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How to Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension Problems?

The jeep Cherokee is the most recognized American classic SUV due to the combination of rugged utility and comforts. The jeep upgraded the stereo components, electronics, interior packages, and most importantly, the air suspension in the Grand Cherokee to ensure better performance.

The air suspension provides a comfortable and smooth ride for both driver and passengers. But, after some time, the user notices the jeep grand Cherokee air suspension problems. 

You need to look to find out the issue and know the possible way to the suspension issue. The article will help you find out some common problems and troubleshoot air suspension issues.

Where is the air compressor located?

The air suspension air compressor is located on the passenger side of the engine. So, you will get it below the cargo floor behind the rear seats. If you are still confused, do not forget to check the car manual.

How do you know if your jeep grand Cherokee air suspension is bad?

If you find that your jeep is riding very low and the ride is not smooth, it might be time to look at your suspension. Also, you will notice that the jeep will be bouncing around. 

You also find some additional symptoms like a noisier and rougher ride. You might also notice sloppy handling when over bumps and cornering.

How to fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension Problems

Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a quadra lift suspension with much more complex systems than other air suspensions.

As a result, your grand Cherokee might face the suspension issue for plenty of reasons. Here are a few common reasons which you may face.

For long interval

If you do not drive your car for a longer time, like about a month, then you will find a message as “Service Air Suspension Immediately“. This problem occurs most of the time in the winter as the lift system gets stuck.

You can easily fix the issue all on your own. If the message pops up most of the time, it does not mean your Quadra-Lift system has a problem. You can fix the issue by just resetting the system and clearing the codes. 

How to reset the air suspension on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Step 1:  First, you need to pull out the positive and negative battery cable for around 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2: Then, disconnect the below fuses:

  1. F05 Air Suspension Compressor
  2. F50 Air Suspension Mod
  3. F87 Air TT/Susp

Step 3: Now, connect all the fuses which you removed in step 2. Also, connect the positive and negative battery cables.

Step 4: Start your jeep after connecting everything properly and wait for around 8 to 10 minutes.

Step 5: Check the quadra lift system. For this, change the ride height. 

You can take your jeep to the service center if you find the above procedures complicated. They will inspect the issue and help you to solve the error message.

Quadra-Lift suspension leak

The leakage issue in the quadra lift suspension is so common with jeeps. You will find that the front of the car will be lower than its actual position.

The upper guard is pretty much touching the wheel due to this issue.

The simplest way to diagnose the issue is by checking the suspension system. If the system has an issue, you need to wiggle the air hose and hear an air blown-out noise.

You need to change the air hose to fix the issue. For this, check out the below video if you have some mechanical knowledge. Otherwise, contact a professional mechanic. He will do the rest.

Air suspension parts issue

Another possible reason for the air suspension issue is that its parts fail to operate. Here are some possible parts issues:

Broken air spring: Most of the time, you will face an air suspension issue due to the airbag spring.

The airbag spring has soft rubber components which tear, wear out over time, and need to be replaced.

Compressor: Your jeep air suspension also has a compressor, just like a vehicle’s air conditioning system.

It can wear out over time when it needs to work harder than usual. Most of the time, it happens when your suspension operates perfectly. 

Also, you need to check the airlines and air dryer of your air suspension, and if they wear out, then you need to replace them.

Can you drive with bad air suspension?

If you have a car with bad air suspension, then it can be possible to drive with them. However, some risks come along with driving in such conditions.

So, It is not recommended to drive with a problematic air suspension.

There are risks associated with driving with bad air suspension like:

  • You might lose control of the vehicle due to the shaking and bouncing that occurs during normal driving. 
  • The gas mileage may decrease significantly if the engine has to work harder than usual to keep up with the movements of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to fix air suspension?

Air suspension repair costs vary depending on the type of system and work required to fix it.

If you want to replace the entire jeep grand Cherokee air suspension system, then you need to spend around $1,199 to $2,547. Also, you need to pay around $177 to $223 for labor charges.

The price range may vary according to the number and age of the Grand Cherokee.

Final words

The air suspension of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mechanical system that has been a great improvement over the previous years. It provides you with a comfortable ride in any road condition.

But, air suspension problems are very common for jeep grand Cherokees. You might get stuck on the road due to the issue. It is better to know why the problems occur and their solution.

I hope the above guide will help you learn more about it.

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