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Honda TRX450R: Top Speed, Specs, and Features Explained

The world is full of fun things and riding through the dirt is one of them. If you are not that certain one who wants to keep his white shirt clean, dirt biking is something you can look into. Like, come on, who doesn’t want to maneuver dirt and gravel at 60+ miles per hour? Are you already running your wheels of imagination? My dude, you need a quad bike!

Yes, we understand it’s not a cup of tea for everyone to ride a quad! But, everything has a start, right? Besides, as you gather experience in racing or tracking, you get more and more comfortable with the forest breeze and hops and whoops. And what do you want then?

Something more powerful, yes, that’s what you want. A quad that can tolerate the aggression of a racing field. Do you know what meets the requirements? The Holda TRX450R. Magnificently designed, this quad was made to meet this specific need of the pro riders. People who love to win will fall in love with this unit.

Don’t believe it yet? Well, let’s look at the Honda TRX450R top speed, specs, and review.  Besides, we have ideas to make it even better! So if you are ready, let’s get into it.

About Honda TRX450R

A ruler of the adventurous world of ATVs, the Honda TRX450R was introduced in 2004. Honda decided to make grab the attention of the professionals. Hence, despite releasing the CRF450R, Honda released the TRX450R. Producing more torque, this quad was meant to rule the ATV world.

The 2004 version was so good, that Honda didn’t even change anything for the 2005 version, apart from the color scheme. But later they decided to bring a few changes in 2006.

Unlike the 2004 model, 2006 was enhanced with an electric start. Yes, of course, you could kick the quad to start too! Additionally, Honda also went with a new ratio for the transmission, just for the sake of making it more racing friendly.

Nothing changed much until 2008 which later remained till 2014 and that is the gas tank capacity. They save weight, the gas tank was deceased to 2.6 gallons. A beautifully engineered machine, Honda decided to release the last of the TRX450R in 2014.

Honda TRX450R Specs and Features

Engine Made for Racing:

The TRX450R comes with a Four-stroke SOHC engine. The oil reservoir is the biggest advantage you get here. unlike a two-stroke engine, it doesn’t need the oil and fuel to travel through the crankshaft. That means you don’t have to calculate the oil and fuel mixing ratio every time. More time is saved! Who doesn’t love that?

Another thing to mention here is the liquid coolant. Since the engine is sealed, the manufacturer chose to use a water-based coolant to reduce friction and improve functionality.

Moreover, for the Honda TRX450R, you don’t have to worry about that irritating motor noise. Even though the weight gets a little heavier due to the extra components needed to support and reserve the liquid cooler, which can be a bumper. But do you know what is not a bumper? A noise-free ATV with high efficiency and power. What a deal!

Monstrous Power:

With a 450 cc (cubic centimeters) engine displacement, this four-wheeler turns into a monster on the racing tracks. The math is simple. The bigger engine displacement or size you get, the more air or fuel can be compressed at the same time. And that leads to the higher horsepower of that unit. And do you know what are these for? To make sure you win the race!

The 450cc engine is capable of handling the weight of the whole unit as well as yours. Bigger ATVs like the Honda TRX450R suffer greatly due to the wrong engine size. Because it comes with four wheels, the engine must be big enough to deliver support to the unit. It weighs around 350 pounds.

Decent Oil Capacity:

You already know that this bike has tremendous power. But does it has enough capacity to keep the fuel so that it can roar for a longer mile? Well, it does!

The fuel tank has a capacity of around 2.7 gallons along with a 0.8-gallon reserve. You can check the fuel level through a sight glass. When the level shows “H” on the glass, it’s time to refill the tank.

The increased oil capacity makes sure that you don’t have to change the oil often. Plus, the inner chamber is lubricated all the time. You already know how important lubrication is. It reduces the impact of friction on the machine so that it can last longer. And not just that, the overall temperature of the oil is lower when the capacity is big.

Besides, what can we say about the oil filters of this quad! They are just incredible. The air filters are easy to maintain. If you want to keep the Honda TRX450R around for a long time, you will find the easy-to-clean filters very comforting.

Robust Stock Parts:

Honda ensured that the durability of the bike remains top-notch and that can be noticed by the quality of the parts they have used here. The four small valves are steel and the stock parts are made of aluminum.

It reduces the weight of the TRX450R. otherwise, the weight would be way more than 350 pounds. But the integrity of the bike remains strong and robust. That’s smart engineering right there. 

Plus, aluminum is famous for being corrosion-resistant. So feel free to ride this bike where water is present, let that be a puddle or in the rain! Quad biking is super fun in rain and this machine right here can make that dream of yours come true.

Transmission Equals the Power:

The TRX450R has a five-speed manual transmission with an automatic gear clutch which is pretty impressive. The more gears you have the better fuel efficiency you can achieve. When you get the gears up, the vehicle stays at low rpm while extracting more output from the engine oil. Thus, you get more power.

The five-speed transmission keeps the TRX450R running on the track for a longer time. plus, the manual transmission gives you full autonomy and control. It is especially useful when you are riding in the mountains and the terrain is not smooth. You can get a better grip this way.

Butter-smooth Suspensions:

With an ATV, you are not supposed to ride on a straight road, right? The more messed up the roads are, the more fun is an ATV to ride. And to make that bumpy ride a bit more comfortable for your bum, this quad comes with spectacular suspension systems.

The front suspension features independent double-wishbone plus Showa Shocks. And the rear suspension comes with a pro-link single Showa Shock. It makes sure that your ATV can absorb the shocks from rough terrains and doesn’t fall.

Showa Shocks are always admired for their performance. The level of stability and smoothness they provide on uneven grounds is tough to beat. Honda has literally leveled up their game by adding these shocks to their machines

Honda TRX450R Top Speed

The top speed for the TRX450R will be 74 mph. This means you can ride this bike at almost 120 kilometers per hour. That’s insane!

However, this speed can differ due to the ground this bike is maneuvering. Besides, Maintenance, rider’s weight, carb adjustment, and other factors are also present to keep that speed low. Even the direction of the wind can slow a bike down. So you must take these things into account.

If your height and weight are above average and you don’t maintain the ATV frequently, you might get stuck with a lower speed level. However, certain modifications can stretch this speed threshold. Speaking for modifications, we got ideas that can make this go even faster!

How To Increase The Speed of Honda TRX450R?

In this section of the Honda TRX450R top speed, specs, and review, we will talk about ways you can mod your Honda TRX450R to make it go even faster.

1. Cylinder Mod

This TRX450R has got good power and a lot of torque. But dune riders or hill climbers might want something more. Maybe a bit more torque and horsepower? That’s where the Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit shows its magic.

This kit is wonderful if you want to extract more horsepower from the same engine. It is a direct bolt-on replacement that comes with your cylinder, piston, and gaskets. Plus the installation is super easy.

2. Air Box Mod

One downside of this ATV is that it comes with a restricting airflow system. That’s why the engine doesn’t get much air intake. Hence the need for an upgraded airbox comes. If you can increase the airflow rate, the power will increase too.

For much better performances, try installing the Pro-tech Mo Flow Air Box. This simple mod will give your engine more air, which means more power to push! It opens up the system and lets air flow into the chambers. Hence, the speed of this excellent machine will increase significantly.

Honda TRX450R Pros and Cons:


  • Enhanced Braking System:

The front brakes have a double disc installed in them. This means you will have better precision when it comes to braking. Trail riding can be extremely dangerous and a high-performing brake like this can be a life-saver at any moment.

  • Convenient Electric Start:

Honda TRX450R comes with an electric start which is very convenient. Yes, there is no doubt that a kickstart is always fun. But for any simpler starting active, with just a push of a button, the electric start of this bike is really something exceptional.

  • All-round performer:

As the name goes, this bike is indeed a proper ATV. It is literally made to move on any terrain you want to. And it can do that magnificently well.

  • Very Smooth Riding:

The front suspension with a double-wishbone and adjustable spring preload makes sure that the tires can absorb the shocks from rough landings. This means the riding is buttery smooth. Maybe not exactly that but close enough!

  • Noise-less Engine:

Unlike most other ATVs, It doesn’t generate motor noise while running due to the liquid coolant. This makes it very good for nature and the sound of this bike won’t create problems for the animals in the forest.


  • Crank Issues:

A problem with the Honda TRX450R is that the crank is not as good as the other part of the bike. There are reports regarding too many crank failures.

  • Clutch Failure:

In some of the models of the Honda TRX450R, clutch issues have been noticed. This problem has been noticed especially in the 2006 and 2007 models.


What is the top speed for TRX450R?

The top speed of the Honda TRX450R is 74 mph. Honda has declared this speed by themselves. However, this speed can vary based on several factors such as road type, rider weight, wind direction, etc. If you are keen, you can do some mods to adjust the speed according to your choice.

Does Honda still produce the TRX450R?

No, Honda doesn’t produce the TRX450R anymore. They have decided to discontinue the product of TRX450R in 2014.

How can I make the TRX450R faster?

Honda TRX450R is already a fast quad bike. However, if you want to make this even faster, there are several mods you can do such as cylinder mods and airbox mods.


If spreading dirt while shredding through the trails is one of your dreams, the Honda TRX450R is the magic carpet of that imagination. The beautifully engineered machine from Honda knows how to keep the speed high while going through the rock and uneven roads.

Here we wanted to point some light on the excellent features of this bike by covering the Honda TRX450R top speed, specs, and review. If you are deciding to get something to keep you engaged this summer, consider getting this bad boy. We can guarantee you, that you won’t be disappointed.

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