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Does A Jeep Have Ambient Lighting?

Does A Jeep Have Ambient Lighting?

Jeep is a vehicle manufacturing company based in the United States and is claimed as the father of off-roading and tough terrain driving. Their various models are built for top performance off and on the road and have multiple technological features.

One common question is, do Jeeps come with ambient light?

Various models of Jeeps come with Ambient lighting, such as the 2021 and 2022 Jeep Cherokee. It comes with numerous color options to suit your mood. The Trailhawk and Limited models have single-color ambient lighting for front and rear doors, whereas the Overland and Summit have a five-color selection. 

This article will discuss what Jeeps have ambient lighting. So Keep reading! We have everything you need to know about Jeeps and ambient lighting, how you can work it, and whether or not you can install ambient lighting on an older model.

Jeeps are known for building cars that can perform on just about any terrain on earth. The brand values five significant attributes that made them some of the best vehicles on the road: maneuverability, traction, water fording, ground clearance, and articulation.

However, the Jeep also stays up to date on the technological side. They have state-of-the-art touchscreen control pads and various features that ensure their vehicle run conveniently on the inside. This also ensures that the driver has a few customizable features that can help them feel like they can add a personal touch to their vehicle. 

One such feature of various Jeep models is ambient lighting. In models such as the newer Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can customize the ambient lighting to almost any color depending on your mood, place, or time of day. 

What Exactly Is Ambient Lighting?

If you need clarification on what we mean when we speak of ambient lighting, it’s probably something you’ve seen in a newer car, but it’s also found in kitchens, on ceilings in rooms, and even in floor and table lamps. 

In vehicles, ambient lighting is the soft lighting or illumination you may notice around your Jeep’s center console and trim lighting around your car doors. It’s also found around cup holders and sometimes even right across the vehicle’s dash, helping to give a soft illumination in the front of your Jeep.

Generally, ambient lighting is considered a cosmetic feature and has no actual inherent safety function when the driver is concerned. However, various vehicle manufacturers have begun to notice that ambient lighting may have a few benefits, such as helping to increase the perceived safety of a driver and even the car’s quality. 

The ambient lighting that’s sporadically placed around the interior of your Jeep may help to increase spatial perception, which helps the interior of the vehicle to feel larger at night. The lights can also combat fatigue when driving during the night and may even slightly increase overall alertness. 

Some drivers, who took part in a study, also said that the ambient lighting found within vehicles could make the various control console and dash controls easier to use. 

Which Jeep Models Come With Ambient Lighting

Jeep has a wide selection of models available on the market, and a large quantity of them come with some degree of ambient lighting. Some have various colors to choose from depending on your mood, whereas others have simple white lights that are positioned around the vehicle. 

We will list a few of the most prominent and popular models of Jeep’s Grand Cherokee line, which come equipped with ambient lighting below and give you a rundown on the specific illumination with each model. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is one of Jeep best selling range of vehicles, and for a good reason, it comes with a lot more versatility when compared to other models and handles tough terrain well thanks to its next-generation four-wheel driving systems.

The various models of Jeep’s Grand Cherokee, including the cheaper Laredo, come with Ambient lighting throughout the vehicle, including the front and rear doors and on some dashboards. All of these models come with settings that can turn your amendment lighting from daytime to nighttime illumination. 

If you were to opt for an Overland or Summit model of the Grand Cherokee, you would receive ambient lighting that’s been taken to the next level. The 2021 and 2022 models offer the driver a personalized experience in which they can change the color of their interior lighting depending on their mood or preference. 

The multicolor feature has something for everyone, and depending on the time of day, you can help set the lighting of the car based on what’s going on around you. You can even divide the ambient lighting into two sections, meaning you can have two different colors divided by two zones. 

Zone one of the vehicle would include the ambient lights found around the door panel and the control console in the front of the vehicle. In contrast, zone two would include the ambient lighting under the front seats, the lighting below the second row of seats and the pocket illumination on the door panels. 

This gives the driver the ultimate customization experience when driving your Grand Cherokee and can help give your Jeep that feeling of ownership and that you’ve been able to add your own touch. 

How To Use Ambient Lighting In Jeep?

Depending on your model of Grand Cherokee will ultimately determine how you work your ambient lighting. On the models with the basic white lighting, there will be a control located beside your headlight control which can be rotated to both turns on the ambient lighting and decide how strong the illumination is. 

With the multi-color ambient lighting introduced with the newer Overland and Summit models of the Grand Cherokee, the various controls for choosing the colors can be accessed through the vehicle’s central console. 

You can simply go to the apps menu on your control console and select the ambient lighting feature, thus, giving you the control to change the color of the illumination based on your mood. Alternatively, you can do this with the Uconnect settings. 

Here are also manual controls for changing the color of your Jeep’s ambient lighting. First, locate the button to turn on the ambient lighting which is placed just below the instrumental panel. 

Once turned on, you can change the color of the ambient lighting by pressing another button located below the shift lever. You can go through the various colors by pressing the button and settling for whatever fits the mood.

If you are confused and can’t quite figure it out, it’s always a good idea to change the manual. There you can typically find all the information needed regarding the controls surrounding your Jeep’s ambient lighting.

Can You Add Ambient Lighting To Older Jeep Models?

If you have an older model Jeep, or you’d simply like to add additional ambient lighting to the small amount of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are various ways to do this, either by yourself or with the help of a professional. 

If you want a simple and easy addition to your car, you can purchase strip interior lighting from various online retailers that easily plug into a USB port in your car. This is an affordable option as it can be done by yourself and requires little to no work. 

Another option is disposable ambient lighting, which can be purchased from various online retailers. These little lights come in small squares, which can be stuck or glued under various parts of your vehicle in medium to large quantities, giving your vehicle that ambient illumination. 

The various benefits when it comes to DIY ambient lighting it that they use little energy from your car battery or, in some cases, none at all. They are long-lasting and generally come with various warranties, and can easily give you that personal customization feels without a lot of work. 

Why Is My Ambient Lighting Not Working?

There are a few reasons why your ambient lighting may not be working correctly in your Jeep, and we will list a few of these reasons below:

The most common reason behind faulty or non-working ambient lighting in your Jeep is that you have blown a fuse. If you want to check that yourself, first read the manual and find which fuse connects to the ambient lighting, then locate your fusebox to have a look at the fuse. 

The next common problem is that the button that controls your ambient lighting is malfunctioning, and this is the reason it isn’t turning on. To check this, you may need to take it to a repair shop’ however, if you have a Jeep that can control the ambient lighting from the control console, you can try this to ensure that the button is behind the problem. 

If neither of these problems is behind your faulty ambient lighting, your best option is to take your vehicle to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis; they will be able to tell you for sure the problem behind your faulty lighting. 

My Closing Thoughts

So, now that you know the major models of Jeeps that have ambient lighting, will this help sway you towards one of these vehicles in the future? The Overland and Summit models come with varying degrees of color that can align with any mood you’re in when driving.


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