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Honda CRF250R: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

“The new 2022 CRF250R is our strongest CRF250R ever.”- Honda Production Team.

The 2022 Honda Crf250r is arguably one of the best dirt bikes and an absolute game-changer. This is so because it features massive improvements from the previous generations in the Honda motorbike collection. The outstanding new features which put it at the winning edge include:

Engineering Features

  • Nine-Plate Clutch Assembly
  • Big Bore/Short Stroke

Technology Features

  • HRC Launch Control
  • Electric Start

Performance Features

  • More Midrange Torque and Power
  • Fuel Injection System

Handling Features

  • Revised Frame Rigidity
  • Showaⓡ Spring Fork

Comfort Features

  • Black Rims
  • Lower Seat/Narrower Body

All these features are put together to make the CRF250R a must-have for every racer. Here, I will show you the detailed specs and features of this classic bike, relevant reviews, and answer the common questions that pop up about what makes this bike a true masterpiece.

I started with the features because, to me— and I’m pretty sure to every other owner who has taken a spin on this bike—is what distinguishes it from the rest.

However, to set the stage for what we are about to explore, let’s take a quick ride into the story behind the CRF250R bike.

About Honda CRF250R

The Honda CRF series is a collection of four-stroke motocross, trail, and dual-sport motorcycles built and sold by Honda. The CRF line was launched in 2000 to further the Honda CR series.

The full-sized motocross bikes are engineered with liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engines from 149 ccs (9.1 cu in) to 449 ccs (27.4 cu in.)

CRF250R is Honda’s most competitive, durable, and formidable 249.4cc race machine to date. A big improvement has been made to this bike’s engine, giving it tremendous power and torque at lower level revs and in the midrange.

The Honda CRF250R this year aimed to improve the engine and make it  Lighter, Stronger, and Faster. Honda was looking to reduce some weight and put extra energy into its step up to become a worthy competitor in the 250 motocross class of dirt bikes, and that’s why they went from 12 bolts to 8 bolts in total to couple the body parts together. It looks and has many similar features to the 450 but with some major upgrades.

The 250 class is all about horsepower. And horsepower is what sets the tone for every riding experience. Anyone who’s ever handled a bike on a race track understands that there’s a lot more to it than that. Where your bike generates power is critical to how much power it can potentially release.

And beautifully enough, that’s where the 2022 Honda CRFⓇ250R race bike is revolutionary. Let’s take a quick look at its specs and features…

Honda CRF250R- Specs and Features:

  • The Nine-Disc Clutch Assembly: Farewell to clutch fade – The CRF250R comes with a nine-plate clutch design to enhance durability and hook up. In other words, at peak horsepower, there will be less slip, improved torque transmission through the clutch pack, and increased longevity. As a plus, the clutch pull is light and delivers an excellent engagement feel.
  • Revised Frame Rigidity: Huge changes have been made in the 2022 CRF250R’s chassis: First, it’s super light- 229lbs to be exact– which is half more lightweight than the previous generations. Honda claimed that the 2022 CRF250R dropped 8lbs off of last year’s model.

Narrowing the primary spars helps to save weight because it gives the bike a body structure that’s flexible and smooth to handle. Still, more importantly, it makes the chassis more responsive by calibrating the lateral rigidity designed for a bike that gets into, around, and out of corners.

  • More Midrange Torque and Power: Keeping the CRF250R within the parameters of the powerband is one sure way to enjoy every ride you take on this bike. A redesigned cam, improved valve timing, an innovative press-fit cam sprocket, and new and precise ignition timing are all featured on the 2022 CRF250R. These add-ons augment the midrange torque and power, giving you the unfair advantage you deserve.
  • Single-Muffler Exhaust System: The muffler was built with a pressed-alloy architecture for optimum rider ergonomics and lightness. The CRF250R uses a single-pipe header in combination with the single muffler. It extends from the rear of the bike to the center, plus the light overall construction helps in balanced weight distribution. It also enables you to move more freely on the bike, especially during a whip.
  • HRC Launch Control: To select a mode, all you have to do is press the button at the handle and hold the throttle open, release the clutch, and leave the rest to the CRF250 as it launches you into the first turn with a huge advantage. Your bike literally becomes a holeshot-seeking machine!
  • Downdraft Intake and Exhaust Layout: The CRF250R’s intake and exhaust tracts are straightened out thanks to the DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshaft) cylinder head design. The intake is short and nearly arrow straight, and the exhaust works more effectively as a result. The modified ports also aid in increasing low- and mid-range torque. throttle response.

Also, built inside the CRF250R bike framework is the fuel injector positioned at an angle of 60 degrees. The fuel injector’s primary function is to spray fuel to the throttle butterfly. This makes the engine cooler, with a denser fuel charge for more power and better torque. Upgrades like these ones place the CRF250R at the forefront.

  • Engine Mode Select Button: The buttons located at the handlebar lets you switch between engine power functions at the punch of a button to select either standard, smooth, or aggressive engine performance, depending (of course) on the track condition and your personal preference.
  • Shared Engine/Gearbox Lubrication: The CRF250R uses a common oiling system for the engine and transmission. Why? Because merging the two systems saves weight and makes the engine more functionally compact, especially when the right-side cam drive and clutch are close together.
  • Electric Start: TThe electric starter on the CRF250R 2022 is simple to use. It’s the ideal solution for restarting a stalled bike during a hot race because all you have to do is push a button and your bike is back on track!
  • Showa Spring Fork: The Showa fork features a conventional spring design that improves the CRF250R’s front-end precision, handling, and overall feel. A classic feel and supple motion are also provided by the 39mm piston diameter and 25mm rod diameter. The new suspension setup puts you in command of your bike and keeps you linked to it.
  • Titanium Fuel Tank: In the 250 class, no gram is spared; every gram matters, which is why the CRF250R’s fuel tank is made of titanium. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting, and it’s also thinner than previous generations’ plastic units, freeing up more room and centralizing fuel mass.
  • Short Swingarm: The short swingarm not only helps to make the bike lighter, but it also helps to reduce unsprung mass and improve rear-wheel traction. The low rear shock, which is situated on the rear frame, helps to keep the center of gravity low and the chassis stable.

Honda CRF250R Top Speed

The Honda CRF250R is a beast on wheels and an absolute winner for racers who are ready to go all the way. With a top speed of 67 mph in stock gearing, this bike has a maximum power output of 39HP. However, if you adjust the gearing, you can easily get up to 100mph out of it.

The engine offers smooth power delivery, a sweet spot for a wide range of rider experiences on the race track. Its new fuel-injected engine is more reliable, consumes less fuel, and offers a great deal of power and torque.

Some owners mentioned that the CRF250R is a super cool bike and compared to all 250s and 450s they’ve ridden, it is the best cornering motorcycle out there, bar none!

Because when you come into corners and sharp bends, the bike just lays over for you; you just get off the gas and let your momentum take you through, and the bike seamlessly does what you want it to.

The ability to accelerate out of turns and corners, the acceleration, everything that has to do with riding a sportbike; it’s just a thrill, it’s visceral, you feel it in your soul. Also, due to its lightweight, it’s unlikely that the rider’s weight would slow the CRF250R down in getting to max speed.

There’s still room for improvement with all that said about the CRF250R, right? Here are suggestions on making your CRF250R better and more fun to ride!

How To Improve The Honda CRF250R’s Speed?

The 2022 Honda CRF250R is a complete package because it comes with many great improvements from the factory that only a few (if any) tweaks need to be made to boost its performance. Anyway, small adjustments make a very profound impact on this bike because the changes are extremely sensitive.

These suggestions are from vet expert level riders but can also be useful to the beginner and midlevel riders too. So, without further ado, let’s see some changes you can make to rev up the CRF250R dirt bike and have more fun riding it!

Showa Spring Forks: The forks on the 2022 CRF250R have been reported to be stiff, so lowering the fork oil height in increments-settling on 20cc allows the bike to turn much better and softens up the initial part of the stroke. However, for hardcore racing, we suggest following MXA’s recommended 2022 CRF250 fork configuration (Stock settings are in parentheses):

Spring rate: 4.8 N/mm

Compression: 7 clicks out (12 clicks out)

Rebound: 11 clicks out (13 clicks out)

Fork-leg height: 5mm

Heads up: The Showa forks are sensitive to just one click. When you make any adjustments, bear in mind that changes to the front affect the rear and vice versa.

Showa Shock Settings: The shock was good for most riders with the stock settings. Although, depending on the rider’s weight, you can lower or raise the in-motion ride height by adjusting the high-speed compression. For hardcore racing, these are MXA’s recommended 2022 CRF250 shock settings (stock settings are in parentheses):

Spring rate: 50 N/mm

Race sag: 105mm

Hi-compression: 2-1/4 turns out (2-1/6 turns out)

Lo-compression: 6 clicks out

Rebound: 9 clicks out (11 clicks out)

Heads up: The spring rate is softer compared to last year. So, if you are around 200 pounds, a 52 N/mm spring might be a good fit. However, you must send in your forks to your favorite suspension shop before touching the shock. Remember: The bike is super sensitive to minute changes.

Honda 2022 CRF250R- Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent Ergonomics/SIngle Muffler System: The standard single exhaust setup makes the CRF250R super light to handle. The bike balances you perfectly, and the footpeg placement allows you to put the weight on the bike precisely where you’d expect it to be while still allowing a convenient reach to the handlebars and basically, every other part of the bike with no hiccups whatsoever. A lot of owners claim “This has been the most comfortable bike to ride in the last few years.”
  • Powerful Engine: The 2022 Honda CRF250R is arguably one of the bikes out there with the best low-end to mid-range engine power. Honda absolutely checked all the boxes for engine power this year.


  • Grips: The stock grips are bulky and could likely hurt your hands. So it is advised you ride with a glove on.
  • Not Beginner Friendly: This is a bike custom-designed for pros and can be risky for riders who are new to the track. Everything in the CRF250R was built to meet the demands of expert-level dirt bike racers. This bike is not an option for a novice to consider for practice. To get the most out of this bike, you must be a high-level rider and know how to work this bad boy on the track.

The Finish Line

The 2022 CRF250R makes you F.E.A.R- Forget Everything And Ride! You literally feel unstoppable when you hit the gas on this two-wheel beast. The lightweight, powerful engine and classical mechanics make it a no-brainer for riders who are ready to go.

We’ve covered quite a lot on this bike, and that is just us scratching the surface because words alone can’t describe the experience on this bike. It’s an absolute masterpiece. A bike built for champions and champions only!

Ready to ride; ready to win. If you are considering getting one for yourself, we can assure you that this bike is the best and won’t disappoint you in a race. As a matter of fact, Honda stated that the new 2022 CRF250R is their strongest CRF250R ever.

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