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Where To Find Fuse Box on Jeep Wrangler: How To Test?

Finding the fuse box for Jeep Wrangler can be tricky. It can get confusing as it varies from model to model.

The fuse box is hidden under the glove compartment. The glove box must be removed to reach the fuse panel. By taking the glove box strap off the hook and allowing the door to drop down off its hinges, it may be removed.

In this article, I am going to discuss Jeep Wrangler Fuseboxes, where to find them, and everything else.

Where is the Fuse Box on Jeep Wrangler?

Usually, the fuse box for the Jeep Wrangler is hidden under the glove compartment but this can vary depending on your Jeep model and year of manufacture.

Here are a few Jeep models and their circuit box location for your convenience:

2018 to Present Wrangler

The JL Wrangler’s fuse box is positioned in a different location than the JK’s. However, it is not a long distance. It’s essentially at the back left corner of the Jeep engine compartment.

Instead of being directly behind the Air Box, it is now directly behind the battery. As a result, the order is Air Filter, Battery, then Fuse Box.

2015 Wrangler

The fuse circuit box in a 2015 Jeep Wrangler is located right under the hood. When you open up the hood you can see the engine block.

On the left side of the engine block, there is a black, battery-shaped box, that is the fuse box of your Wrangler.

98 Wrangler

The glove box must be removed in order to reach the fuse panel of a 98 Wrangler. By taking the glove box strap off the hook and allowing the door to drop down off its hinges, it may be removed.

Reinstall the glove box door by aligning the hinge hook forms on the lower edge of the glove box door with the hinge pins on the lower edge of the instrument panel at an 8 o’clock orientation.

Reattach the glove box strap to the door by tilting the upper edge of the glove box door forward toward the instrument panel. Close the glove box door by rotating it to the closed position. To ensure good installation, open and close the door.

How Is The Diagram of ’98 Jeep Wrangler Fuse Box?

Since this specific model is a bit old, it can be hard to find the diagram of a Fuse Box for Jeep Wrangler ‘98. However, I got you covered.

Here’s the breakdown for the 1998 Jeep Wrangler circuit box:

(5 cavities/slots across and 4 cavities/slots down)

They number them from top to bottom and right to left. The top right-hand corner cavity would be cavity #1 and the bottom right corner is cavity #4.

(Last/5th column on panel numbered from top to bottom)

#1 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Park Lights

#2 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Stop Lights

#3 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Fog Lights

#4 – 10 amp red fuse – Door Switch Defeat

(4th column on panel numbered from top to bottom)

#5 – 10 amp red fuse – Airbag

#6 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Rear Wiper

#7 – 10 amp red fuse – Back-Up Lights, Rear Window Defroster, ABS

#8 – 20 amp yellow fuse – HEVAC

(3rd column on panel numbered from top to bottom)

#9 – 10 amp red fuse – Airbag

#10 – 10 amp red fuse – Instrument Cluster

#11 – 10 amp red fuse – Power Distribution Center Coils

#12 – 10 amp red fuse – Panel Lights

(2nd column on panel numbered from top to bottom)

#13 – 10 amp red fuse – Turn Signals

#14 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Front Wiper

#15 – 10 amp red fuse – Radio

#16 – Open – No description

(1st column on panel numbered from top to bottom)

#17 – 10 amp red fuse – HBL Switch

#18 – 15 amp blue fuse – Acc. Battery – Optional

#19 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Acc. Switch

#20 – 20 amp yellow fuse – Clutch Interlock Ignition

Where Is the Wrangler 4XE Fuse Boxes?

The fuse box location of this specific Wrangler is completely different than other Wrangler models. Therefore, it can be tricky and confusing for one if they do not know where to look for.

All the fuses and relays of the 4XE Wrangler are located in the passenger side engine compartment right behind the battery.

When to Check the Fuses on a Jeep Wrangler?

There are a few signs that you will notice when one or multiple fuses of your car is blown. The signs are:

  • The air conditioning system will stop working
  • Central USB hub will not work
  • Automatic windows will stop working
  • Issues with turning on lights
  • Radio malfunction

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to check your fuse.

How To Test the Fuses of the Jeep Wrangler?

There are a few ways to check whether or not your fuses are blown. Follow these methods to check the fuse:

Pull the fuse out (preferably using fuse pullers/pliers) and visually check it once you’ve identified the correct fuse. The wire element within the blown fuse will have melted or burnt as a result of the greater electrical current.

Take the fuse out of its holder. The fuse holder cap may need to be unscrewed using a tiny screwdriver in some circumstances. Examine the fuse wire. The fuse has blown and has to be changed if there is a visible gap in the wire or a black or metallic smudge inside the glass.

How To Install An Additional Fuse Box for the Jeep Wrangler?

Adding a fuse box is a great DIY project for someone who wants to tidy up their engine compartment after installing all of their other upgrades.

Tools you will need:

  • Fuse block
  • Waterproof box for the fuse block
  • 70A circuit breaker (optional but advisable)
  • 75A relay (optional)
  • Wire cutting and splicing tools
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdrivers

Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Assemble fuse box in the housing
  • Locate spot under the hood to mound assembly
  • Add extra protection to your new fuse panel
  • Run #8AWG wire from the block
  • Make connections from accessory port to relay
  • Run final power from the battery to fuse box

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can You Tell If A Ceramic Fuse Is Blown?

A visual check can reveal whether a glass fuse has blown by searching for a break in the thin wire and brown discoloration in the center of the fuse.

A visual check of a ceramic fuse, on the other hand, reveals no damage. The only way to detect if a ceramic fuse has blown is to test it.

How Long Do Fuses Last?

Some fuses survive 20 years, some 30 years, and it is still advised that the fuse be replaced after 40 years.

Can A Fuse Be Blown And Not Look Like It?

Because of the way fuses are designed, the chances of a fuse becoming defective without blowing are tiny, but on rare occasions, a fuse may appear to be in perfect working order despite the fact that no electricity is flowing through it.

What Kind Of Fuse Does A Jeep JK Use?

The Prosport Mini Add-A-Circuit with 10 Amp Fuse fits all Jeep CJ and Wrangler models from 1966 to 2021.

Final Words

The fuse box for a Jeep Wrangler is a very vital part of the Vehicle. If one or more of your fuses are blown or broken, many features of your car such as the air conditioning system, lights, radio, etc will stop working.

So, If you come across any of the above-mentioned issues, it is best to take your vehicle for evaluation.

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