line of premium side x side UTVs that help in different activities. Traditionally, Side X Side is used by older people for more effortless movement from place to place and carrying materials.

Reviews about the five available UTVs on the Massimo platform have generally been positive, but as usual, there are some complications with these machines. Let’s explore the most common issues people have been facing with the Massimo UTV 400 series.

Details Of The Massimo 400 UTV

Also known as the Buck 400, this is one of the most sought-after UTV in the entire lineup of the Massimo Motor collection. Oftentimes, the vehicle is said to be of great value for the price, having a total width of 56.5”. Never mind the size of the Massimo Buck 400 as the machine is able to carry over four hundred pounds, with the ability to tow over a thousand!

With every great motor vehicle, some slight issues keep appearing year after year. In this piece, we will go through the most common problems with the Massimo 400 UTV and specify them in brief detail so that you know your pick before buying it.

Common Problems With Massimo 400 UTV:

Now that we are done with the basics, let us dive deeper into some of the nuisances seen regularly with the Massimo 400 UTV:

1. Under Powered Utility Terrain Vehicle

The Massimo Buck 400 is a super vehicle to operate. It has a 400-cc space and is ideal for normal usage. However, there are some issues with the power of the vehicle, as reported by multiple users across the world. As it is a four-wheel drive, it is imperative, the UTV generate a ton of power to do the jobs properly. This is where it messes up.

Often, the engine is not powering up the vehicle enough. As a result, it affects the speed and performance of the UTV to some extent. On long trail rides or farm hikes, this can prove to be a bigger issue. Thus, this problem takes the top spot on our list of woes with the Massimo 400 UTV.

Potential Solution: Installing smaller tires can help power up the UTV to a certain limit, after which it may be obsolete. The Stock Air Filter has to be cleaned, if not replaced, regularly so that it gets more accessible for the engine to take in air and burn fuel.

2. Malfunction Of The Injector In The UTV

A lot of times, a faulty injector may cause serious issues with your UTV. More specifically, the engine may cease to work as it might misfire due to the dirt on the injector. This interferes with the proper functioning of the motor sending vibrations down the body of the vehicle. It also boosts the noise product of the engine, and it stutters more frequently.

Common symptoms of a bad injector may include troubles with starting the Massimo 400. Poor performance with speed may also be noticeable with an injector that is dirty and airy. Costs may tend to rise up on the user as the fuel consumption increases as well with the problems of the injector.

Potential Solution: First and foremost, it is essential that the user checks the injector, whether any clogging or leaks are associated. If there is, there are two ways they can handle it: one is replacing it with a new one and the latter being- taking it out to clean it and passing air to test it out.

3. Storage Problems For The Price

It is a rather trivial flaw with the Massimo Buck 400 UTV. That’s why it takes the last place on our list of the most common problems with the specified UTV. There are others with more space and the ability to carry around more stuff at the price range that this machine comes at.

400 CC is not enough at times, as comfort is one of the most important aspects of a proper UTV. With this amount of room, it becomes cumbersome to transport and ride simultaneously as the UTV becomes heavy and becomes slow, putting a lot of pressure on the engine to perform and risking wear and tear.

Pros And Cons With The Massimo 400 UTV:

Now that the most significant portion of the piece is covered, let us summarize the stuff we’ve learned.


  • Developed by a great brand and is an excellent choice for all kinds of motor activity.
  • It offers good functionality for the price range it is in.
  • Parts and replacements are available if needed.


  • Problems with powering up the vehicle when required.
  • Injector issues with dirt, air, or leak.
  • Not enough storage for the price.

Final Verdict

Based on what we have seen throughout this article, we leave the decision to you. While the machine is excellent for people, it sure has some flaws that you might want to oversee. We implore you to check out this article and decide if you want to get the Massimo 400 UTV for yourself as it can cost a hefty amount.

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