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Honda 300ex Top Speed, Specs and Features (Explained)

Honda is known in the auto business for its outstanding production quality, and it never made sacrifices on it. The 300EX is an example of a high-quality made product that offers a thrilling off-road experience for ATV riders.

Honda unexpectedly discontinued the 300EX in 2009, replacing it with the TRX300X. However, It maintained the quality during the entire production run from 1993 to 2008. Now under different names, the 300EX, in 2021, will have the most updated features than those in 2008.

This year’s Honda 300EX features a powerful and stable 282cc air-cooled four-stroke engine that hasn’t changed since 1992. From kick start to keyed electric start, reverse gear, automatic chain for back movement, strong tire, and brake for wheelie fun, and plenty of other features for the best ATV experience.

Read below to learn more details about the Honda 300ex Top Speed, Specs, Review, and other related things.

About Honda 300ex

First manufactured in 1993 by Honda, 300EX is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It is introduced as an updated version of TRX250X, which is the only sport ATV for beginners and adults and is still available in the market.

Although 300EX has remained mostly the same throughout the years, it has fulfilled the expectations of ATV lovers for the 17 years after its inception and until Honda stopped its production. 

In 2008, Honda quit production of the 300EX model. Surprisingly, aside from color differences, Honda did not change the majority of 300EX; instead, only the model name was changed.

You would find the same ATV with the same 282cc 4-stroke engine and other features under TRX300x. One piece of good news for 300EX fans is that, because the model has been on the market for so long and has sold so many, there are still plenty of secondhand models available.

Honda 300ex Specs & Features:

TRX300X replaced Honda 300EX in 2008, which is no longer available in the market. The engine and other features of 300EX remain the same. So the features we are going to describe are applicable for both the latest and old model of ATV. 


The latest Honda 300EX is equipped with a four-stroke power cycle single-cylinder SOHC air-cooled 282cc engine. Honda is the first in the ATV industry that makes this engine. It is very efficient in converting fuel energy into mechanical energy.

The engine features a 65.5-millimeter stroke and a 74-millimeter cylinder bore. The combustion system has a 32 mm piston valve with an accelerator pump. And there is 1 carburetor.


It has a single driveline mode and is 2WD or 4X2 driveline type. 300EX is equipped with a lightweight O-ring-sealed chain. There is a manual clutch and a 5-speed gearbox with reverse gear for easy backward movement. All of these components work together to ensure smooth transmission of energy to the wheels, allowing the ATV to move.


The electric starting technology is highly convenient and easy to use. The EX has a CD ignition technology that works as a pulse transfer and helps the vehicle start quickly. Furthermore, the CD ignition system is maintenance-free and extremely reliable.


The front tire of the 300EX is 22 inches in height and has a width of 7 inches with a rim diameter of 10 inches. The rear tire’s dimensions are 22 inches in height and have a width of 10 inches with a rim diameter of 9 inches. Both tires have a long service life and a good grip.


Brakes are easy to operate. The front brake is a Dual Hydraulic Disc, while the rear brake is also a hydraulic disc. Both breaks provide excellent security when driving in off-road conditions.


The frames are made of high-tensile steel, which is both lightweight and strong. The EX front suspension is a double-wishbone with dual hydraulic shocks that travels 6.7 inches and is independent of the suspension. It includes a five-position adjustable spring preload. The rear suspension uses the same single shock and 5-position spring preload as the front.


The Honda 300EX’s overall length and breadth are 67.7 and 43.5 inches, respectively. The seat height is 33.3 inches and the wheelbase is roughly 45.3 inches. The weight is around 171 kg. In addition, the 300EX has a fuel capacity of 2.2 gallons. The ground clearance measures 124 millimeters.

Additional Features

Honda offers a six-month warranty from the outset. More additional features include a helmet holder, a two-stage foam air filter, which can be washed, and a handlebar cover. The 300EX comes with a variety of accessories, including a kit, a 60/55-watt halogen lamp, a dust cover, and more.

Honda 300ex Top Speed

The Honda 300EX has a top speed of 50 miles per hour. It is a topic on which test riders have different viewpoints. The speed of the EX will vary depending on the terrain and the features the vehicle possesses.

According to a test driver, on a flat stretch of pavement, the 300EX can achieve roughly 54 miles per hour, and on a dirt road, depending on the type of dirt road, the speed drops by 5-8 miles per hour. Driving at speeds higher than 54 mph may be uncomfortable for the driver and result in negative repercussions.

However, by adjusting the aspect ratio of the gear, it is possible to drive the 300EX at 60 mph and more. Since there is a chance that GPS will display a speed that’s higher or lower than the actual MPH, before going for a test drive, it is better to test the accuracy of the GPS of Honda 300EX.

How to Increase the Honda 300ex Top Speed?

On regular terrain, the Honda 300EX has a top speed of around 50-52 mph. Adding more speed adds more value to your vehicle. For EX fans who want to boost the speed of their 300EX, we’ve listed a few ways below.

Change Sprocket’s Drive Ratio

You can boost the speed of the 300EX by changing the stock sprockets that are given. Sprockets or chain wheels consist of several teeth. To fix the drive ratio, we have to fix the rear and front sprocket sizes and then divide them to get the expected ratio. 

The 300EX’s typical speed range is 50 km/h, but it may be increased to 70 km/h by changing the front sprocket’s teeth to 15 and the rear sprocket’s teeth to 36. Also, the ideal ratio is suggested for 300EX is 14/34, which increases the speed of ATV around 65 KMH.

Increase the HorsePower

The speed can be increased by extracting more power from the engine. There are a few things you can do to increase ATV’s performance. First, make sure the engine has a free flow of air.

One of the simplest ways to gain some extra power is to upgrade the airflow intake. Second, modify the performance exhaust system. Choose the best aftermarket exhaust to reduce weight and increase efficiency.

Upgrade important parts inside the engine or Change the engine

The performance of an existing engine can be improved by changing essential internal components such as the cylinder, piston, and crankshaft. You should feel at ease disassembling and resetting the engine.

If you’re not confident in your ability to rip apart your current engine, replacing it may be the best option for you. Some probable concerns include the fact that this phase takes more investment and that you may need to hire a professional to complete this task.

Replace Heavy Parts and Reduce Drag

Some heavy copper-based parts can be replaced with lighter alternatives. It has the potential to minimize aerodynamic drag and boost the 300EX’s speed. You can modify the wheel, Thumb Throttle Assembly, compilers, and other things.

Honda 300ex – Pros and Cons:

Here you will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the Honda 300EX. Honda is a well-known and pioneering maker of ATVs, and the latest model of the 300EX is the best option for ATV lovers. The positive side of the EX has greater weight than the negative side.


  • Reverse Gear: Reverse gear is controlled by the massive red lever on the left side of the engine of the 300EX. It allows the car to move backward and maneuver more easily.
  • Little Maintenance Required: The 300EX requires extremely little maintenance because the parts are lightweight and of higher quality. It simply requires a small amount of lubrication to keep its quality.
  • Upgrades Options: In 300EX, you’ll have a lot of upgrading options. There are repair parts accessible on the market. If you want to add a more upgraded feature to run it smoothly or you may want to increase the speed of the EX, which we have discussed earlier, you will always have options for better piston, cylinder, and other parts to improve performance.
  • Gas Mileage: A new 300EX will get you 20 miles per gallon on average. Even an ATV that is a few years old gets the same MPG as a new one. It also relies on how meticulously you maintain your machines. Normally good maintenance improves the efficiency of an engine, increasing mileage and also increasing its expected life.
  • Handle: The 300EX usually travels on rocky, tight, and muddy trails, and the EX’s excellent handling makes it easier for riders to run comfortably. Moreover, this addition will ensure extra security.


  • Speed: The amount of speed you need depends on the sort of road you’re riding on. It would be preferable if the 300EX had a bit more extra speed. But you can increase the top speed.
  • Suspension: In comparison to the 400Ex, the suspension on the 300EX might be a little superior. 300EX front suspension is a double-wishbone that travels 6.7 inches whereas 400Ex Independent double-wishbone with 8.2 inches of travel
  • Height: The 300EX is a mid-size ATV and is sometimes too short for riders over 6 feet tall.  


We have compiled a few relevant questions. Knowing them would add more clarity to your understanding of 300ex.

Does Honda still make the 300ex?

No. Honda unexpectedly ceased production of the 300EX in 2008. In the same year, TRX300x was introduced, which has the same features and characteristics as the Honda 300EX. So there’s no need to be sad if you’re an EX lover.

How much horsepower does a 300ex make?

The Honda 300EX’s stock horsepower ranges from 15 to 18 hp. It’s worth noting that, because horsepower is determined by torque and other factors such as piston or cylinder maintenance, you can boost the horsepower of the EX by up to 40 by replacing internal engine parts. Additionally, greater engine maintenance ensures that the 300EX’s horsepower remains steady.

How many gears does a Honda 300EX have?

This is a unique characteristic of the EX since it features one special reverse gear in addition to four standard gears for successfully managing various types of roads. Riders may easily reverse and go back with the help of an easy-to-use reverse gear.

Is a Honda 300ex a 2 stroke?

No, it is not. Honda 300Ex has a four-stroke single-cylinder 282cc engine. And the quality and characteristics remain the same throughout the year since its inception from 1993 to now.

What is the height and weight of a Honda 300ex?

The height of Honda 300EX is 67.7 inches, which is mid-size, and the weight of 300EX is around 171 KG. The weight is not too heavy compared to other ATVs.


So there you have it: you now know everything there is to know about the Honda 300ex Top Speed, Specs, and Review. We’ve shown a few of the finest techniques for increasing the maximum speed of the Honda 300EX, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the Honda 300EX. The Honda 300EX is built specifically for use on dirt roads. One limitation is that riders under the age of 16 should not operate this model, and some municipalities have a restriction on riding the 300EX on highway roads. Overall, the TRX300EX is an excellent mid-size ATV for ATV fans.

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