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Honda CR125 Top Speed, Specs and Features (Explained)

Honda introduced the CR125 model a long time ago. It was a massive hit back then. People were going crazy for this particular model because the performance and design of this bike were unlike any other motorcycle of that era.

The CR125 could easily reach the top speed of 120 km/h without even trying. It had many brand-new features like an improved engine, eye-catching exterior, massive drivetrain, which could generate enormous power. The amazing build quality caught the attention of the masses during that time, making it so popular.

The best part of the CR125 is that it got so much popularity because of its consistent performance and durability. The visuals also had a significant impact in making it stand out more than its other competitors.

About Honda CR125

Honda CR125 is undoubtedly one of the most famous bikes to date. The engine used in this model is much shorter and punchier than most other engines running on the track.

This engine demands a rider who’s always prepared to be fast on the draw. Shifting from gear to gear is actually the best way to reap the benefits from the mid-and-up powerband.

Post-2000 versions of this bike include all the bushings and fasteners necessary for bodywork. From outer case bolts, brake hardware, drain plug washers, and some exclusive thread chasers. Also, the expansion chamber O-rings, chassis, and wheel hardware make it incredibly stylish, and the finishing also looks complete.

The bike is extremely lightweight and offers superior suspension and handling. Moreover, the engine quality is just the icing on the cake.

The entire machine is built for the rough roads. The control that this motorcycle offers is beyond compare. It’s a matter of shame that upcoming generations won’t have the luck of trying out the bike with the best-handling features made by Honda.

Honda CR125 Specs & Features-

Honda presented a fantastic motorcycle known as the CR125 at a meager price which also has a pretty high-quality chassis. All of this and the enviable reputation that Honda has for their reliability helped increase the buyers’ engagement to a large number.

Those who had a thing for the vintage models and loved to own the “old-fashioned” designs did enjoy keeping it in their collection. Because the 2007 CR125 had terrific features and a brand-new addition that made it a thoroughly competent and powerful dirt bike.


The CR125 comes with a 125-cc engine. This particular engine is equivalent to about 7.8 cubic inches. Modern riders might consider this engine tiny, but honestly, this little engine could zip the entire bike around with ease.

This model had a two-stroke engine with a single-cylinder. Also, a unique liquid-cooled engine feature made it more efficient.


The brand-new version of CR125 has been living up to the hype. And it was all possible for its fantastic build quality.

This beast of a machine has its power transferred via a four-speed transmission. There’s also a functioning chain drive that helps improve its performance.


CR125 has a unique ignition system that’s known as CDI. It’s basically a digital ignition system that has a 3D mapping feature. This system is fully transistorized, which means it’s totally dependent on electronics.


Tires that are used in the CR125 are staggeringly robust and durable. The rims on the front tires on the ’83 model had a dimension of 90/80-21, and the rear ones were 130/80-18. Such a structure is required chiefly for dirt bikes like CR125 as they have to endure extreme conditions.


In the classic 1983 model, the same brakes were used for both wheels. That was the Expanding Brake (drum brake).

However, in the 2022 model, they attempted to do something different and replaced the front drum brake with a 220 mm hydraulic disk. They kept the rear one the same as the classic model.


One of the main reasons this dirt bike is so comfortable is its structure. The wheelbase of the 2022 model is 48 inches. The seat is also of the perfect height, which is about 29.1 inches.

Another great thing about this model is that it has proper ground clearance as well that measures around 8.3 inches.


The CR125 is a very small and low-displacement bike. Dirt bike riders always look for a bike that offers maximum responsiveness and maneuverability.

Honda was on point with the design of this beautiful machine. This motorbike’s compact structure and lightweight design helped achieve its true personality.

Honda CR125 Top Speed

The CR125 is an excellently made motocross bike developed by Honda. The average weight of the CR125 is around 200 lbs.

Moreover, this bike is equipped with only one cylinder that’s enough for its two-stroke motor. The immense power that the engine of this bike produces efficiently reaches the maximum peak output. The CR125 model can reach the top speed of 120.0 km/h, which is about 74.6 mph, with ease.

How to Increase the CR125 Top Speed?

The overall speed of a bike depends on a lot of variables. These variables are equally important in setting the speed of the bike. You can also adjust any specific variable to get better output from the bike.

Some of the methods for increasing the top speed of the CR125 are mentioned here:

Weight Loss

Excessive weight can often result in a lag in the overall performance of a vehicle, and this is undoubtedly one of the major factors that result in the reduction of the top speed and mileage of your bike. For example, a lightweight person riding this bike can quickly reach a better top speed than a heavier rider could achieve.

A certain amount of power gets used up in pulling the extra weight. So, an excellent suggestion would be to get rid of heavier parts of the bike that aren’t very crucial as that’ll help you improve your bike’s performance on the road.

Air Filter

The best way to boost the performance of your motorcycle is by using the best air filter suitable for your bike.

Moreover, this particular extension is not that expensive either. It helps provide more air to the engine and ensures proper combustion of the fuel. This results in the production of more power.

Carburetor Tuning

Bikes that use carburetors are straightforward to use and far more convenient to tune as one’s preference. The results are astonishingly more outstanding than most other bikes and smoother too. Not just that, you can also find pre-tuned carburetors on the market that can be used for your bike.

The carburetor works best after combining a proper exhaust system and air filter. Some of these modifiers even boost your engine performance. However, that’s not the case with entry-level motorcycles.


Another method of increasing the top speed of a motorcycle is by setting the gearing to the same type. A proper combination of both sprockets can give you reasonable top speed and faster acceleration. Increasing the number of teeth will definitely make a huge difference.

To be specific, a more prominent rear sprocket results in quicker acceleration. That’s also achievable if you use a smaller front sprocket.

However, doing the opposite will put the focus on the top speed. It would be best to remember that doing all of this won’t improve the engine’s power output but will only affect how that power is used while riding.

Honda CR125  – Pros and Cons:

When discussing a particular topic, we must consider all the good sides and sides we deem negative. CR125 might seem to be a perfectly made bike, but to tell you the truth, some negative points do come up when discussing the specs of this bike.


  • Suspension: CR125 bikes have a very smooth suspension system that’s suitable for the general function of this bike. The operation of these bikes is very straightforward and requires proper suspension. And the suspension that this bike offers is just simply unique. Also, it’s suitable for riders of all types.
  • Reliability: The CR125 has a very sturdy design and is quite reliable too. If taken proper care, they can easily last two seasons without breaking any sweat. So, you can relax and stop worrying about it as it’ll last much longer than you expect.
  • Components: Honda has introduced a unique and brand-new clutch perch along with a set of aluminum handlebars with the CR125. Both the utilities have helped improve the performance of the bike. And it’s pretty hard to complain about the products of Honda as they’ve always provided the best ones even to this day.
  • Ergonomics: As we’re talking about the best things about the CR125, we must mention the handlebar structure. The bend on the handlebar is just perfect.

Also, the positioning of the footpegs is just in the right place. This latest version of CR125 has a seat that’s way more improved and far better than the previous ones. Also, you’ll notice that all the bolts are adequately sized too.


  • The grips: Honda is very popular for the top-notch quality of its grips. However, recently they’ve somehow ended up downgrading the uncompromising quality and even have a chance of shredding hands.

  • Engine: A piece of sad news regarding Honda is that they’ve spent a large portion of their money on improving the designs of the 2004 model engine.

Honestly, it’s a matter of the fact that band-aiding over any previous technique doesn’t offer a desirable result. What they could’ve done was start afresh from blank paper and build a new design from scratch.

  • Rear brake: Another negative thing about the CR125 is that the brake draggers of this model aren’t of outstanding quality. They tend to overheat the rear brake, resulting in the deformation of tires and even brake failure.

However, if you don’t plan to drive so harshly, this shouldn’t bother you that much.


How much does a CR125 cost?

The base price of the 2022 CR125 is around $3,649. However, the total price can increase to nearly $4,000 if the destination charge, freight surcharges, and other costs are added to the base price.

Is a CR125 a 2 stroke?

Yes, CR125 is a 2-stroke motorcycle. When Honda introduced CR125 in 1973, the top speed of this bike was 60 mph at max. At that time, it also contained a two-stroke motor, just like it does now.

How fast is a Honda CR125?

The engine of the Honda CR125 is a beast and can produce a tremendous amount of power. With the staggering power generated by this drivetrain, the Honda CR125 can seamlessly reach the top speed of 120.0 km/h.

How much HP does a CR125 have?

Honda CR125 has a powerful drivetrain that allows it to produce immense power. Because of this, it can generate around 31.00 HP, which is almost equal to 22.6 kW. This large amount of energy can be utilized and produce about 11000 RPM speed.

What is the height and weight of CR125?

The CR125 has a height of 1,278 mm, which is about 50.3 inches. The seat height is around 947 mm. That’s about 37.3 inches. Its height is not too much and can be handled easily. The dry weight of this bike is near the 150 lbs. mark.


It’s not true that CR125 is only used for dirt bike racing. These bikes are also used for everyday purposes too. As it reaches up to a very high top speed, it can be used to travel to faraway places in a much shorter time.

So, even if you aren’t a dirt bike racer, you can consider getting a Honda CR125 and check it out for yourself!

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