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Most Common Problems With Polaris RZR PRO XP

Most Common Problems With Polaris RZR PRO XP

Polaris began developing UTVs in 2007 with the goal of creating the ultimate enthusiast sports vehicle. With years of producing excellent products, they have become a staple in the industry.

Polaris represents adventure and passion in both work and plays for millions of people in every corner of the globe. Their excellence in the UTV is unrivaled. 

Although they started making UTVs in 2007, 1954 was the year they started. With a long history of making vehicles with excellence, they are now a global leader. 

6 Common Problems With Polaris RZR PRO XP 

Polaris wanted to concrete their leading global position. Therefore, in 2019, they came up with their RZR PRO XP, an absolute off-roading beast. By discontinuing their previous models, this is the reigning king in this category. 

Even with such power, this still has some problems. In this article, we’ll discuss them. With that in mind, let’s begin.

1. Problems with Air Intake:

There is no doubt that the RZR PRO XP is a beast. However, the air intake of the machine puts a lot of doubts on that status. Since the release, the air filters have been notorious for being problematic. 

Filters have the problem of allowing dust to enter. A motor and dust don’t mix well. It seems like the seals of the filters allow dust to get in, which is something they shouldn’t do.

One user claimed that the problem happened due to the unreliable bolts of the filter canister. As he explains, when the motor is running, the bolts deflect. Consequently, dust is able to enter the motor quite easily.

Dust in the motor caused another user to lose all power after acceleration. Immediately after your machine was purchased, this happened. Pretty unimaginable, isn’t it? For him, his air intake box collapsed. 

It’s a good thing that there are thousands of aftermarket parts that work well. Changing the air intake with one of those will do the trick. 

2. Clutch Failure:

An article published by Polaris mentioned that they had recalled a few of their RZR PRO XP, RZR XP Turbo, and Turbo S models. The reason they said is that those machines had clutch failure issues. 

The issue was with the quality of those clutches. RZR PRO XP is notorious for clutch issues. Several times users have claimed that the component was ejecting from the clutch, causing a mess. Besides, such particles are harmful as well. 

Such an incident occurs whenever a vehicle travels at low speed while towing a heavy load, says a user. Polaris was contacted shortly after the failure, according to him. A recall was subsequently issued. 

Polaris recommended not to use the vehicle if such an issue is noticed. He also mentioned contacting the dealer as soon as possible. 

3. Non-Durable Frame: 

RZR PRO XP is built to withstand heavy stress. That’s the fun of off-roading, isn’t it? The frame, however, speaks the difference. Unfortunately, the frame is not as strong as it should be. 

Upon noticing the roll cage, you will be more aware of this. It’s pretty, and we love it. However, it won’t offer as much safety as you believe it will. Your chances of visiting a doctor are high if you are hitting fast.

According to one user, his vehicle’s carrier bearing bent in an unorthodox way. This caused the driveshaft to be forced against the loop. It was relatively easy to bend the material back, which proves how soft it is. 

Even though RZR PRO XP is made for rough rides, better to ignore bouncing, any unusable jump can deteriorate the longevity of the ride drastically. 

4. Weak Front Differential:

Another issue is the front differential of the vehicle. It is comparatively weaker considering the type of riding you are supposed to do with this vehicle. Besides, it makes a sound. 

According to a long-term user of PRO XP, his vehicle’s front differential makes a rattling sound. The weird fact is, it only makes it when the PRO XP is in 2WD. In 4WD, the issue is gone. 

Despite changing the whole front differential, the problem remained. The problem was eventually traced to a bad prop shaft. But not everyone’s case. 

The issue was not even traceable by other users. Many were baffled by it. The problem can be fixed by some aftermarket parts, however.  

5. Transmission Issues: 

There are also issues with the transmission of this ride. The durability of the transmission is the main issue here. It lacks robustness. 

One user shares his experience, where a bearing went out from the transmission. The incident happened as he rode on the sand, which wasn’t that rough. Besides, Polaris did not take account of the issue either, according to him. 

The bearings of these vehicles have had failure issues before. Polaris knows the fact, however, remains indifferent. 

You can use high-quality bearings for your ride as a solution. They are readily available on the market. They won’t be hard to find. As for the Chinese ones, ignore them. 

6. Suspension Spring Failure: 

There is a problem with the ride height of the Polaris RZR PRO XP as well. In this case, a tender spring caused the problem. 

When you go low on your ride, the lowest you can get is 13-inch, which is not impressive. 

Recently, Polaris responded that they would try to fix the problem. The dealers will be informed once the problem has been resolved. Therefore, anyone experiencing this issue should go to their dealers for assistance.

Polaris RZR PRO XP Pros and Cons

Although there are a lot of issues with the RZR PRO XP, it is still a wonderful vehicle. The fun you will have with this is unrivaled. Besides, the competitors are far off when it comes to the level of quality they offer.

Below are some pros that make you reconsider your mind to get one. They are impressive!


  • High Off-Roading Capabilities: Regardless of how rough the terrain is, this vehicle can handle it. Powered by Polaris Dynamix suspension, this can go anywhere. Furthermore, it comes with three suspension settings that make it even more impressive.
  • Insane Power: The engine of this beast is a turbocharged 925cc 4 stroke engine. With this engine, a staggering 181 horsepower can be produced. Additionally, this 2000-pounder will go like a rocket at 4000 RPM.  


  • Problems with Air Intake
  • Clutch Failure
  • Non-Durable Frame
  • Weak Front Differential
  • Transmission Issues


The RZR PRO XP is definitely a great vehicle. However, nothing is perfect, and neither is this vehicle. Despite its flaws, it still shines brightly. 

There is no better way to explore the forest or the beach than on an off-roading adventure. And this is the perfect option. Just learn how to fix the issues and have the ultimate experiences possible.

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