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How To Lower A Jeep Wrangler? [6 Easy Methods]

The Jeep Wrangler is an automobile that has not changed over the years. Numerous people have been drawn to it because of its straightforward styling, rigid performance criteria, and adaptability. However, certain Jeep Wrangler users desire a lowered type, primarily because they have ceased driving off-road.

So, how to lower a Jeep Wrangler? You may lower a Jeep Wrangler by installing coil springs, air suspension, and leaf springs. There are further possibilities, like using shorter springs and lowering kits. Installation of hydraulic systems is one option, but it is expensive.

It would be best if you decided based on your desires and circumstances. Think about the mentioned strategies or actions for lowering Jeep Wrangler. You can complete the qualifications alone if you have the necessary qualifications.

Perks Of Lowering A Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers offer numerous added benefits when you lower the vehicle. You can increase the distance between the vehicle and the road by lowering the car. Let’s look at some further advantages below:

  • Lowering your Jeep allows you to resume everyday driving after previously riding. It will impart a sense of road driving. Additionally, it will match cars designed for highway travel.
  • You can handle Wrangler easily when lowered. Your Jeep appears smaller when it is gently lowered. This is because it boosts the driver’s capacity for control.
  • A lower Wrangler makes more contact with the ground than a conventional Wrangler. So, it increases traction and reduces the likelihood of a rollover.
  • Lowering your Wrangler is a valuable technique to offer a more aggressive look. However, personal taste will play a role here.

Different Methods Of Lowering A Jeep Wrangler

Each automaker creates Jeep components with special requirements and features to guarantee good performance. Lowering the Jeep Wrangler is among them.

You can lower your Jeep Wrangler in a variety of ways. Before choosing, it’s best to comprehend each of them. Let’s examine the methods you can follow to lower your Jeep Wrangler effectively.

Method 1: Select A Shorter Spring

You can find the spring of a Jeep Wrangler between the chassis and the tires. It is in control of keeping your Jeep’s fixed height and permitting movement as a component of its suspension system.

The simplest and safest approach to lower your car is to replace the spring with a smaller one.

Since Jeep Wranglers are durable vehicles, you’re likely choosing to alter an older model anyway, which would necessitate purchasing new parts.

Method 2: Track Bar And Control Arm Adjustment

If your Wrangler has track bars that may be adjusted, gently slide each one to a suitable height. To achieve this, you can utilize a small tool.

On the other hand, if yours aren’t adjustable, you should get shorter ones installed in their place.

You have to replace the control arms on your machine. Obviously, replacing the coil spring or adjusting the length work best together.

Method 3: Utilize Lowering Kits

As opposed to cutting coils or springs, lowering kits are significantly better. Finding one is simple because many brands already sell these kits.

Just keep in mind that every set will have individual parts. As a result, be sure that the one you select includes everything you require to lower your Jeep properly and securely.

To securely lower your Jeep, certain Jeep Wrangler professionals create these kinds of devices. Some of them require professionals, while amateurs can apply others.

Method 4: Add A Suspension System For The Air

By inserting this, you can modify your Jeep’s ride height to suit your particular needs. On flat terrain, you can drop it while riding.

Once more, you can elevate it when hauling big goods or traveling on rugged terrain. There are two choices available for this. You can either use coil springs or spring leaves to achieve this action.

Method 5: Set Up A Hydraulics System

You may modify the ride height of your Jeep by using a hydraulic system. This system takes advantage of fluid pressure.

But compared to an air suspension system, this is significantly costly. Even maintenance would cost you a little money.

You must adjust some additional components, like the battery and hydraulic pump, for this option.

This system will operate more quickly in this configuration than an air suspension system. But be prepared for it to consume a lot of battery.

Method 6: Employ Smaller Tires And Wheels

Your Jeep’s tires and wheels can be highly damaged if you’ve recently returned from an off-road journey. Therefore, lowering kits alone are insufficient for comfortable driving on the highway.

Additionally, you will need four precise-size wheels that correspond to your desired height. If your Jeep’s 35-inch wheels contact the side flares, you should attempt a slightly smaller wheelset.

You can give it a shot, and you could find that it produces better results than paying more on lowering kits.

5 Easy Steps On How To Lower A Jeep Wrangler

Wrangler’s lowering has several advantages. Most specialists recommend decreasing your Jeep Wrangler’s height in 5 different phases. These are what they are:

Step 1: Remove The Wheels

Removal of the wheels is the initial stage. You can accomplish it by using an adjustable wrench.

Removing the lug nuts is necessary before lifting the wheel directly off the frame. When you cannot pull it loose, beat it hard with a rubber mallet.

Step 2: Set The Jack Support

In this step, lift the Jeep and set the jack supports below the body. It would be best if you used supports suitable for your vehicle’s weight only.

Applying too weak support could endanger your Jeep. Therefore, avoid doing so.

Step 3: Lower The Suspension

It’s time to begin lowering the suspension at this point. You can use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the nuts holding the stress absorbers’ bottoms together.

But don’t altogether remove them. You should unscrew just enough to allow the absorbers to be lowered.

Step 4: Adjust Front Suspension Arm

Retighten the bolts after fully compressing the absorbers. After that, you should adjust the front suspension arms by removing the bolts. Continue doing this till they are supported by jack support.

Step 5: Lowering The Axle

Lowering the axle is the last stage. Two strategies exist: either use a hydraulic jack to progressively move the axle or unscrew the screws from the joint cover.

Take caution while applying pressure when using a jack. Otherwise, you can hurt your Jeep.

After lowering the axle, reinstall and torque the joint cover bolts. Replacing the tires and lug bolts completes the task.

Problems You Might Face After Lowering A Jeep Wrangler

Lowering a Jeep Wrangler has become popular these days. But there are some drawbacks to doing so. Observe them as follows:

Reduce Off-Road Taste

Off-road driving is intended for the Jeep Wrangler. However, lowering the Wrangler will undoubtedly make off-road riding more difficult. Therefore, if you frequently travel off-road, you shouldn’t consider dropping the suspension.

Extra Charge

When you customize your Jeep, there is no way to avoid paying money. If you think about it, lowering suspension can actually hurt your wallet. Despite your best efforts to decrease it, it will still be too expensive.

Warranty Limitations

Jeep Wrangler owners receive a 2- to 5-year warranty, with some restrictions. You are not permitted to make significant modifications to your Jeep by the manufacturer. Lowering height can complicate your company’s guarantees as a consequence.

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Off-roading enthusiasts frequently choose Jeeps. To enhance their effectiveness, numerous changes might be made. So, let’s look at some often-asked questions by Jeep owners!

Can I lower my Jeep Wrangler?

You can lower the Wrangler easily. It improves grip, balance, and efficiency. There are a few typical techniques for lowering a Jeep Wrangler. Each has advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the suitable one for you.

How much does it cost to lower a Jeep Wrangler?

A Jeep Wrangler’s lowering cost can differ based on various variables. A whole kit can cost anything between $200 and $1,000. Generally, a minor lift is less costly than a bigger lift. Remember that an expert installation will probably cost an additional $100 to $200.

Can I lower my Jeep lift?

You may make your Jeep lift lower. Utilizing a spring compressor is one option. The springs will be compressed until they are sufficiently small to fit underneath the car. Removing the coil springs and substituting smaller sizes is another method.


A Jeep Wrangler is a pleasure vehicle. Users are also employing it equally on the street, lowering or not. A lower Jeep Wrangler might change the way you ride on the freeway.

However, you must acknowledge its drawbacks and find a suitable fit. Hopefully, this post has covered everything you need to know about how to lower a Jeep Wrangler.

With a few precautions, it’s simple to accomplish. However, lowering the Jeep Wrangler is not recommended if you frequently travel off-road.

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