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Honda CRF300L Top Speed, Specs and Features (Explained)

One of the fastest scooters on the market, the CRF300L is a joy to ride. Honda’s small-displacement dual-sport range takes a stride ahead with the debut of the CRF300L for 2021, thanks to the same winning formula.

It has wide-rear tires that eat up the terrain and play smoothly with the terrain. You can get speeds up to 80 MPH, depending on the terrain. With dual disc brakes, you can maximize your range and braking power. Additionally, the aggressive ergonomics make it a bike to go for.

Well, if you already have become excited about the Honda CRF300L, read this article thoroughly to get a full review of the top speed, specs, and more.

About Honda CRF300L

The CRF series all started with the CRF250L model, which is the predecessor of this latest CRF300L model. There have been many modifications from 1970-to 2017. However, due to popular demand, it came back again in 2021 with massive improvements.

CRF300L is a 27 horsepower, all-terrain dual sports bike that offers impressive performance in both on-road and off-road tracks. Honda improved the off-road performance of its dual-sport CRF300L base model and Rally variant in front of 2021 with a substantial 15% increase in displacement, a simultaneous 10% boost in power, reduced weight, and many other exclusive features.

Compared to the previous 250cc model, the regular CRF300L is now 12 pounds lighter. The new frame was created to improve mobility, feel, lower the width of the bike, and boost ground clearance.

There is another version of the CRF300L, which is the Rally version. The Ricky Brabec-inspired equipment kit adds even more off-road power to this rally version for riders wishing to do some pioneering severe or globetrotting.

Honda CRF300L Specs & Features-

Features and performance matter the most for any bike, and below, we will look into all the features that make CRF300L unique.


The all-new Honda CRF300L is powered by a single-cylinder 4-stroke DOHC 286CC liquid-cooled engine. For efficiency, there’s a higher top gear and better acceleration. The bore has a length of 76mm with a stroke of 63mm. The compression ratio is 10.7:1 and has a fuel capacity of 7.8 liters.


The engine comes with a six-speed manual transmission. The six-speed gearbox has been modified for 2021, with closer lower gear spacing and broader higher gear spacing. As a result, you can select optimal gear while still allowing for comfortable high-speed cruising.


Honda CRF300L has a full transistor digital ignition with an electric advance option. You will never run out of power during your rides thanks to the fully computer-controlled ignition system.


The wheels are 21 inches in front and 18 inches in back, much like high-performance off-road motorcycles, allowing for smooth rolling over rugged terrain. Additionally, black metal rims have been polished, giving them a glossy finish and making them simpler to clean.


You will get high-performing hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear sides. Additionally, the ABS offers smooth braking over rough and rugged terrains. Furthermore, you can turn off the ABS in the back, giving you a new riding experience during off-road rides.


The front suspension comes with non-adjustable Showa 43mm telescopic USD forks, and the rare suspension uses Pro-Link single shock with spring. Both front and rare suspension has 10.2 inches of travel, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride in bumpy conditions. Furthermore, the rear sprocket is thinner in some locations and connected with fewer bolts, resulting in a combined weight savings of 0.04 pounds. The rear axle is now hollow, saving nearly 0.03 pounds.


The overall length of the Honda CRF300L is 87.8 inches with a width of 32.2 inches and height of 47.3 inches; ground clearance is 11.2 inches and wheelbase of 57.2 inches. The seat comes at the height of 57.2 inches, and the curb weight is only around 309 pounds making it one of the lightest dual-sport bikes available.


This bike is designed by using a redesigned exhaust, twin-tube steel frame, swing arm, and triple clamp. The new frame also plays a massive role in improving mobility feel, lowering the width of the bike, and boosting ground clearance. Furthermore, the kickstand is much stronger to prevent bending, and the footplate has an increase of 10% to improve vehicle stability while parked.

Honda CRF300L Top Speed

The Honda CRF300L has a top speed of 80 mph, making it one of the fastest dual-sport bikes around the 300CC engine mark. Power ratings are 27 hp at 8,500 rpm and 19.6 pound-feet of torque at 6,500 rpm.

It can reach high speeds on roads and harsh winds with little effort. The CRF300L is agile and rails well in tight corners, providing confidence as speeds grow.

While riding the CRF300L, the average speed was around 75 mph, but professional riders have easily surpassed 81 mph without much hassle. However, keep in mind that road conditions, wind speed, and rider quality all will play a massive role while finding the top speed of any bike.

How to Increase the CRF300L Top Speed?

Sometimes, you may not be able to reach the top speed of your CRF300L, or maybe you want to take it for a spin even at a higher speed. It is possible to increase the speed of your motorbike at home by yourself.

Change the Sprocket

Choosing a smaller rear sprocket, a more prominent front sprocket, or both can boost your peak speed at the cost of acceleration. Determine how many teeth the tiny sprocket has.

By multiplying the number of teeth on the tiny sprocket by the speed ratio, you can find the number of teeth on the large sprocket. It is suggested that the small sprocket should have more than 15 teeth, and the big sprocket should have no more than 120 teeth.

Putting a bigger countershaft sprocket results in greater gearing, whereas installing a larger rear sprocket results in lower gearing. Similarly, a smaller front sprocket reduces gearing, whereas a smaller rear sprocket increases gearing. We recommend a countershaft sprocket for the Honda CRF300L.

Suspension Modifications

If your bike does not respond adequately to your weight and body cues, you will lose speed. So, it is time for a suspension modification and you may need to purchase a new aftermarket suspension.

Change tires

If you’ve been thrashing your way to peak speed on tires that have been on your rims for a few years and are already worn down, you can’t expect excellent performance and speed from them.

Thus, it is time to invest in a new pair of tires. For your Honda CRF300L, you can consider buying a pair of Shinko E-804 or Heidenau K60.

Exhaust Modifications

Change the exhaust system from the muffler to the headers, including the transaction. As a result, your motorcycle will go quicker. Aftermarket exhaust systems are often lighter than original choices and give more power and torque.

Honda CRF300L – Pros and Cons:

The CRF300L is an excellent bike. But it does have some pros and cons. Let us see all the pros and cons that can act as a bridge for our decision-making.


  • Easy controlling: The Honda CRF300L weighs only around 309 pounds making it one of the lightest dual-sport bikes. This lightweight makes this bike move like a swift wind whether you are driving on rugged or smooth roads.
  • High Speed: Powering from the high-speed 286cc engine, you will get a top speed of 80 mph. Furthermore, you may maintain the engine at the heart of its power range between 8,000 and 9,000 pm. Third gear is ideal for twistier, narrower roads. At the same time, fourth will have no trouble navigating the street’s more smooth curves.
  • Smooth Acceleration: Improved combustion chamber and intake efficiency resulted in a 10% increase in horsepower and an 18% increase in peak torque over prior models. To help with acceleration, Honda tightened the space between first and fifth gears, making sixth gear more of an overdrive gear. An all-new slip-assist clutch with a 20 percent softer draw smoothes up throttle response.


  • Non-adjustable seat: The seat height of the CRF300L isn’t adjustable, and thus it can be problematic for short riders. You will need to adjust the seat height using additional aftermarket market kits, which can be expensive and troublesome.
  • Low Fuel Capacity: The fuel capacity of this bike is only 7.8 liters which is a bit low for such a bike. You will need multiple refills during long rides using this bike. We expected a bit larger fuel tank on the CRF300L.


Is the CRF300L a good bike?

The CRF300L frame is a lot of fun to ride since it’s so nimble and agile. Its wet weight of 309 pounds passes undetected in the saddle, where it feels neither skinny nor broad.

How much horsepower does a CRF300L have?

CRF300L has a very high 27 Horsepower at 8500 rpm and 19.6 NM of torque at 6500 pm. Both the torque and horsepower are pretty impressive for a 286cc bike.

How much is a new Honda CRF 300L?

The new 2021 Honda CRF300L is available for around $5200 to $6000 depending on the place where you buy the bike from. You can even find cheaper options if you want to opt for a used one.

How fast is a 2021 Honda CRF300L?

2021 Honda CRF300L has a top speed of 81 mph on regular roads disregarding winds and keeping other factors constant. However, the average speed will be around 75 mph during regular rides on roads and off-roads.

Is the CRF300L fuel injected?

Yes, the CRF300L is fuel injected, which means it starts up immediately, even in chilly conditions. It also helps reduce pollution and improves performance compared to a carbureted bike.

What are the height and weight of CRF300L?

Honda CRF300L comes at the height of 47.3 inches with a weight of 309 pounds.


The Honda CRF300L is one of the most popular bikes around the block, and there are many reasons for being so. It performs very well, generating heavy power and speed even in the most challenging terrains.

But as with all other bikes, this bike also comes with some cons. Considering all pros and cons, we do think the CRF300L is a great bike in the 300CC range. However, make sure to do proper research before buying one for yourself.

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