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How To Bypass Transponder Key in Jeep? Helpful Guide

Bypassing a transponder is a major choice that will substantially reduce the security of your Jeep. However, you must bypass the transponder in the ignition if you want to avoid paying for pricey transponder key duplicates or wish to install a remote starter.

You may do so by installing a bypass kit yourself or by modifying your existing transponder key to create a simple bypass.

How To Bypass Transponder Key in Jeep?

Transponder keys, also known as chip keys or key FOBs, are tiny circuits housed in a small glass tube inside the key head of your Jeep Wrangler. They send out a 30-digit alpha-numeric code that is exclusive to your vehicle. The code is received by your ignition, which permits the automobile to start.

Vehicle safety systems are built in layers, with the key being one of them. Using the original key is the easiest technique to steal an automobile by nature. Thieves would take keys for a brief period and leave imprints that could be replicated later, much as in the movies.

There are two ways you do a jeep transponder key bypass.

  • Bypass Kits
  • Simple Bypass

Now, I will tell you step by step procedure of bypassing the Transponder Key in a Jeep.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Transponder Bypass Kits

Step 1- Purchase a transponder bypass kit developed particularly for a Jeep at your local car parts store. Check with your local auto parts store to see whether you qualify for a lower-cost universal bypass kit.

Install a remote starting or just bypass the ignition’s security function using the kit that best fits your pricing range and meets your demands.

Check to see whether the bypass kit you need for your Jeep comes with a remote starting bypass kit.

Step 2- Follow the installation instructions included with the kit, aligning the color-coded wires to the car’s corresponding wiring.

Start your Jeep with an ordinary key to test the transponder bypass that has been fitted. If it doesn’t work, contact the kit’s maker or an automobile locksmith, who should be able to offer you better instructions on how to wire a bypass kit and duplicate your keys than the dealership.

2. Simple Bypass

Step 1- Using a pair of pliers, gradually slide the head of your key away from the blade in a back-and-forth motion. Grab the head where it meets the key, not the top, where the transponder is located; the correct amount of pressure can smash it.

Step 2- Place a quarter-sized dot of glue below your steering column, as close to the ignition as feasible, with a hot glue gun. Allow the adhesive to set before inserting the key’s head.

You may also connect the key head to the column using Velcro, which you can remove if you need to leave the car in an inconvenient place or for a prolonged amount of time.

Put your regular key in your automobile to see whether it works. Reposition the transponder closer to the ignition and try again if the ignition does not turn over.

How to Start My Car Without a Chip Key?

Transponder chips are not meant to be bypassed in any manner, therefore you can’t start a car without one. Your vehicle’s needed frequency may be read by an authorized dealership, and a replacement can be made. If you just have one transponder chip, however, there is a solution you may attempt.

  1. Remove the plastic cover from your key. You may need to use a screwdriver or pliers to apply leverage as the seal is very tight.
  2. Take out the transponder chip. It looks like a very small black square or a see-through tube.
  3. Place the chip on a piece of tape, then attach it near the ignition lock.
  4. Try to start the key with your disassembled key, or a replacement key that doesn’t have the chip.
  5. If the car doesn’t start, reposition the piece of tape and try again.
  6. Once you’ve found a spot for the chip that works, secure it in place with superglue.

Any replica of your key will operate as if it had a transponder chip since the transponder chip is constantly near the ignition lock.

The obvious disadvantage is that you’re giving up a layer of protection. Car security systems, on the other hand, operate as deterrents: locked doors and wheel immobilizers prevent opportunity thieves from driving away in your vehicle, but they seldom dissuade pros.

How Do You Tell If Your Key Is a Transponder Key?

A chip or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Transmitter) tag is embedded in the head of a transponder key.

This chip contains a code that must be entered into your car for the vehicle to start. This is a secondary security feature to the key’s metal mechanical part.

There are four ways to tell if your key has a transponder chip:

  • Locksmith Database
  • Security Light
  • Key Identification
  • Key Testing

1. Locksmith Database

Locksmith Database has information with your vehicle’s key and transponder information.

2. Security Light

There is a security light in every car with a transponder key system. The security light may be anything from a key, a lock, or letters like “sec” to a simple light. The light im=age can be found on your dashboard and center console.

When you switch on the car, this security light illuminates and flashes. It will go out if your transponder key is properly programmed and detected by the car. Your key is not programmed into the car if the security light continues to flash.

3. Key Identification

Letters and numbers are stamped or embossed on many keys. These are the most important identifying codes. These key identification code can assist you in determining whether or not your key has a transponder.

A chip is also found in the head of transponder keys. They feature a plastic head and are often bigger than mechanical keys. Here’s a photo of a Ford H75 mechanical key blank and a Ford H74-PT transponder key blank, for example.

4. Key Testing

If you can’t tell whether your key has a transponder or not from the given information, take it to a locksmith and have it tested using a machine.

How To Program a Transponder Key Without The Original?

There are a few ways to program a Transponder key without the original one.

Follow these methods:

  1. Place the key into the ignition and set it to the On position
  2. Leave it in the On position for about 10 minutes, then turn it back to Off.
  3. Repeat the process two more times.
  4. Remove the key.

Cheapest Way To Get A New Transponder Key

If you’ve already misplaced all of your key copies, you’ll need to hire someone to create a new one for you. You should expect to spend between $200 and $600 for jeep transponder key fix depending on who you employ.

That appears to be a viable option. The majority of people are unaware that a keyless remote might still include a metal key inside as a backup. After you’ve taken it out, put it back in the remote in reverse to make a standard key.

On the surface, going to the dealership makes a lot of sense. After all, you bought your automobile there, so it’s only natural that they’ll have the quickest and most cost-effective method of duplicating the key.

A freelance locksmith, on the other hand, may complete the task for less than half the price, with some even traveling to your location. Make a list of all the locksmiths in your neighborhood and compare prices.

Set the terms such that you only pay if the project is completed satisfactorily. Some locksmiths will try and fail to duplicate the key, then blame your vehicle.

Final Words

If you’ve made it this far and still have a fully functioning key, it’ll only be a matter of time until it comes in handy and saves you hundreds of dollars.

First and foremost, if you still have a transponder key, get it replicated as soon as possible.Hope a jeep transponder key bypass is resolved for you.

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