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Jam-Free Techniques: Opening a Stuck Jeep Patriot Hood (Reasons & Solutions)

The Jeep Patriot is a popular vehicle among drivers with unique features. It adds a classy vibe to the owner’s personality. But, issues like opening the Patriot’s hood can give you a hard time. So, do you want to know how to open a Jeep Patriot’s hood?

If you bought a new Patriot, release the safety levers in front of the hood. Use the hood release lever on the driver’s side before disabling the safety levers if the Patriot is quite old. Now, set the hood prop rod on the hood stopper to fully open the hood.

Lack of periodic maintenance is a prime reason behind a jammed hood. In addition, however, a jammed hood is responsible for broken latches, diverse weather, misaligned bolts, and dirt.

Why is My Jeep Patriot’s Hood Jammed?

Jammed hoods are such a headache you would want to bang your head on them if you can’t open them. However, there are some critical reasons behind a jammed Patriot hood. Here, we’ll only discuss the prime reasons for a jammed hood.

Dirt Accumulation

Not cleaning the Jeep’s hood joints results in a jammed hood—consequently, the debris accumulation increases on the joints and around the hood latch. Plus, the dirt makes the latches rusty.

Weather Effect

The Jeep Patriot’s hood often gets stuck in winter due to low temperatures and frosting. Don’t forget that the rainy season worsens the condition of the latches. Rain droplets accelerate the latch’s rusting process along with hood joints.

Damaged Latch Levers

Latch levers near the grille let air pass to the radiator. As a result, air frictions against the latch and dirt corrode the levers faster, resulting in a jammed hood.

Defective Release Cables

A faulty release cable is the outcome of damaged levers. If the latch lever is damaged severely, it’ll put extra force on the release cable. Finally, resulting in a broken hood.

Misaligned Hood Stoppers

Hood stoppers deliver enough pressure on the pop rod to keep the hood open. But misaligned hood stoppers fail badly to keep the hood exposed.

Unarranged Hood Latch

Misaligned bolts are responsible for an unarranged hood latch. The latches won’t stay in place due to the bolt’s misalignment.

How To Open A Jeep Patriot Hood – Stepwise Guideline

Opening a Jeep Patriot’s hood isn’t a tough job. But you may be in a dilemma if you’ve bought a new Jeep Patriot and failed to open the hood. So don’t be sad if you can’t open the hood!

Opening a Jeep Patriot’s hood is pretty elementary for veteran drivers. It’s not even a complex job for fresh drivers.

But it’s very much possible for new drivers to damage the Patriot’s hood while opening it. The internet is filled up with many hood-opening procedures.

So, getting confused is pretty confusing. You must deactivate the safety levers in the middle of the hood if it’s a new Patriot.

The stepwise guideline will give you a proper idea of how to open the Jeep Patriot’s hood.

Step 1: Disable The Safety Release Lever

It’s a mandatory step for a new owner of a Jeep Patriot. You’ll find the safety release lever under the hood’s center in the front. Please disable it to pop up the Patriot’s hood.

Step 2: Pulling The Hood Release Level

Follow this step if you fail to disable the safety release lever. The hood release is located at the left panel on the driver’s side of the Jeep. Pull the release lever and follow the next step.

Step 3: Move Safety Catch

Now that you’ve pulled the hood release level, you should be able to correctly disable the safety release lever. Next, release the safety release lever and open the hood.

Step 4: Set Hood Prop Rod

You might want to look properly at your Patriot’s engine after opening the hood. You’ll find the hood prop rod on the left side of the machine.

Lift the hood and set the prop rod in the default position. The hood will stay stable once you set the hood prop rod.

Don’t bang the hood hard while closing it. It might severely damage the hood. Maintain an 8-inch height before you approach the Patriot’s hood. Remember to close the latches after you’ve dropped the hood. 

Cost Of Fixing A Jammed Jeep Patriot Hood

You may think the repair cost might be fixed and low, but you’ll discover many additional charges. For example, the Patriot’s model and year are crucial factors in setting the price of the repair. Then comes the Patriot’s fuel tank capacity.

Generally, fixing the hood’s latch fixes most hood-related issues. Fixing the hood of a 2014 Jeep Patriot model with 2L fuel capacity will cost you around $127 to $155 on average. You’ve to pay $132 to $162 for the same model having a fuel capacity of 2.4L.

Fixing a 2012 model Patriot hood is cheaper than the 2014 model. The 2012 Jeep Patriot model’s hood fixing cost is around $120 to $146, having a fuel capacity of 2.4L.

These fixed prices are the sum of labor cost and part’s price. A mechanic charges 44 to 56 bucks, while the parts, like latches, can cost you $88. Of course, you must pay more if the repair shop is far from the town.

It’s widespread for a famous repair shop to charge more than average repair shops to fix a jammed Patriot’s hood.


While you try to open the Patriot’s hood, you might want to know the hood’s price, the effect of the latch, and many other simple details. It’s your lucky day! We’re here with some exciting information about the Jeep Patriot.

What is the lifespan of a Jeep Patriot hood?

The lifespan of a Patriot’s hood is the same as the Jeep’s lifespan. An average Jeep Patriot can go 150,000 miles. So, the hood can stay that long with adequate maintenance.

Is the Jeep Patriot big enough for a hood?

Yes, the Jeep Patriot is big enough for a hood. Otherwise, how will you protect the vehicle’s engine? The Patriot is 4.4m long. Now, you can imagine there’s enough space for a hood.

Can a broken latch be responsible for the Jeep Patriot’s stuck hood?

Broken latches are responsible for a stuck Patriot hood in most cases. However, uneven bolts, damaged hood stoppers, and rusty latches worsen the stuck hood condition.

Should I avoid the 2015 Patriot model?

According to consumer reports, you should avoid the 2015, 2008, 2011, and 2012 Jeep Patriot models. Some models cause overheating issues, some have leaky tops, and some have severe transmission issues.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to be a pro to open your Patriot’s hood. But it’s possible to make a mess if you don’t know the exact procedure. Likewise, you should know the reasons behind a jammed hood to fix it properly.

We hope the analysis on how to open a Jeep Patriot’s hood has provided you with enough information. You can easily pop up the hood if you follow the process correctly.

Perform a regular maintenance check to avoid complex hood-related situations. Always ask for an expert’s opinion if you face difficulties opening your Jeep Patriot’s hood.

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