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6 Most Common Problems with Polaris Ranger 700 XP

6 Most Common Problems with Polaris Ranger 700 XP

Polaris Ranger undoubtedly produces some of the most reliable UTVs, and the Polaris Ranger 700 XP model is no exception either.

Although some claim that the Ranger series is a little expensive than other available UTVs, they go a longer way than other competitors’ UTV collections. So, the money you spend is worth the quality service and performance you are getting. 

Unfortunately, the Polaris Ranger 700XP UTV model has its downsides, and due to those limitations, many owners have encountered several troubleshooting issues.

That’s why in this article, I have decided to address and explain about 6 most common problems that one might experience with a Polaris Ranger 700XP-

Common Problems Of Polaris Ranger 700 XP:

1. Not Enough Pressure On Fuel Tank

Several Polaris ranger 700 XP 2008 model users have complained about having this issue on their ranger.

According to them some of these UTV models have a lack of fuel pressure issue which was initially difficult to figure out as the Ranger tends to cuts out when at 25 mph or Boggs down.

One particular 2008 700XP user has mentioned his experience where he noticed the engine cuts out at 25 MPH and Boggs down until he pushes the gas pedal in all the way.

He also added that the engine again starts working just fine at 30 mph and later, when he rode it, it performed as if nothing happened before.

Sometimes that cutting out and the bogging issue also occur due to build-up gunk on the throttle body. In that case, you have to clean it up.

Also, throttle position can affect the TPS sensor causing a similar reaction on the Ranger 700XP engine.

2. TPS Sensor Trouble

Depending on which year’s Polaris Ranger 700XP you are using, your problem signs can differ but having a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) sensor failing or not responding correctly is quite common among most Ranger users.

According to a group of Polaris 700xp owners they have experienced rough running, bogging, and cold starting trouble. When they further investigated, mostly the reason was failing TPS sensor.

One specific 2006 Ranger 700xp model user has shared his troubleshooting issue on the Polaris user forum. According to that user, he frequently noticed that his ranger’s engine started idling rough fouling plugs and also having dead spots in the gas pedal.

Later on, when he went for servicing, the dealer confirmed that the issue occurred because of a bad TPS sensor and had to replace it.

In some of the Ranger 700xp models, the TPS sensor might not be calibrated accurately, which may cause a slight lean mix. This eventually leads the engine to have hard staring problems during the cold.

Also, due to that lean mixture at part throttle, the engine starts to have boggy spots or rough uneven idle.

3. Not Making Enough Power Or Having Running Issue

It seems like it is quite a familiar issue on the 2009 Ranger 700XP model since several users have claimed that they encountered this issue at least once with their ranger.

Although most Polaris ranger 700xp 2009 version users have agreed that this model delivers great riding experiences, after some time out of the blue some ranger engine starts to miss during the rides and also fails to produce enough power to move.

Some users also mentioned that when that happens, the engine idles fine. But when they push the throttle, the engine only bogs and will not rev up.

Another group of users claimed that sometimes this issue arises even when they just start the UTV and all they could do at that moment is shutting their vehicle off.

The most common reason behind this problem is either the bad/dirty TBAP (Temperature and Barometric Air Pressure) sensor or the torn-out TBAP wiring.

That’s why most experts suggest checking the TBAP sensor and the connecting wiring as soon as one encounters this problem.

4. EFI Fuel Pump Issue

I realized EFI fuel pump trouble is the most common one for all year’s versions of Polaris Ranger 700xp models while reading numerous user experiences published on several users’ forums.

According to most users, EFI tends to clog pretty often and gets trash in the gas. As a result, the engine starts to act on its own like running rich or will not start unless you put your foot on the accelerator.

But remember, this can also happen when your engine is starving for fuel. So do not get to the conclusion too soon. First, inspect your fuel level, then move to your EFI system inspection.

Sometimes when your 700xp EFI has been sitting for quite long and requires a little condensation in the tank, the engine also may react like that. In that case, you will have to run a professional injector cleaner through it.

Also, sometimes the culprit can be a bad or faulty Throttle Position or TPS sensor, which can make your UTV engine real wet at some point.

5. Fuel & Air Filter Clogging, Bad Spark Plug

Just like any other utility vehicle, ATV and UTV, the Polaris Ranger 700xp model’s air and fuel filters can also get clogged or blocked due to the excessive amount of debris and corrosion that enters.

So, all you need to do is have a regular or routine inspection in those areas to prevent the clogging issue.

Another thing you should also keep in mind is to check on your spark plugs, whether one or both turned bad or wiring got loose.

Especially if you notice general engine starting or running issues on your Ranger fuel pump, filters, spark plugs, and electrical wiring set up are the initial areas you should inspect first.

6. Hearing Clunk While Riding

Another issue which users often mention is that sometimes they hear unusual clunks while riding their Ranger and later on, they also notice no response forward or reverse turns.

They also mentioned that the engine does not stop or die immediately and runs but no response on forwarding or backward gear.

It mainly occurs because of the drive beltand the solution is removing the belt cover to check whether it’s broken or damaged.

If so, all you have to do is just replace the belt, and your Ranger is back on the perfect gear to run off.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Polaris Ranger 700 XP?

First of all, the bad news is the renowned Polaris Ranger brand no longer produces the 700xp model since they have already brought several improvised and upgraded models.

Also, these newer collection of Ranger UTVs have better features to make a long-lasting impression on the riders.

That is one of the major reasons not many people nowadays talk about this previous model of the Ranger UTV lineup.

Therefore, while I was researching and going through several online review blogs, articles, forums, and vlogs, I got several old reviews on Ranger 700xp.

However, even this limited review data shows that several users have pinpointed the issues I already explained earlier.

Besides, many users have also expressed their satisfaction and added that they had not experienced any major issue while using their Ranger 700xp.

Here, I have decided to share some of the users’ opinions so that you can also get an idea of how the Ranger 700xp users are feeling-

“The Polaris Ranger 700xp goes pretty fast. GOD, I LOVE MY RANGER!”Morgan Bagert

“I have owned a 700xp ranger. I try to upgrade often as I keep looking for new and better features in the newer or bigger models. I also raised the cattle and cleared a lot of timber. I use my ranger for everything from pulling hay, feed to building fences, winching trees out of ditches to hauling cut firewood, plowing snow, and hunting … The ultimate of all side by sides!”Mike from Indianola, Iowa.

Final Thoughts:

Polaris Ranger 700xp no doubt has some amazing features, but at the same, it also has its downsides or limitations. Due to those limitations, users often encounter the earlier mentioned and explained problems.

However, besides all those cons or disadvantages, Polaris Ranger 700xp is still one of the most popular UTV models from the Ranger brand.

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