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Honda CRF150R Top Speed, Specs and Features (Explained)

Racing is the most fun when you are a teenager. But guess what? Most dirt bikes are designed keeping adults in mind. As a result, teenagers struggle a lot trying to fit into those big-wheelers.

Before you curse the manufacturers for neglecting kids, hear us out. If you are looking for a teenager or beginner-friendly racing partner, the CRF150R is ready to have you. You will be surprised that it is one of the rare models manufactured for riders between 12 to 16 years.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Here we will not just talk about the crf150r top speed, Specs, and Review, but we will also elaborate on each feature and help you identify who is suitable for this bike

So, without wasting any more time, Get, Set, and Go!

Honda CRF150R- Specs and Features:

1. Engine

The CRF150R trail bike comes with a cylinder four-stroke engine. As the name suggests, it participates in four different functions: intake, exhaust, compression, and combustion. The intake and exhaust ensure a regulated flow of gas into the chamber.

The combustion in the engine creates burnt gas. These burnt gas are harmful to the engine and can cause damage due to overheating or unbalanced pressure.

Now, these two functions are missing in the traditional two-stroke engine. That’s why a four-stroke engine is more reliable, especially for beginners. Since the CRF150R dwells into the supermini class, it is understandable to have a four-stroke cylinder engine than a high-power two-stroke one.

Plus, the four-stroke engine doesn’t require frequent maintenance and oil cleaning, unlike its counterpart.  Can you imagine how great of convenience it is when you start trailing on the bike and don’t have to struggle to maneuver it on the rough patches?

2. Compression Ratio

Compression ratio refers to the volume of the fuel cylinder when the piston rests at the top vs. the volume after the piston hits bottom. As the piston moves up and down within the chamber, it creates combustion. In this way, whatever input you give to the engine will be multiplied and turned into energy and then speed.

An average compression ratio lies between 8:1 to 10:1. For the CRF150R, we get a compression ratio of 11.7:1. It is higher than most of the bikes in its category. So, does this higher ratio benefit the user in any way?

Of course, it does. A higher compression ratio means you can get more ignition with less fuel. Or, we can say, the amount of fuel in the tank will last longer because of higher efficiency. That’s a must-have feature for any racing bike.

3. Transmission

The drive train consists of a close-ratio five-speed transmission. Close-ratio transmission is preferable to the users if we are talking about racing and all that stuff.

The differences between the gear size are minimal, and so is the ratio. As a result, when we move between the gears, the RPM drop is lower. It is an essential quality that keeps the fuel consumption at an economic level on track.

People who ride on the street are more fond of wide-ratio transmission because of the higher acceleration. However, the CRF150R made a good choice by picking a racing-friendly gear ratio for stability during the rough mountain trails.

4. Valves

Most of the time, valves are not on our checklist when we consider a bike for buying. However, this feature can be a game-changer. Even more so, if the engine is low cc. since that’s the case with our CRF150R too (85 cc), the valve train can add a significant amount of power to this unit. Your CRF150R racing buddy offers 4 steel valves (two for intake and two for outtake).

In case you are wondering what the function of valves is anyway? Valves have two major activities: intake and outtake. We all know engines require a continuous flow of air and gas. Otherwise, the combustion will be hampered.

Intake valves let cooler air enter the chamber. On the other hand, the exhaust valves make sure the burnt gas and hot air leave the chamber fast so that it doesn’t affect the inner components of an engine. That’s pretty much it. Now the more valves you have, the better fuel efficiency you will get. In simple terms, you can do more with less fuel.

While most of the bikes on the road have two valves (one for intake and another for outtake), having a four-compartment valve train will surely be a flex.

5. Dimension

Now, let’s look at the measurements. The rake and trail size would be 27 degrees and 3.1 inches, respectively. The seat height for the 150R is measured to be 32.8″. the bike was designed for teenagers between 12 to 16 years old. Which gives us the approximate height for its riders which would be 4’10” to 5’5″.

That doesn’t mean adults have to stay away from it. In fact, this is the best tracking partner for people below the height of 5’5”. We have seen reviews of short riders who love this trail bike. You see, proper handling and maneuvering of the vehicle is the ultimate challenge on the rough terrain. And those big wheels are stubborn to handle, especially if your legs are short. Sticking to a 150R will provide you with more autonomy and flexibility on the track. Maybe that’s why even taller people are riding this with just a little seat adjustment.

The best part about the CRF150R is that you can adjust the seat any way you want using only the adjusters available—no need to get your hands on the bolts and screws. In case you want more polished work, you can seek help from a mechanic.

Besides, the weight of a fully-fueled CRF150R is around 185 pounds. That’s pretty light for a dirt bike.

6. Wheel-size

The crf150r belongs to the smaller wheel family with its seventeen inches front and fourteen inches rear wheel sizes. With bigger wheels (19 inches in the front and 16 inches in the back) the stability is increased. Because the braking distance will reduce significantly, however, bigger wheels will add more weight to the unit. It takes away the speed of a racing bike.

but the 17 inches front and 14 inches rear wheel size is perfect for acceleration during a tough race.

Besides, compact wheels are more responsive to your steering needs than bigger wheels. That’s because a 17 inches wheel requires fewer sprockets than a 20-inches one. Plus, the grip to the ground is stronger. It is extremely useful when riding on a wet surface or in the mountains.

When the ground is not smooth, or there are a lot of tight turns in the race track, smaller wheels are easy to maneuver. The energy created in the engine is scattered over a smaller surface which leads to higher per-square pressure. It leads to lower chances of accidents.

In short, it truly sticks to its reputation as the “high-speed bike.”

7. Gas Tank And Oil Capacity

And lastly, we will talk about the fuel tank capacity, which is 1.1 gallons. Normally, we see motorbikes having 2 to 3 gallons of fuel capacity. Since the CRF150R was made to run on mountains during a race, keeping the weight in mind is crucial. Even more so, because the ideal riders are below the age of 18, they wouldn’t handle a heavy unit on the rough terrain. The weight is 185 pounds with all the equipment arranged.

Honda CRF150R Top Speed

How fast can the CRf150R go per hour? Well, we saved the best for the last.

This baby has a speed of 70 mph(112 km per hour). The “R” in its name refers to racing. So we can’t say the mileage surprised us. Because we were kind of expecting speed from this trail bike. And the power it delivers is around 23.47 HP. The main factors behind its mileage are smaller wheels, a higher compression ratio, and a more complex engine.

How To Increase The Speed Of CRF150R?

There are various ways a rider can further enhance the speed of this unit. Most of the time, riders above 18 want a lightweight bike for better control. At the same time, they want more speed to gain an advantage on the race tracks. If you can relate to this, follow the methods described here.

1. Jetting: It means optimizing the carburetor holes to get the perfect air-fuel mix for the bike. Usually, the mix contains 14.7 parts of air for one part of fuel. This ratio can be increased or decreased through jetting. Once you change the nozzles in the carburetor will give you more mileage for the same amount of fuel.

2. Lubrication: Lubrication is a must if you desire to speed. The smoother you can make the chains, the better they will glide and the more speed you expect.

3. Routine Maintenance:  Routine maintenance of the fuel tank and keeping it free from burnt gas can increase speed for the 150R.

 4. Air Filter:  Having air filters contribute to the speed of your racing buddy. Though the unit comes with a 4 valve drive train, it might lose efficiency over time. Routine maintenance will be helpful in this case. Also, installing new air filters will go a long way.

Honda CRF150R Pros and Cons:


  • The crf150r is equipped with a higher fork design. It ensures you have easy steering whenever needed. On the other hand, bikers who love better stability desire a lower fork design. Since the crf150r is a full-fledged racing bike, we prefer easy steering over stability. So that’s a plus point.
  • It is a racing bike specially made for teenagers. So, you don’t have to spend hours in the garage adjusting an adult bike for your fit.
  • The bike is lightweight and very easy to handle on the trail.
  • The four-stroke one-cylinder engine makes sure every bit of the fuel is used efficiently before passing it out through the exhaust valve.
  • It provides more power and torque than an average 85 cc racing bike.
  • For shorter adults, the 150R unit will be easier to handle and trail than the adult big wheel bikes.


  • The fuel tank is smaller than most of the racing bikes. The rider will have to face disrupted rides to keep the tank full.
  • It starts to stall very easily. If you are still in the learning process, you might have difficulty maneuvering it.
  • Even though adults below 5’5″ can try this unit, it won’t be efficient if the rider’s weight is more than 120lbs.


Can An Adult Ride The CRF150R?

The ideal riders of this unit are between 12 to 16 years. It is a kid’s bike, as people like to call it. However, the excellent torque and power efficiency have made it popular among adults. With some adjustments, an adult can trail-ride on this baby perfectly fine.

How Much Weight Can A CRF150R Hold?

It says on the manual that the CRF150R can hold a rider weighing 80 to 120 pounds. We do not deny the fact. But if you weigh 150 pounds, you should make some modifications before using it as a trail bike. Since the suspension is designed to keep teenagers’ weight in mind, the bike might not handle aggressive riding.

Is The CRF150R Will Be A Good Beginner Bike?

For a more refined racing experience, the CRF series have 125 or 250R units. However, they are not appropriate for a beginner. On the other hand, the CRf150R will be a good choice for someone still learning small jumps.


The CRF150R is a compact size trail-bike with a powerful and complex engine. Riders tend to avoid it when they hear it belongs to the “kids” category. But trust us, once you dive deeper into the details, you can’t resist yourself riding it once.

So that was our take on the crf150r top speed, Specs, and Review. We hope you enjoyed it and got your doubts cleared.

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