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How to Fix and Prevent Rust on Your TJ Wrangler Fender?

If left untreated, rust in the Wrangler’s Fender can become a significant problem. It also makes the wrangler less attractive. As an owner, you don’t want either of these things to happen to your vehicle.

Though getting rid of fender rust can be challenging, detecting the early signs and taking the proper steps can help you prevent rust from harming your Jeep.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to remove Tj wrangler Fender rust. We’ll also look at ways how to prevent fender rust as well as the reasons behind the fender rust.

What Causes Jeep TJ Wrangler Fender Rust?

Rust on the Tj wrangler happens because of a combination of factors. Oxidation can be the primary reason. There are other factors as well. Those are:

Too Much Off-Road Driving

Unlike many other cars, Tj Wrangler is specially designed to be used for off-road environments. More exposure to the outside climate is one of the significant reasons wrangler develops rust.


Another reason for fender rust is that the Tj wrangler is made of metal. Oxidation occurs when the iron in a metal reacts with oxygen.

Also, if the wrangler is used more frequently on icy roads, it will develop rust quickly. Salt is used to melt the ice on icy roads and is the main culprit in forming rust.


Wear and tear occurred over time, causing damage to the protective layer and painting of the Fender. Because the rust develops underneath the paint, even a tiny scratch on the paint allows rust to begin.

Tools & Materials Needed To Remove Tj Wrangler Fender Rust

To keep your Tj Wrangler’s fenders from rusting, you’ll need the right equipment for the task. You must also paint the Fender once the rust is gone. Below are the tools necessary to remove the rust and paint the Fender?

  • Angle Grinder: Tj Wrangler is built of heavy-duty metal. It is not easy to remove the stubborn rust by Using merely sandpaper or anything else. You’ll need a high-quality angle grinder.
  • Sandpaper: You’ll also need sandpaper. It is also helpful in removing the substance from the fender surface.
  • Filler: Sometimes excessive rust creates holes in the Wrangler fender surface area. Filler is required to fill the gap.
  • Neutralizer: A neutralizer eliminates acid from the paint, preventing it from peeling.
  • Primer Paint: It is used before applying topcoat, creating maximum adhesion. So that the paint last longer.
  • Paint: After the primer is applied, you need to paint it with the same cooler as the Wrangler.
  • Safety Equipment: Goggles, gloves, and a surgical mask are all required as safety equipment.

How to Remove Jeep Tj Wrangler Fender Rust?

Here we will show you detailed step-by-step procedures to remove the rust from the Fender. However, if the rust is so bad that it starts to break the bolt, you’ll need to replace the old Fender with a new one.

On the other hand, for mild surface rust, you need to remove the rust, put a coating, and then paint. That’s all.

Step-1: Bring The Wrangler to a suitable Location

This is crucial because when an angle grinder is used to remove the rust, it might harm the other parts of the Wrangler.

Also, when using an angle grinder, be sure you take adequate safety precautions. In addition, you can use the paper to cover the wrangler so that no other portion of the wrangler is harmed.

Step-2: Use Angle Grinder

Find the rusted section of the Fender. Start the angle grinder and then apply the grinder to the rust. It will remove the rust from the Fender. Until the bare part of the steel doesn’t come out, constantly apply the angle grinder to the rusty part.

The grinder is usually used to remove a large quantity of rust. However, you can use sandpaper or any other instrument for any minor rust.

Step-3: Use Neutralizer and Prime the paint

Before the Fender is reprinted, you have to use the neutralizer. Spray the neutralizer on the exposed steel of the Fender.

The neutralizer helps to prepare the Fender to take the new paint. Now, apply primer two to three times as needed to achieve the optimum results.

Step-4: Paint the Fender

After priming the surface a few more times, the Fender must be ready to take the paint. Apply the first layer of paint. Once the paint is fully dry, apply sandpaper again to smooth the surface of the Fender.

Repeat the sanding and painting a few more times. Well, the job is done. You will have a nearly new fender of your wrangler.

How to Prevent Tj Wrangler Fender from Rusting?

Rust prevention is crucial. It maintains the wrangler fender looking good and prevents the Fender from corroding. Here are some suggestions for keeping your Tj wrangler from rusting.

Wash the wrangler and apply Wax once a month:

Rust develops underneath the paint. In addition, the Fender of a wrangler is more susceptible to scratches. The scratch allows the moister to start the oxidation process and develop rust.

Washing the wrangler twice a month and applying the Wax coating once a month helps avoid developing rust in the Fender.

Environmental Protection:

As stated earlier, the jeep wrangler is most suitable for the off-road environment. While riding in the harsh climate, you may use the anti-rust spray to create a barrier against the rust from developing.

Avoid Icy Road:

Try to avoid icy roads. Even if you ride sometime, make sure to wash the Tj Wrangler after the ride. More specifically, wash under the fender and wheel wells.


As you can see, removing fender rust is not difficult. There are two possibilities available to you. First, if the rust is severe enough to damage a section of the Fender, replacing it with a new one is a good idea.

On the other hand, if the rust appears recently and just on a small portion of the Fender, it may be removed with an angle grinder or sandpaper.

This guide goes over the necessary steps to remove the rust from the Fender. We believe, with essential tools, you will be able to remove the rust successfully on your own.

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