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How To Open Jeep Renegade Broken Hood From Outside?

Having a hood latch provides better security for your Jeep Renegade. But it doesn’t last forever. There are some issues and solutions to those problems.

So, what are the problems with a Jeep Renegade hood latch, and how to solve them?

The latch rusts with time, and sometimes, it won’t open. Many times, the hood gets stuck because of a faulty latch. Jammed wires are also a major concern of a latch.

Lubricate and use lithium-based spray on the latch to keep it rust-free. You can use some DIY tools to fix a jammed latch at home.

Don’t forget to do a monthly checkup. A Jeep Renegade’s hood latch is an integral part of the car. A proper guideline will help you to take care of it.

What Is the Function of Jeep Renegade Hood Latch?

The Hood latch is a simple device but offers some critical functions. But most importantly, it reduces the accident probability to zero.

1. Allows Observation

Your Jeep’s hood will come off if the latch doesn’t hold it to its place. So, observing other vehicles’ speeds and positions on the road would be impossible. This situation would result in an accident.

2. Prevents Engine Corrosion

The latch reduces the chance of corrosion of the car’s engine parts. A closed hood doesn’t allow any waste under the hood. It increases the engine’s lifespan a little.

Holding the hood down blocks water from running into the engine parts. Water is responsible for most of the rust.

How Do You Maintain a Jeep Renegade Hood Latch?

Maintaining a renegade hood latch is easy. Check out the strategies of how you can keep your Jeep Renegade hood latch in top-notch condition.


Using a lubricant prevents the hood latch from corrosion. These steps will help you to apply grease to the hood latch.

Step-1: Use a wire brush to clean the hood latch area.

Step-2: Pull out the scarps and rust.

Step-3: Spray a WD40 lubricant on the latch.

Step-4: Spray the lubricant on the safety latch too.

Step-5: Cover the latch’s moving parts with white lithium grease. It’ll reduce the corrosion.

Other Maintenance:

  1. Cable Check: Change the worn-out and fractured cables.
  2. Rubber Adjustment: Spin the rubber on the hood anticlockwise to adjust them at the right height.
  3. Handle Maintenance: Plastic-made pull handles wear out fast and get stuck around the latch. Check for broken and damaged parts regularly.
  4. Broken Latch: Change worn-out levers and springs to keep the latch working.

How Do You Open a Hood Latch from The Outside?

Opening a hood latch from the outside is challenging work. But it’s possible to fix this issue. These simple procedures will ease your work.

Step-1: Check Your Car

Cooldown your car’s engine if you are driving. Wait at least 30 minutes. Inspect the machine even if you’re not driving. It’ll reduce the chance of accidents.

Step-2: Find the Latch Past the Bumper

Jeep Renegades have wide grille openings. The latch is visible in front of the car. Squat down to find the small latch. You’ll see it at the car frame and front head of the hood’s connection point.

Step-3: Slide the Latch with A Screwdriver

Use a 10-inch-long metal rod or a screwdriver to move the latch. Put it between the joint of the latch and its supporting metal piece. Now, slide and press the latch away from the hood.

Step-4: Fix the Jamming

Spray lithium-based lubricant on the latch. Make sure it reaches every part of the latch. Never use silicone-based spray. It’s harmful to oxygen sensors and affects engine performance.

Step-5: Align

Align the misaligned parts for safety. Go under your car to detach the bolts. Then move the pieces to align them side-to-side. Now Fix the bolts once you’ve aligned them.

How Do You Fix a Jeep Renegade Hood Latch That Won’t Open?

Sometimes the latch doesn’t open as you press the latch switch. So, the hood gets stuck and becomes a critical problem. Follow the step-by-step guide to open the hood latch.

Step-1: Find Release Latch

The release latch is found under the steering wheel. Sometimes, it is near the driver’s door or in the corner of the glove box. The latch contains a picture of the car with an open hood.

Step-2: Check the Inside Release Latch

If you are an expert, you’ll find the hood moved a little bit upward. Noise is the confirmation of a stuck hood. The external latch will be visible once you’ve partially opened the hood.

Step-3: Slap the Hood

Failed to open the latch in the previous steps? Grasp the internal latch while you are slapping the hood. Remember to open the latch fully. Rust problems are easy to solve. Don’t force the hood if it isn’t coming off.

Step-4: Start the Engine in Chilly Weather

Often, hood latches don’t work in cold weather, resulting in a frozen hood. So, keep the engine running for a few minutes. It’ll heat up the latch’s frozen part.

Is It Safe to Drive Jeep Renegade with A Broken Hood Latch?

The safety depends on the type of problems. A closed hood and a stuck hood are two significant problems. Let’s see if it is possible to drive in these situations.

Closed Hood

If the hood doesn’t open, it is entirely safe to drive. It has a solid connection to the body. You won’t have to open the hood unless you have to do regular maintenance.

Stuck Hood

A stuck hood is a serious problem. It is even dangerous to drive it to the repair shop. The hood might come off and block your vision while you are driving. This will lead to a serious accident.


Without the hood latch, your Jeep Renegade will face many difficulties. Your life can be in danger if the car doesn’t hold the hood in its place. Follow the instructions if you face any type of problems regarding the hood latch.

The Jeep Renegade hood latch passage provides you with the problems and solutions about your hood latch. Follow them thoroughly to solve these situations. Take your car to the mechanic in an emergency case. Hope you have a better experience fixing your car’s hood latch!

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