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Honda CRF 150: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

The Honda CRF150 is an excellent bike for off-road adventure lovers. But is this bike worth it? What features make this bike stand out from the rest of its competition. Read below to know more.

The Honda CRF150L is not just an off-road racing bike; it has the speed and characteristics to compete in the dirt-bike category. It has come with a 149cc liquid-cooled engine with a Unicam valvetrain. This motocrosser has a 5-speed transmission and weighs roughly 185 pounds, making it a lightweight and well-balanced bike.

When it comes to features, the Honda CRF150 is full of it. So, without much ado, lets us get straight into a full review of the Honda CRF150.

About Honda CRF150

Honda’s CRF150 Model is a Motocross Class Motorcycle produced by Honda. This motorcycle comes with a four-stroke, water-cooled, single-cylinder, 149cc engine. While riding, you will feel tremendous power and impressive control, all thanks to the powerful engine and balanced weight.

The Honda CRF 150, the successor to the Honda XR series, was released in 2003. The 150 is a bike for beginners to expert riders, whether teenagers or adults. The manufacturing lasted till 2017. However, after a brief hiatus, Honda intends to reintroduce this mid-sized dirt bike in 2022.

Even though the design remained the same till 2005, Honda redesigned the bike in 2006 with a more powerful engine. Yet, the most significant upgrades are anticipated for the 2022 mode.

Honda CRF 150 Specs & Features:

The Honda CRF 150 comes with impressive features that make this bike a popular choice among riders of different age groups.


The Honda CRF150 has a 4-stroke Unicam engine derived from the larger CRF450R. It has a 149cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, an accelerator pump, a Keihin 32mm flat slide carburetor, and a throttle position sensor. The compression ratio is 11.7:1 and 7.2 Litres of fuel capacity. Additionally, the bore and the stroke come at a dimension of 66.0 and 43,7 mm, respectively.


The power comes from a 5-speed manual gearbox with a 420 O-ring-sealed chain, 13T/48T. So, you will never run out of sufficient power from this bike.


CRF150 has a solid-state CDI ignition system. This implies that the capacitor may be fully charged in as little as 1ms.


There shouldn’t be any compromise with tires for dirt bikes, and Honda made sure that the CRF150 got everything it needed. It has a front tire size of 70/100-17 Dunlop MX51 and a rear tire size of 90/100-14 Dunlop MX51. Additionally, the front spoke rim is 17 inches and 14 inches at the rear.


In all the braking tests, Honda CFR150 got an accurate and perfect breaking. This is all due to the dual disc brakes system. The front has a 220 mm single disc brake, and the back has a 190 mm single disc brake.


The 2021 Honda CRF 150 has a height of 44.6 inches with a length and width of 72.1 inches and 39.0 inches, respectively. You will find the wheelbase is 49.6 inches and has a seat height of 32.8 inches. The ground clearance is 11.9 inches, and the curb weight is around 185 pounds.


Honda dirt bikes are known for their suspension system. The front suspension has a Showa 37 mm leading-axle cartridge fork which allows front tire travel of 10.8 inches.

Along with that, the rare comes with a fully adjustable, Pro-Link single shock suspension that allows 10.7 inches of travel. The suspension travel is very impressive, considering the size of the bike. You will be able to ride the bike with ease, even on bumpy roads.


It features a track-designed chassis built of a high-strength steel framework that is also incredibly lightweight. So riding this bike will be as simple as slicing an apple pie.


Mileage is something that is often disregarded when looking for sports/dirt and adventure off-road bikes. But, for some riders, mileage can be a deal-breaker. To our surprise, the CRF 150 was able to give us 40 Km/L, and for such a high-speed adventure bike, this mileage is remarkable.

Honda CRF 150 Top Speed

The horsepower of the Honda CRF 150 is one of the standout features of this bike. The power output is 23.8 horsepower at 12500 rpm with a torque output of 14.10 Nm at 10000 pm. In our raw test and in the pure stock condition, the high-performing Unicam engine gave us a top speed of 66 mph.

Sprocket always plays a vital role in achieving the high speed of any bike. Hence this motocrosser has a 15T front sprocket and 50T rear sprocket, which further pushes the engine to produce high speed and smooth acceleration.

How to Increase the Honda CRF 150 Top Speed?

Most professional riders are unhappy with their current bike speed and want to increase it even more. So, if you are in this category and want to increase the speed of Honda CRF 150, this is for you.

Install Jetting

Get a 42 or 45 pilot jetting for your CRF150. When it comes to how your dirt bike runs, jetting is crucial.

When it comes to how your dirt bike runs, jetting is crucial. If your 150R is challenging to start when chilly or has a clog at lower RPM, the pilot jet is likely too lean. A popular repair is to upgrade from a 38 factory pilot jet to a 42 or 45.

You’ll enjoy more incredible throttle response and quicker starts, and more throttle response means more power.

Better Suspension

The smoother suspension also means more speed for the CFR150. Firstly, you must select the appropriate shock absorber for your size and riding style. You’ll probably require firmer fork springs and a stronger rear diff spring if you’re an adult.

After that, change the sag to get the desired riding height. Then you simply change the clickers and fine-tune the oil weights and height to achieve the desired sensation. As soon as you finish repairing the suspension, you will notice that the bike has greater speed and power.

Snorkel Removal

To increase the speed of your CRF 150, you must make a few scarifications. One such sacrifice is the removal of the snorkel. The default airbox has a snorkel lid. This is to assist dust and wetness from entering, but it also limits the quantity of air that can enter.

Hence, if you remove this snorkel cover, it will enable more air to enter. Thus, increasing the potential for more power.

Exhaust System

The next step up would be an entire aftermarket exhaust system. When correctly jetted, it will not only sound better, but it will also have greater power and improved throttle response.

Some of the greatest aftermarket exhaust systems for the Honda CRF 150 are A Pro Circuit exhaust system, Big Gun, and others. These exhaust systems are reasonably priced, of high quality, and provide an improved performance above the factory.

Replacing Camshaft

Replacing a camshaft is a bit difficult, and you should have proper knowledge before replacing the camshaft in the CRF 150. The standard cam is tiny and slow, which is ideal for regular long drives. 

However, there is an undoubtedly greater possibility when the appropriate cam is used in conjunction with a suitably sized engine and carb. Our suggestion is to go for  Web Racing Cams to take the speed to another level.

Honda CRF 150 – Pros and Cons:

Is the Honda CRF 150 the perfect bike without any flaws? Technically that’s impossible for any bike, and it ought to have some flaws. the pros and cons will give you a much better idea of whether this bike is for you or not.


  • Awesome Design: The design of the dirt bike is often skipped and disregarded. But, aesthetics do matter, and we simply love the design of the Honda CRF 150. It comes in an array of different colors, with the combination of red and black being the best ones. This color scheme adds to the aggressive design of this bike.
  • Great Suspension Travel: The front wheel has a suspension travel of 10.8 inches, and the back wheel has a travel of 10.7 inches. No matter what sort of bumpy roads you are traveling, the CRF 150 has got you covered with smooth suspension and travel.
  • High Ground Clearance: You will expect to give wheelies and do stunts with a dirt bike, which is more than suitable for that. All thanks to the high ground clearance. This high ground clearance means you can jump from very high positions with this bike.


  • Saddle height is high: The saddle height is quite high and nonadjustable. So, if you are a small rider, this is not the bike for you.
  • The bore is quite big: Even though we enjoyed riding this bike, the bore length is quite big compared to other bikes in this 150cc range. Hence, first-time users who are used to riding a slim motorcycle can have a tough time with the CRF 150.


Let’s check the frequently asked questions related to the Honda CRF 150.

How much does a CFR 150 Cost?

The 2021 model will cost you around %5000-$5200 in brand new condition. However, you will be able to find older models at a cheaper price range of $3000-$4000.The price and release date of the 2022 model is yet to become out.

Is a Honda CFR150R a 4 stroke?

Yes, the Honda CFR150R comes with a 149cc 4-stroke engine.

What’s the difference between CFR150R and CFR150F?

They are the same bike variants of the same model. The only difference is the design language, where the CFR150F is a trail bike, and the CFR150R is a motocross bike.

How many gears does a CRF150F have?

The CRF 150F is a five-speed manual transmission bike, which means it has 5 gears in total.

How tall is a CRF150F big wheel?

The CRF big wheel has a seat height of 32.8 inches, and the wheelbase is 52.3 inches.

What are the height and weight of Honda CRF 150?

The height is 44.6-46.1 inches depending on the model you opt for, and the weight is 185-187 lbs.


The Honda CRF 150 has been here for the last 19 years, and the 2022 model has an overhauled design that appears to be pretty interesting. If powered by a powerful four-stroke Unicam engine, you will never run out of power.

Sturdy frame, aggressive looks, and unique features are what make this bike stand, making this a popular choice for beginners and expert motocross riders.

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