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How Do I Reset My Jeep UConnect? (Hard/Soft Reboot Guide)

How Do I Reset My Jeep UConnect? (Hard/Soft Reboot Guide)

Since 2003 the UConnect system has been the infotainment platform to keep Jeep drivers connected and entertained. Sometimes there are issues with these systems and they need to be rebooted. So, how exactly do I reset my Jeep UConnect?

The Uconnect system in your Jeep controls the navigation system, a touchscreen to the temperature, and Bluetooth pairing to connect to your phone. Issues with the system can affect the operation of your vehicle. Resetting the system will be necessary for the system to operate properly. 

How to Reset the Jeep UConnect System 

If you need to reset your UConnect system you should start with a soft reset. A soft reset should be able to solve any Bluetooth or connection issues you may be having with your UConnect system without losing any stored mobile devices or information in the UConnect system.

To perform a soft reset follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Place your Jeep in Park and ensure it is in the Run mode.  
  2. Press and hold the volume knob and the tuner knob buttons at the same time. 
  3. You will need to hold down both buttons for approximately 20 seconds
  4. After 20 seconds, the screen should flash Jeep and go dark
  5. You can then release the buttons and your UConnect system will restart and return to the main Uconnect home page. 

If you continue to have connectivity issues or other issues with your UConnect system it may be necessary to perform a hard reset of the system.

How to do a UConnect Hard Reset

Any issues with your UConnect should be attempted to be corrected by performing a soft reset. Performing a hard reset of your UConnect system will cause the system to return to the factory settings and will remove any information stored on the UConnect system. All mobile phones will need to be reconnected as well as any user and user settings that were previously added. 

To perform a hard reset follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Press both the hot and cold up and down temperature buttons simultaneously for at least five seconds.
  2. Once the menu pops up, scroll through until you find the prompt to reset the factory defaults.
  3. After selecting this option, it will take approximately 30 seconds for the system to reboot.  

After the system has rebooted your system will be completely reset to the factory settings. You can then begin to add any mobile devices and settings you had before the hard reset.

Before you Reset your UConnect System

Before you attempt to reset your Uconnect system there are a few concerns you will need to be aware of.

  • It may not solve the issue. There is no guarantee that resetting your UConnect will solve the issues you may be having with the system. Any repeated or prolonged system issues should be brought to your Jeep dealer so they can troubleshoot your system and make the necessary repairs to your UConnect system. 
  • It could erase any upgrades. When you reset your UConnect system you may erase any previous upgrades that were done to the system. You will need to reinstall the upgrades to the UConnect system after it has been reset to ensure it has the latest software. 
  • Resetting can cause you to lose any contacts or phones that have been paired with the UConnect system. You may need to pair any phone that was previously connected to your UConnect system.

Issues with the UConnect System

On occasion, there may be issues with the connectivity or ability to control the features of your UConnect system. This can affect navigation abilities, hands-free features, and smartphone integration. If you are having issues with the connection or use of your UConnect system you may need to reset the Uconnect system. 

What exactly is the UConnect System? 

The Jeep UConnect is an infotainment system that has been available since 2003 as a dealer or factory-installed option. It has both voice-activated and touchscreen controls Allowing the driver to quickly and safely make adjustments to their seat, control music, make calls, and adjust the cabin temperature. The UConnect also handles the controls for the navigation system, wifi, hotspots, and the recently added vehicle health report function.

Many Jeeps equipped with UConnect models also feature an integrated backup camera. Early backup camera models had problems with lag. This issue was corrected with a software update. If your UConnect still experiences lag you may have this feature turned on under the Safety and Driver Assistance in the settings option. If there’s a checkmark in the box for Parksense Backup Camera Delay it will cause a camera delay.

Uconnect has a big emphasis on its audio quality. They have Beats Audio, Harman Kardon, Alpine, Infinity, and Boston Acoustics systems available throughout the Jeep and Chrysler lines. The latest UConnect models also have HD sound as well as HD video. UConnect systems can feature basic AF/FM radios and CD players, or fully integrated Bluetooth streaming featuring the latest music apps and SD card slots.

One of the main advantages of the UConnect system is the hands-free voice control options. The UConnect has an extensive list of voice commands. It’s also able to control any mobile device that is connected to the USB port. To operate the voice command you just need to press the VR button and wait for the beep, and give the system the command.

The command lists are available by pressing the VR button and saying help. 

Pairing your mobile device via Bluetooth will allow you to stream media as well as sync your contact list allowing you to make hands-free calls on the Uconnect system. The newer model includes a hands-free texting option as well. Not all these features may be available on every Jeep but the UConnect system is constantly being refined and updated with new software keeping it ahead of the pack. 

UConnect 5

Recently released UConnect 5 adds more features and comforts to Jeep’s popular Uconnect system. In 2022 Jeep vehicles it offers even more integration and accessibility for Jeep owners.

Alexa Controls

The Uconnect 5 is not integrated with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. Customers who have an Alexa device can use it to start their vehicle, unlock/lock their doors, and more. The drivers and passengers can now use Alexa’s voice controls inside the vehicle to play music, podcasts, check the weather, sports, traffic, and get other real-time information. Responses are delivered directly through the vehicle’s audio system.


The UConnect 5 offers more personalization than any other system has been capable of in the past. It can store up to 5 different user profiles. Each profile can store its individual preferences such as seating position, temperature, and mirror placement. They can also create their home screens complete with icon placement that would allow for fast and easy operation. 

Transferring between profiles with the UConnect 5 system is easy and can be done with a single touch. 

Mobile Phone Integration

Apple Car Play and Android Auto are now integrated into the UConnect 5 system. The wireless connectivity will give the driver access to their apps, even if their phone is put away while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Integrated Connection

The UConnect 5 will also allow two devices to connect at the same time. It will allow the passenger to control the UConnect 5 system at the same time as the driver. It can manage the input from two separate devices and give priority to one in various functions including navigation, text messaging, and music selection.

Connecting your Mobile Phone to the Uconnect System

To use all the features of the UConnect or the newest Uconnect 5 system you will need to connect your mobile device.

Below we will list the steps required to connect your mobile device to use all the features of your UConnect system.

  1. Select the Media Button or the phone icon at the bottom of the UConnect screen. 
  2. Select yes when prompted to pair a phone
  3. On your device’s Bluetooth settings, select UConnect when it is available. 
  4. Conform both pins on the UConnect screen and your mobile phone match each other.

After they are connected you can choose to download the contacts of your mobile device to the Uconnect system. If you choose to do so you will be able to use the UConnect hands-free feature for calling or texting your contacts as well as the other features of the UConnect system that are available.


My Closing Thoughts

The UConnect system in your Jeep is integrated into numerous features designed to assist the driver and passengers of your Jeep. The UConnect has both voice and touchscreen controls allowing the driver to make and receive calls and text messages without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

Despite being a leader in navigation and other controls you may experience issues with your UConnect system. Performing a soft or hard reset should remove any issues and allow your system to perform without any issues.


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