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How To Change the License Plate Bulb on Jeep Renegade?

License plate bulb on Jeep Renegade can fail for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is filament failure due to normal use. Other causes of failure include sealing failure, which occurs when the bulb’s atmospheric seals are destroyed and oxygen enters the bulb, and glass bulb breaking.

To get rid of such situations, replace any burned-out license plate light bulbs, if necessary, as they can result in a penalty.

First, remove the lens by unscrewing it or by releasing the locking tab pulling the bulb socket out by twisting it a quarter turn. Then replace the bulb and reinstall it.

To learn how to replace license plate bulb Jeep Renegade in detailed, read the full article below.

How To Change License Plate Bulb Jeep Renegade?

If you need a new license plate bulb for your Jeep Renegade, follow the instructions below to discover how to change it:

Installation of the light bulb

Step 1: Look for the light that displays the license plate: The light for the license plate is situated directly above the plate.

Step 2: Detect the bulb that has failed or requires replacement. Set the emergency brake and park your car. Switch to the Accessory position in the ignition and turn on the headlights. Determine which license plate bulb has failed by stepping around the vehicle.

Step 3: Remove the cover for the license plate light. Using a screwdriver, remove the retaining screws on the license plate light cover.

Step 4:Take out the light bulb. Take the bulb out of the retainer.

Things need to be remembered while installing the light bulb

1: Replace the light bulb. Make sure that the replacement of the bulb is installed correctly in its retainer.

The thing that needs to be noted here is that to discover the correct type of light bulb to purchase for your vehicle, see the instruction manual.

2: Finish the installation. Replace the license plate bulb cover and secure it.

3: Make sure the lights are on. Check to see if your license plate lights are working properly by turning on your vehicle.

How to Change the License Plate Bulb from the Outside:

This is the simplest of the two techniques; in fact, all you have to do is remove the protective covers from the bulbs. Unfortunately, some years or packages of cars do not allow these covers to be opened from the outside. However, I will explain how you can get rid of the issue in this article.

  • Disconnect the battery terminals from your car when the engine is turned off.
  • To open the license plate bulb slot on your Jeep Renegade, face your license plate and use a flat screwdriver or knife to place the flat portion into the notch provided for this purpose (in most cases on the transparent cover) and lever on the plastic window.
  • To eject the bulb from its socket, use your screwdriver or knife; if you don’t want to break anything, you can also do it with your fingers.
  • Finally, place the new license plate light bulb in its proper location.

Before reattaching, reconnect your battery and test the light to ensure that the operation is successful.

How Do You Remove A License Plate Light Cover?

Look for the bulb over your license plate, close to the trunk latch.

Locate the screws holding the covers to your vehicle and turn them outward with a screwdriver.

Pull the covers off your vehicle to expose the light bulbs underneath once the screws are loosened.

You need to remember one thing in terms of removing the bulb cover is that to take the cover off; you may need to use a little screwdriver.

When you should change a license plate bulb on your Jeep Renegade?

When you turn on the headlights, including the parking lights, these bulbs should turn on.

It’s important to remember that these are solid lights that may be turned on or off.

They can, however, start flickering in many circumstances. A loose cable or connection is a common cause of this type of problem.

When the brightness appears murky, it’s another clue that there’s a problem. Water or fog trapped behind the lens cap of the light is most likely to blame.

When the light’s lens is damaged, water might pour from the vehicle’s trunk lid into the lens. This results in hazy illumination. Fogginess, such as flickering, can cause distraction on the road, so the light bulb and light lens should be replaced.

Also, make sure that any moisture or water inside the car is removed before it forms a short circuit because it can harm other systems. You’ll be fine without it, given the rest of your routine maintenance charges.

When the lamp does not light up when the headlights are turned on, it is the clearest sign that something is wrong. This means there’s either a loose connection, a faulty relay switch, or the lamp has simply burned out and needs to be replaced.

As previously stated, you should remove it and go to an auto parts store to replace it with the correct one.

How Do You Remove A License Plate Light Cover?

Look for the bulb over your license plate, close to the trunk latch.

Locate the screws holding the covers to your vehicle and turn them outward with a screwdriver.

Pull the covers off your vehicle to expose the light bulbs underneath once the screws are loosened.

Jeep Renegade License Plate Bulb Replacement Cost

A Jeep Renegade License Plate Bulb Replacement costs on average $106, including $11 for parts and $95 for labor. Prices may differ based on where you are.

My Selected License Plate Bulbs for Jeep Renegade

Some of the license plate bulbs I would like to suggest for your Jeep Renegade are given below:

ZEVO LED Mini Bulb 2825ZEVOLED-2                        $21.99
Sylvania LED Mini Bulb 2825SYLLED-2                        $16.99
Silver Star Mini Bulb 2825ST                        $12.99
Sylvania Fog Light 2825LL                        $6.99
Sylvania Mini Bulb 2825                        $6.99


You now know how to change license plate bulb Jeep Renegade from this article and know which products you can use in case of replacing the license plate bulb.

However, it merely takes a little time and knowledge to replace your license plate bulb. If you’d rather not get your hands dirty and leave this operation to an expert, hire a licensed mechanic like one to change the license plate bulb.

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