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How to Drive a Stick Shift Jeep? 8 Easy Steps

Nowadays, it is hard to find a manual transmission; the market is full of automatic transmissions. However, still manual transmissions are more thrilling to drive, and many users still prefer them. So, how to drive a stick shift jeep?

Driving a stick shift Jeep isn’t as easy, and you must follow many things. The clutch in a manual transmission car is crucial for operating manual transmissions. Thus you should be familiar with how to use it. 

Having stick shift driving skills will enable you to operate any car, whether automatic or manual. Thus, today in this article, we will give you a complete step-by-step guide on driving a stick shift jeep, along with everything else you need to know. 

Is It Hard To Drive A Stick Shift Jeep?

Yes, driving a manual-shift car can be pretty tricky, and doing so in a Jeep Wrangler may be especially difficult if you’ve never used a stick shift or are using the vehicle for the very first time. Below we will look into a few of the reasons why the driving manual is different.

Clutch pedal

Driving a manual automobile is more challenging than an automatic one since the clutch pedal is present in the manual. The clutch pedal, which separates the engine from the drive wheels, takes some getting used to.

Manually Shifting

One of the most challenging parts of operating a manual transmission is understanding when or how to shift. In a manual, you must check your shifter knob. 

You shifted too soon if the automobile lost power when you changed gears. You switch too late if you hear a screaming sound just before your shift. 

So, understanding the gear shifting is the most important for manual Jeeps, and you will need to understand the process very carefully.

How To Drive a Stick Shift Jeep?

So, if you are thinking of getting a manual Jeep and are confused about how to drive a stick shift jeep, our step-by-step guide below will help you learn in no time. 

Step 1: Know about the pedal shifters 

The first step for driving a manual is knowing about all the driving components you need to use. Check the 3 pedals at your foot while sitting in the driver’s seat. 

The clutch pedal, which is essential for operating a stick shift, is located on the left. The accelerator is on the right pedal, while the brake is on the middle pedal.

Step 2: Take a look at the gear shifter

The gear shifter is easy to locate, and you will see a knob with a stick-like structure. Typically, the first gear is located in the top left corner, while the other four or five gears rotate from top to bottom, left to right. On most stick shift vehicles, the gear locations will be readily visible.automobiles.

Step 3: Start the car

Before starting your Jeep, ensure that the gear knob is placed in the middle position, which means it is neutral. After that, using your left foot, press the clutch pedal slowly. Please do not push the whole pedal in one go; push it down slowly. 

Step 4: Push the brake pedal

Now using your right foot, press down the middle pedal, which is the brake. So always ensure that your left foot is in the clutch and your right foot in the brakes.

Step 5: Start the car

You are finally ready to start with your car. Check everything again like the gear is neutral, and your foot is in position. Turn the ignition key which is the same as it would be in any automatic jeep.

Place the gear selector in the first gear setting, maintain your left foot in the clutch, and then gradually raise your right foot off the brake. Keep on following the instructions below, and the Jeep should now begin to move.

Step 6: Press the accelerator 

This is the most crucial step. So follow this carefully to avoid any unwanted accidents. Slowly put your feet off the clutch and start pushing the accelerator pedal on the right side. 

Make sure that you do not push the whole pedal at once with full force; keep pressing it slowly as this will accelerate your Jeep. Keep in mind that first gear is only intended for speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

Step 7: Take it to the second gear

You have successfully driven your stick shift jeep in first gear. It is time to up the game now and take it to the next level. You will eventually let the clutch out fully and simply use your right foot to push the accelerator. 

With your left foot on the clutch and your right foot off the gas pedal, you should shift into second gear as you gain speed.

Step 8: Neural gear

You should now try to brake the car and take it to neutral gear. The driving stick must be stopped by putting your left foot on the clutch and shifting into neutral with the shifter. As you do this, take your foot off the clutch and then use the brakes to bring the moving car to a halt.

What Are The Benefits Of Driving A Stick Shift Jeep?

Why should you really drive a stick shift jeep? There are many reasons why you would wanna drive a stick shift Jeep.

You have full control

You have total control over your vehicle when you shift by hand. You’ll have complete knowledge of what your automobile is capable of and how to operate it. Stick shift will let you physically move the gears to speed up and ensure you get the most out of your Jeep’s capabilities.

Costs Less

Manual Transmission costs less and is more fun to drive. Engines with manual transmissions are less expensive since they have fewer moving components. Consider using a manual gearbox car to save money if you’re on a limited budget but still want a new car.

Better Performance

According to several studies conducted by specialists and experienced drivers, it is seen that manual gearboxes can give higher acceleration rates than comparable automatic-equipped cars that were put through extensive testing.

Easy Maintenance

Manual gearboxes are simpler to repair than automated ones. A manual transmission engine has fewer moving components, which means fewer parts require maintenance. The most frequent repair is the clutch replacement.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Driving A Stick Shift Jeep?

Every good thing comes with some disadvantages also, and the same applies to stick shift Jeeps. We will look into a few of its drawbacks below

Difficult to learn 

Unlike an automatic transmission, a manual transmission is not very easy to learn. They require more time to expertise, and you will need to practice quite a lot before you are ready to drive a stick shift on actual busy roads. 

Hard to drive on hills

If you live in hilly areas, then you need to be an expert driver to drive a manual there. It might be uncomfortable and frightening to halt on a slope and restart over. Drivers have either stalled or slid into traffic as a result of the car rolling back.

It can be Annoying in Traffic.

Driving a Stick shift jeep can be quite annoying on roads, especially during traffic. In a manual gearbox, the user must manually change between the forward gears; disengaging the gearbox from the engine when shifting and doing this frequently during heavy traffic can seem painful.

What Should You Not Do While Driving A Stick Shift Jeep?

If you are driving a stick shift for the first time, follow these tips below to help you understand more. 

Never use your Clutch as a footrest

Many times unwillingly, people use the clutch as a footrest, and it can be dangerous as it will engage the clutch with you needing it. Moreover, it can damage the clutch quickly if you continue using it as a footrest.

Avoid resting a hand on the gear lever

When operating a manual transmission vehicle, keeping your hand on the gear lever causes early deterioration. In this instance, your selector fork wears down due to constant engagement with the collar that aids in shifting the gear into various gears.

Be careful while changing gears 

You need to be careful while changing gears with manual transmission. Every gear has a certain speed limit. So, when you increase the speed, you must be careful enough to change the gear according to that.

Is Stick Shift Jeep Better Than Automatic?

This is one of the toughest questions to answer whether or not a Stick Shift Jeep is better than automatic transmission. While off-roading, automated gearboxes can readily assist you in maintaining a modest and consistent speed, manuals will often provide you with greater control.

So, it all depends on your preferences and what type of driving experience you want. Driving a stick shift requires more effort when accelerating and stopping, but an automatic requires less effort and provides a far more comfortable ride, especially in heavy traffic.

However, a stick shift is the best option if you desire complete control over your Jeep. Nevertheless, an automatic is the better option if you want a more pleasant ride with driver assistance features.

FAQs About 

So far, we have discussed how to drive a stick shift Jeep. Below, we will discuss a few common Faqs about manual transmission.

What Is The Hardest Part About Driving a Manual?

Answer: The clutch pedal is the part of a manual automobile that makes it harder to drive than an automatic. It might be challenging to shift gears and adjust the gas pressure along with that.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Driving A Manual Car?

Answer: Learning to drive a manual car takes a bit more time. You will need around 3-4 weeks to learn to drive a manual car properly. But you need to practice for at least 4-6 hours each day.

Can You Put Your Stick Shift Jeep In Neutral While Driving?

Answer: Yes, you can put your stick shift Jeep in Neutral while driving. Although putting your car in neutral while it’s moving won’t harm your gearbox. But it is advised that you refrain from doing it.


If you are wondering how to drive a stick shift Jeep, then this guide was meant for you. Today we discussed everything you need to know about driving a manual vehicle. 

Driving a manual transmission is always difficult, so you must be careful enough while learning how to drive it. Make sure to follow this guide properly to avoid any accidents.

In the end, sticking with a manual transmission is a matter of individual preference. A stick shift is the best option if having greater control is your primary goal and you have a limited budget.

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