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Do Jeeps Have Built-in Coolers? A Guide to Jeep’s Cooling Features

Do Jeeps Have Built-in Coolers? A Guide to Jeep’s Cooling Features

We all know that Jeeps are quintessential vehicles when it comes to off-roading, but what about when you want to take a road trip, go camping, or simply sit back and relax in comfort on your journey?

With the sun beating down as Summer creeps in, you might be wondering whether Jeeps have built-in coolers, and in this guide, you’ll find out if they do.

The short and sweet answer is yes and no. Some Jeeps do indeed have a built-in cooler, while others don’t.

It really depends on how you use your Jeep as to whether or not you’ll require a cooler, and for some people, it’s a deal-breaker. They’re incredibly convenient for keeping drinks and food cool on long journeys, and it’s one less thing to pack for road trips.

What Jeep Models Come With Built-In Coolers as Standard?

What Jeep Models Come with Built-In Coolers as Standard

A built-in cooler may not be something many people look for when examining the specs of a potential new Jeep. However, it should be because not all of them come with the feature. So, consider the following models if you’re specifically looking for a Jeep with a built-in cooler.

Jeep ModelBuilt-In Cooler Included?
Jeep CherokeeNO
Grand CherokeeNO

1. Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator is a mid-size model that comes with a built-in cooler as standard, located in the center console for accessibility. It’s a pretty decent size, too, and can hold around six 12-ounce cans, perfect for a weekend away.

2. Renegade

The Renegade also comes with a refreshment compartment built-in. However, it is one of the smaller options. So, it may be better suited to a single person or storing kids’ drinks, sandwiches, etc.

3. Wrangler

The legendary trailblazer, the Jeep Wrangler, also has a cooling space for storing refreshments. This time, it’s located under the backseat. The cooler can hold around four 12-ounce cans, making the Wrangler perfect for camping.

Which Models Do Not Have a Built-In Cooler?

While the three models I’ve mentioned above come with this feature as standard, a few don’t—for example, the Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee. There are options if you already own one of these models and require a cooling space. You can always opt to have one installed.

If you do own a Cherokee and want to take it camping, find out how to prepare it for sleeping here.

Benefits of Built-in Coolers

Benefits of Built-in Coolers

Having a cooler built into your Jeep can have several benefits, so let’s explore this some more and discover why it’s something you need.

Easy Cleaning

One thing I have found with the built-in coolers is how easy they are to clean. As they’re made from stainless steel, it’s a simple case of disinfecting and wiping down, much like you would with your kitchen sink. However, with a portable cooler, the whole thing needs emptying out, washing, and thoroughly drying to avoid unpleasant odors and bacteria build-up.


One benefit of having a built-cooler, and one that you might not have considered, is the security element. There’s a minimal chance anyone is going to steal your cooler and contents when it’s well hidden.

Freeing Up Space

Portable coolers can be a right pain; they’re bulky, unwieldy, and take up a lot of space that could be used for camping equipment, clothes, and more. However, having one pre-built-in to your Jeep leaves you with much more room for extra items.

Better Camping Experience

If you’re going camping in the Summer, portable coolers aren’t always ideal and don’t keep your food cold for long enough, especially when staying overnight. However, a built-in cooler is going to me you have fresh, cold food and drink throughout your trip. Hassle-free.

Cost Effective

If you’re taking a long trip or traveling with a larger group, you may need to buy multiple coolers and get high-quality ones, and they don’t come cheap. You will also need a constant supply of ice to keep the cooler at an ample temperature, which can add up, especially when it’s hot. The built-in coolers keep your goods at the perfect temperature and save you a fair whack of cash on melting ice.

Easy on The Eye

Let’s face it; portable coolers aren’t the most attractive-looking things. They’re bulky, usually made of plastic, and often a bit tacky-looking. So, if you’re someone who likes to keep things looking tidy, smart, and modern, a built-in cooler will be much more aesthetically pleasing.

A Refreshing Finish

If you’re in the market for a Jeep with a built-in cooler as standard, then a Wrangler, Gladiator, or Renegade will be the model of choice.

However, if you decide to go with a model such as the Cherokee, which does not have a built-in cooler, then it’s not too much of a hassle to purchase one and have one installed as though it’s part of the fixtures and fittings, so not all is lost.