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Why is Jeep Compass Touch Screen Not Working? [Fixed]

The Jeep Compass, like most vehicles, has its share of difficulties and issues that many owners find unpleasant or even dangerous. The Jeep Compass is a compact SUV that’s well-liked for its roomy interiors and hauling capabilities.

According to my research, this model has a 47% depreciation rate after 5 years of production.

But most users have complained about the touch screen issue with the Jeep Compass.

Thankfully, the screen of a Jeep Compass is usually a pretty easy fix. Whether it simply needs a good clean or a few wires replacing, it’s not often something to be overly concerned about. However, in the worst-case scenario, you might need to replace the whole unit.

So let’s take a look at the possible causes for your Jeep Compass screen to stop working and, most importantly, how you can fix it.

How To Diagnose The Jeep Compass Problem?

A fault diagnosis can offer first clues of where the defect is situated since the Jeep Compass is equipped with on-board diagnostics (OBD). You must first connect the diagnostic tool to your Compass before you can begin troubleshooting.

Typically, the OBDII port is found beneath the dashboard. Turn the ignition on now that the wire is connected.

However, take care not to start the engine. The majority of diagnostic gadgets will then ask for certain vehicle information.

You must type this completely accurately; else, the search result may be tainted. You normally have to fill in the engine and vehicle ID number in addition to the car brand and model. Always double-check the accuracy of the information before troubleshooting.

The Jeep Compass Touch Screen Problems

As a driver or a passenger, the Web Radio feature is useful for listening to your favorite radio stations and podcasts.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix a touch screen that isn’t working on a Jeep Compass.

Many customers have reported touch screens failing to acknowledge presses due to low-quality glue between the display panel and the backlight, according to some sources.

To that end, here are a few possible solutions for when your touchscreen in your next FCA vehicle with this technology stops operating.

Even car stereos with touch screens are significantly more user-friendly than their analog equivalents. Instead of spinning knobs, you may change the stations or control the volume by simply touching them with your fingertips.

Some have complex features such as GPS, video streaming, phone integration, and more! The touch screen feature is frequently the first to break down.

The most reported problems are with the 2021 model S. The most irritating problem is with the 10.1-inch Uconnect infotainment system. It gets blacked out and stops working.

Don’t be discouraged if the screen has been accidentally shattered or has become unresponsive. I’ll show you how to repair a touch screen vehicle audio step by step.

So, rather than purchasing a new model, you can try to repair it yourself!

The main problems with the Jeep Compass touch screen are:

1. Unresponsiveness:

Some report shows some Jeep Compass users are having this problem. Only when the touchscreen is incredibly sensitive to your fingers is it enjoyable.

But, no matter how many magical spells you cast with your fingers, if the screen doesn’t respond, it may be quite irritating. It can happen for a variety of causes.

For example, if the screen’s calibration has been lost, it won’t respond as expected since it won’t be able to appropriately record touch pressure. If not cleaned regularly, these filths might permanently harm the component!

 2. Wiring problems

Your Jeep Compass’s touchscreen will stop working if there is a problem with the internal wiring. You may not even be able to turn it on in some circumstances.

This can happen as a result of a defective installation, which isn’t difficult to rectify. The wires might loosen up as a result of severe vibration.

 3. Physical Damage

Touchscreens are prone to physical damage due to their fragility. They are prone to breaking.

If your Jeep Compass, for example, bounces over a speed bump too forcefully, you’re likely to get a few cracks or, in the worst-case situation, a cracked display. If you strike the screen by mistake, it will also break.

Furthermore, continuous contact can cause scratches, which might lead to serious harm in the future.

If you want them to last a long time, you’ll have to be particularly careful when using them.

 4. Software Error

To work correctly, your Jeep Compass’s smart touchscreen relies on software. They can do what they do thanks to millions of codes. It’s not unusual for software to have faults and problems.

When this happens, your stereo will stop working properly. It will begin to malfunction unless you discover a solution to the software problem. These are the most prevalent touchscreen vehicle stereo problems.

5. Fuse Blown

The problem you’re experiencing may be down to a blown-out fuse, more often than not related to the F49 and F67 fuses. To get to the root of the cause, these should be checked regularly and replaced when needed.

Fixing the Jeep Compass touch screen

The Jeep Compass 2021 is powered by the Uconnect 5. And there are 2 methods you can apply to fix your jeep Compass not working screen.

Method 1:

If you use a pen drive that is overloaded with music files, the Uconnect system may stop when loading it.

If you’re using a 16GB pen drive, for example, you should leave 50-60% of the space empty.

Keeping it almost full may cause problems with your Jeep Compass’s touch screen. Remove the pen drive, input it into a computer, delete some data, and then re-insert it into your vehicle’s USB port.

If you restart your car, the touch screen issue should be resolved. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next suggestion. 

Method 2:

When the touch screen on your Jeep Compass stops working, here’s how to fix it! You’re probably wondering how you’d get to the Uconnect settings screen while the screen is completely off.

So, this is how you fix the touch screen, I’m assuming you’ve already used Bluetooth to connect your Android or iPhone to your Jeep.

  1. Use your Android or iOS device to make a call to any number when the engine of your Jeep Compass is running.
  2. Doing so will wake up the black touch screen for about 30 seconds.
  3. This is time to tap the Vehicle Settings icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You should now be able to navigate to the Reset option under Settings.
  5. Tap on the Reset button and you would see a range of options listed there.
  6. Start by tapping the Restore Settings to Default option and select Yes when prompted to confirm your selection.
  7. Then tap on Clear Personal Data and select Yes again.

After a minute, turn off the engine and restart it. The problem with your Jeep Compass’s touch screen should be resolved.

If removing personal data does not resolve the touch screen issue, the Factory Reset option should be used as a final resort.

Method 3:

After a minute, turn off the engine and restart it. The problem with your Jeep Compass’s touch screen should be resolved. If resetting does not resolve the touch screen issue, the Factory Reset option should be used as a final resort.

How Much Will it Cost to Fix a Jeep Touchscreen?

If your circumstances are enough to warrant a new touchscreen, then you’re probably wondering how much that will set you back.

This depends on whether you buy one and install it yourself, go to a third-party repair shop, or do it at a dealership. Of course, the latter is advised, and this could set you back anywhere between $600 and $1600.

Final words

The features Jeep Compass come up with a fantastic infotainment system which is easy-to-use functionality. When compared to previous versions of Uconnect, the latest generation of the design adds plenty of improvements to the user experience.

The touch screen of the Jeep Compass, however, is quick and responsive to touch gestures interestingly. It’s reasonable, though, that you might have issues with the touch screen.

In this situation, hopefully, after reading this post, you now have the information to figure out why your Jeep Compass’s touch screen isn’t working and how to fix it.

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