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Fixing ESP Bas Light on Jeep Liberty: Helpful Guide

You are driving a Jeep Liberty on the road, and suddenly the letters “ESP Bas” appear on the dashboard. If you don’t know what these letters mean, you must be curious enough to learn about their meaning, right?

Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar with the ESP Bas light. That is why they often make mistakes in taking prompt action after spotting the ESP Bas light in the Jeep Liberty.

In this write-up, we’ll be looking at why this light appears and how to fix the ESP Bas light on Jeep Liberty.

So, let’s jump right in.

What is an ESP Bas Light?

Before heading to the solution and fixation process, first, we need to know what ESP Bas light is.

The light is similar to all other standard lights installed in a vehicle dashboard. It is a warning light that flashes when there is some problem in your vehicle.

In most cases, the ESP Bas light will not turn off until you fix the below problems.

  • Electronic instability program
  • A problem in the brake assist program

The good news is that, with minimal effort, you can turn off the ESP Bas light.

It would be best if you kept in mind that, while the light is turned on, avoid driving your Jeep liberty for so long. Once you see the ESP Bas light in your dashboard, make an appointment at your nearest mechanic shop and fix the problem.

Why is ESP Bas Light Turned On?

The ESP Bas light pops up due to several reasons. The root cause will help you turn the light off effectively. Happily, figuring out the reason is not challenging if you have Basic knowledge about different parts of the vehicle. You can grab a proper diagnostic tool like a code scanner and analyze the problem.   

Here are some of the root causes of the ESP Bas light pop-up:

1. Issues with the Steering Angle Sensor

Modern cars are equipped with upgraded electronics and different built-in sensors. As a result, different car models face multiple issues.

The steering angle sensor problem is one of the common reasons for the pop-up of ESP Bas light. However, the responsibility of the steering angle sensor is to assist your Jeep liberty’s steering wheel to work in right harmony with the wheels on the ground. This sensor ensures that your vehicle wheels are turning in the right direction.

You will find a steering angle sensor inside the steering rack. The sensor may lose contact when any problem appears, and the ESP Bas light starts blinking on the dashboard. If the light is turned on, it might happen because the sensor is disengaged. On the other hand, if the light turns off, it means that the contact is engaged again.

The ESP Bas light appears when driving over the bumps or through the potholes.


  • Taking care of the sensor is an easy fish to fry. First, check the connections using an ohm-meter. A good reading means the sensor is good. The bad reading indicates a broken sensor.
  • Resetting the steering angle sensor will let the ESP Bas light turn off. So, how to do that? The process is simple. You need to turn the Jeep Liberty’s steering wheel to the left side 2 times and the right side 2 times. Finally, return it to the center. This way, the tire will face forward. Luckily, the steering angle sensor will start working as it is supposed to work. At the same time, the ESP Bas light will turn off and allow you to drive the vehicle without trouble.

2. Complications with a Wheel Speed Sensor

ESP and Bas systems monitor the speed of all 4 wheels of the Jeep liberty. Both systems’ responsibility is to ensure the same rotating rate simultaneously. So, if there is any misalignment between the wheel’s spinning rate, ESP and Bas come into action and assist the wheels in spinning at the same rate. Thus, you will be able to control the vehicle more precisely.

But both systems will be unable to do this if your vehicle’s wheel speed sensor malfunctions. As a result, the ESP Bas light will turn on.


Replacing the bad wheel speed sensor is not that tough. Moreover, these parts are affordable, and you don’t need to break the bank. So, replace the sensors soon.  After replacing, check if the ESP Bas light turns off. I hope it works.

3. Bad Brake Switch

A bad brake switch is one of the culprits of the ESP Bas light on the Jeep Liberty. Usually, brake switches go bad over time. However, manufacturers claim that they come with a lifetime warranty.


Regular maintenance will assist you in identifying the bad brake switch. It is an effortless job since you don’t need to remove other parts and replace the brake switch sensor.

First, diagnose the issue using an OBD2 scanner. You will find it just right above the car’s brake pedal. Unplug the bad one and plug in the new brake switch. Finally, the code needs to reset and once done, you’re ready to go.

How to Turn the ESP Bas Light Off on Jeep Liberty?

As you already understand, turning off the ESP Bas light is much easier than turning other warning lights off.

In a nutshell, the steps are as below.

  • Use a code scanner to pull the codes from your car’s main computer
  • Know the root cause of turning the ESP Bas lights on
  • Ensure necessary repairs according to the problem to turn off the ESP Bas light 

Generally, the whole fixing process will complete within 2 – 3 hours. Additionally, it is not something you have to put too much pressure on.

Final Words

We recommend you not drive your Jeep Liberty with ESP Bas light on. You must figure out the reason either by yourself or by visiting a mechanic shop and act promptly. Hopefully, after reading this guide on fixing ESP Bas light on Jeep Liberty, you are now well aware of the reason behind it and will take the necessary steps to avoid further issues.

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