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How to Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Problem? [Explained]

The Grand Cherokee is one of the best reliable jeeps in the lineup. But, like other machines, it comes with lots of mechanical parts which can fail to deliver normal operation. Among them, starting problems are so common.

It’s so frustrating to witness this kind of situation. There are many reasons which can lead to this problem. So, you need to inspect your car carefully and find out which is the main culprit for this problem.

The article will help you to find out the Jeep Grand Cherokee starting problems. I also mention some possible fixes for the starting issue.

How to diagnose Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Problems?

The easiest way to diagnose starting problems, even any problems using an OBDII scanner. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has OBD, which helps you locate the issues and where they happened.

First, connect the OBD2 scanner with your Jeep Grand Cherokee to diagnose the issue. You’ll find the tool connector below the dashboard. After connecting it, turn on the ignition but don’t start the engine.

Then, it’ll ask for some information from you. Answer everything correctly and also provide the Vehicle ID number. After, you’ll find a trouble code that indicates where the problem is caused.

Jeep Grand Cherokee starting problems: causes and how to fix it

Here are some possible reasons why your Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start and is facing a starting issue. 

1. Defective battery

The problem might happen due to the defective battery. It’s possible that your car battery is weak or dead. Also, if you install a new battery, the problem might appear. It happens because the battery hasn’t reached its full capacity yet.

Symptoms of a defective battery

If the problems are due to a weak or dead battery, then you’ll find that engines rarely crank or crank very slowly. For more surety, you can inspect the battery whether it’s the main reason or not by checking voltage among the battery poles. 

How to Fix a defective battery

First, you need to check the volts. Take a multimeter and set the voltage range. Then, connect the battery with its positive and negative poles. 

If your battery provides around 12 to 13 volts, it hasn’t any problem. But, if you find that the range of the volt is below 11.5 and above 14, your battery is facing problems. 

If the problem appears to be a battery issue, you can start your car by using jumper cables and a battery booster or getting a battery from another vehicle. 

The first step is to connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the Jeep dead battery and the black cable to the negative terminal of the donor battery. Then connect the black cable to the bare metal in your engine bay. 

Now start the vehicle which you used to collect the battery and then start your Jeep. Now, follow the reverse procedure to remove the cables.

Redesign the image if you like to put it ( It’s recommended). Don’t use it directly without making any modifications. 

2. Bad starter motor

The starter motor is used to start the engine of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Generally, its life span is around 100,000 to 150,000 miles. However, it’ll reduce if you frequently start the engine. So, over time it might break down, which might cause the engine starting issue.

Symptoms of a bad starter motor

The bad thing is it doesn’t provide you with much warning fast. So, you might be stuck anywhere with the issue. However, when you try to start the Jeep, you’ll hear a clicking sound which indicates a bad starter motor.

Generally, you need to replace it if the starting problems occur due to a bad starter motor. But, follow the below temporary fix if you find yourself with the issue on the way.

How to Fix a bad starter motor

If the car doesn’t start due to the starter motor, you must replace it with a new one. However, follow the procedure below if you would like to temporarily fix the issue. 

Grab a stick or metal tool, hit the starter motor, and then try to start the car. This method is effective when any parts are stuck together or have any alignment issues. Again, my recommendation is to contact a mechanic.

3. Corrosion on battery

Corrosion buildup on battery cables might cause your Jeep Grand Cherokee to face a starting issue. It reduces the current flow and loses contact with the battery. 

You can take a close look at the battery poles to find out whether the problems occur due to corrosion. For this, you just need to lift the covers from the battery terminals and check whether they build any corrosion. You will find white or green corrosion all around it. 

If you witness only corrosion, then you don’t need to replace your car battery. Just clean it.

How to clean corrosion on a battery?

First, remove the battery pole cables. You need to pull out black cable first, then positive red cable. You can use metal pliers if you find it hard to open the wires. After removing the wires, clean them carefully and reconnect them again.

Check out the guide to know the cleaning process step by step

4. Weak key fob battery

If your vehicle has a push start/stop button, then possibly the weak key fob battery is the main reason why your Jeep doesn’t start. However, don’t worry. You can still start your vehicle. 

If your Grand Cherokee doesn’t have any key insert option, place the key fob as close as to the start/stop button you can. Your car will start with a weak key fob battery. 

You may also read now if your jeep key fob is not detected.

 Check out the video if you want to replace the key fob battery.

5. Fuel component issue

For less fuel flow, the car won’t start properly. If your car combustion chamber doesn’t get enough fuel, then your car will face starting problems. It might happen due to a bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, or bad injectors.

Clogged fuel filter: Generally, the fuel filter part doesn’t wear out but is clogged. It happens due to airborne particles, dirt, and clogs over time. In the beginning, it doesn’t impact your car, but with too much dirt, the engine won’t perform better.

If your fuel filter is clogged, you cannot fix the issue by cleaning it. Instead, you must replace the fuel filter.

Fuel pump failure: The fuel pump ensures that the right amount of fuel passes through the tank to the injection system. But, if it fails to pass the right amount of fuel, your car engine won’t start.

You’ll notice that the engine jerks, breaks over time, and significantly drops engine performance. Most of the time, you need to replace the fuel pump. But, it’s better to bring your car to a service center for a checkup.

6. Bad alternator

The alternator is directly connected with the battery and helps to charge it by producing electricity. The battery stops working when the alternator faces any use. For this, your jeep battery will face charging issues which eventually lead to starting issues. You need to replace the alternator if it faces any issues. 

7. Ignition Issues

Your jeep will face a starting problem due to ignition. If your car has an ignition issue, it will crank but not start. Generally, the problems happened due to bad coil packs, bad spark plugs or wires, computer issues, and more.

Using the OBD2 scanner code will provide some misfire-related codes as P0300 and P0301.

8. Engine timing

An engine’s timing system determines when to fire a spark plug. Your Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t start if it fails to fire at the right time. You’ll find some timing-related code when the problems occur, like P0013 which indicates the camshaft-related problems.

However, sometimes the camshaft sensor also causes the problem. Your car will not start if your camshaft sensors fail.

9. Rodent issue

Rodents are related to other systems like power supply, fuel supply. It’s another reason why you might face starting problems. You can easily check whether your car has rodent damage or not by checking the engine compartment. 

If the vehicle rodents are damaged, they can be fixed, but they can get ready for a high cost.

Note: Your car also faces starting problems due to plenty of other reasons. If your vehicle problems don’t include the post, then check out this best diagnostic flowchart

Final words

The jeep grand Cherokee starting problems might happen for various reasons. Therefore, you need to inspect carefully before doing anything. Our above guide will help you find out why your jeep is facing starting problems.

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