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Fixing Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port Issues: Step-by-Step Guide

A quite common problem is that a Jeep Grand Cherokee USB to stops working. It is not a vital issue. A blown fuse is to blame for the Jeep Grand Cherokee USB port not working.

The typical reasons for Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Stop Working are defective cable, broken fuse, improper connections, damaged cables worng ports, etc.

In this article, I am going to talk about everything related to the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s USB and how to fix a malfunctioning USB.

What Are the Signs of a Non-Functional USB Port?

There are a few symptoms that you may encounter if your Jeep Grand Cherokee USB to stops working. Device not connecting, device not detecting, device connecting and disconnecting right away, these are the basic signs of a malfunctioning USB port.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, you might have a broken USB port and you should look into it.

  • Device not connecting
  • Device fails to be detected
  • Device connecting but not showing up
  • Not charging

What Are the Reasons for Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Not Working?

There is a lot that may go wrong when it comes to technological issues. However, there is no reason to be concerned. You’ll feel a lot more confident diagnosing and fixing the problem yourself if you understand how to manage it.

Typical Reasons of Jeep Grand Cherokee USB malfunction:

  • Defective cable
  • Broken Fuse
  • Improper connection
  • Outdated firmware
  • Wrong cable
  • Damaged cables
  • Wrong ports

How to Fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port?

Check the fuse if the USB port on your Jeep Cherokee isn’t working. Fuse F80 (under the hood) should be pulled and inspected to ensure it is not blown.

Replace the fuse after roughly 30 seconds of leaving it out. If it doesn’t work, try putting the car in ACC mode for a soft reset.

For 30 seconds, hold the green phone button and the VR button together. Ignore any suggestions you may get. Turn off the Jeep by releasing the buttons.

For 30 seconds, open the driver’s door. Close the door and turn on the ignition. This should fix the USB port if it is any firmware issue.

There might be some other problems like damaged cables, broken ports, and wrong cables. Therefore check for these too. If the port is broken, replacing it with a new hub will fix the issue.

What is the Cost of Fixing the Jeep Grand Cherokee Non-Functional USB Port?

You must have a good understanding or overview of the expected expenses before planning or opting to replace the present USB HUB in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Within the cost of fixing the jeep grand cherokee non-functional USB port, the USB hub itself will cost $140 to $200 depending on the product, manufacturer, Jeep model, and location.

For your convenience, I have shortlisted a few USB hubs for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Product NamePrice
Mopar Grand Cherokee Connector Hub SD USB Port Auxiliary 68323663AE$140.71
Genuine Mopar Hub Media Center 68323663AE$146.95
Mopar Grand Cherokee Connector Hub SD USB Port Auxiliary 68323663AE$195

How Often Does a USB Port Go Bad on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee USB does not go bad very often but there are some factors that apply to the USB port itself.

The standard connections were made to be more durable than previous connectors. Because USB connections are hot-swappable, they will be used more often and with less care than earlier connectors.

The standard USB receptacle has a rated lifetime of 1,500 cycles of insertion and removal, the mini-USB receptacle has a rated lifetime of 5,000 cycles. Whereas the newer Micro-USB and USB-C receptacles have a rated lifetime of 10,000 cycles.

To do this, a locking device was installed, and the leaf spring was transferred from the jack to the plug, putting the most stressed element of the connection on the cable side.

This alteration was intended to ensure that the connection on the less costly cable would take the brunt of the abuse.

An nearby plastic tongue protects the electrical contacts in a USB connection in standard USB, and the complete connecting assembly is normally covered by an enclosing metal shell.

Before any of the internal pins, the plug’s shell makes contact with the receptacle. To dissipate static energy and insulate the wires within the connection, the shell is usually grounded.

Final Words

Jeep Grand Cherokee USB port is a very convenient feature that we do not care about much until it stops working or something goes wrong. It is not difficult or costly to troubleshoot when a Jeep Grand Cherokee USB to stops working.

Therefore, if you are facing any issues with the center USB hub of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is best to get it checked and replace the hub if necessary.

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