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How To Program A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob? (You Need To Know)

A Jeep Gladiator key fob needs to be programmed for two reasons. One of the reasons is if you bought a new key fob, and another is if you have reset the old one. It doesn’t matter which cause, but the programming process is similar.

In order to program a jeep gladiator key for first Turn on the Jeep. Then press and hold the HomeLink button with the garage transmitter button together. Now the Key Fob has been programmed with your Jeep Gladiator.

The process for programming a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob is not complex, so don’t worry. We are here to assist. This article will provide information to help you program your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob by yourself.

Can You Program A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Yourself?

Not all Jeep Gladiator Key Fobs can be programmed by yourself. Older models, like before 2017, are programmable, but later models are not because of higher security concerns.

In most cases, you must bring your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob to an expert to program it. But sometimes, with correct instructions, you can program your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob by yourself.

But remember that only older models are programmable by users or owners. The later versions have RFID that needs to be programmed with special devices.

What You Need To Know About Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Programming?

Before programming a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob, you will need to know about some necessary things that will help you program the Key Fob easily by yourself. Here are some of the pieces of information you require below.

Year Model of Your Jeep Gladiator

The model of your Jeep Gladiator is a significant factor because different models have different types of Key Fob. So, to program the Key Fob of your Jeep Gladiator, research your model and find which type of Key Fob you are programming.

Know Your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob (Functions and Buttons)

If you are getting a new key or reprogramming an old one, you will need to look around your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob. Most Jeep Gladiators have a standard outlet of Lock and Unlock buttons. One additional button added to the newer models is the PANIC button which triggers the alarm.

On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Input

You need to know about OBD or On Board Diagnostic Scanner input section because you will connect your programming device to match the frequency to your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old key fob or a new OBD is a must.

How To Program A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob?

Programming A Jeep Key Fob is very tricky and sometimes impossible for you to program by yourself because of the complex mechanism.

So at that point, you must go to a mechanic or Jeep dealership and let them program it for you, which may cost you a significant amount of money.

We will brief some easy steps you can follow to Program your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob.

Step 1: Get New Key Fob or Reset Old One

Programming a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob is only necessary when you have a new key fob or just reset your old one. If you are getting a new one, get it from a trusty buyer or dealership.

Send a picture of your old key or give the old one to them so they can match the pattern, and a locksmith can make the same alternative key.

Step 2: Insert the Jeep Gladiator Key Fob

After getting the spare key, insert it and turn on the ignition. You will notice after a few seconds; the engine turns off. While it is one, lock the doors and pull out the key fob from the key entry.

Step 3: Active New or Old Key Fob

Now you will see a PANIC button on your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob. Press the PANIC button three times simultaneously, then click the lock button twice and unlock button once.

Now press the lock and panic buttons together. You will see a beeping light on Panic Button, which indicates that your Key is activated now. Now insert the old key.

Step 4: Connect To The OnBoard Diagnostic Device

In the new key box, you will find a programming device. If not, then you can buy a separate one online. This device is used for only one Jeep Gladiator.

Switch the dial on the programming device following the manual according to your Jeep Gladiator model.

Turn on the hazard lights and ensure your Jeep engine is turned off while parking. Connect the programming device with OBD II. You will hear three beeps.

After attending to three beeps the second time, turn off the engine and pull out the key. Now insert the new key (or old) and turn it to the on position.

Step 5: Press the Top Button of the Programming Device

You will find a button on top of the programming device. Click it and wait for 8-10 seconds until you hear a beep. After hearing the beep pull out the new key and press the key again.

You hear a beep sound again, which confirms that your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob is paired successfully. Now try the lock and unlock buttons.

Step 6: Consult a Licensed Mechanic

If you want to pair it yourself, we suggest you go to a mechanic or the dealership. They will charge for programming it, but you have no other option because of security issues.

When Should You Take The Jeep Gladiator Key Fob To The Dealer For Programming?

You can not program your Jeep Gladiator Key Fob alone if it is an advanced model because those models have RFID that a mechanic or dealership can only access.

Only when you are unable to program the Jeep Gladiator Key Fob yourself, or even if the mechanic is unable to access the programming device, should you take it to the dealership for programming.

Manufacturers sometimes restrict programming devices due to safety and theft reasons.

Some Tips To Avoid Mistakes When Programming Jeep Gladiator Key Fob

Programming A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob can be tricky sometimes, which results in many mistakes while people try to program their key fob.

You would not want to face some issues while programming your Jeep key fob because that can result in buying a new key fob, as they have a limited number of installations.

Here we will suggest some tips to Avoid Mistakes when programming Jeep Gladiator Key Fob.

  • Install new batteries (New and Old Key Fob). Most people think they come pre-installed.
  • Don’t wait too long when you hear a beeping sound. If the time gap surpasses, the key will indicate some other programming and won’t pair.
  • Both new and old keys should look similar, and the critical cut should be the same, or the key won’t turn. Mark old and new keys with something so you don’t mix them.
  • Talk with a Licensed mechanic cause key cutting is very difficult, and unprofessional cannot do it wisely.


Programming A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob can be difficult for some people. This is why we get a lot of frequently asked questions. Now we will answer some of the common questions people have in their minds.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Programmed?

Getting a new pre-programmed Jeep Gladiator Key Fob can be expensive. Sometimes it costs around $350. But if you are not getting a new one and reprogramming an old one by a mechanic, they will charge you from $50 up to $200.

Why Does My Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Not Work After Replacing The Battery?

A common reason behind this problem is an internal issue like a button or programming issue. Sometimes it can be a terminal issue which is rare. However, most of it happens because of programming.

Can You Program The Jeep Gladiator Key Fob With The Vin Number?

You will find a VIN on your old key fob, which matches your Jeep Gladiators model. So, it is possible to match that number and program your Jeep Gladiator with that VIN.

How Do You Program A Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Without A Key?

There are some Keyless Jeep Gladiators which don’t have a key. But they have the key fob with the same buttons. The method is similar, but you don’t have to ignite the engine.

Does A Key Fob Have To Be Reprogrammed After Replacing The Battery?

Reprogramming the Jeep Gladiator Key Fob is unnecessary after changing the battery. But sometimes, the key fob resets itself while changing the battery for security. If this happens, then you have to reprogram it.


So this is it; if you read the entire article, then by now, you have the idea of how you can program a Jeep Gladiator Key Fob. You can also take the assistance of a licensed mechanic who knows how to program a Key Fob.

We gave some easy methods you can follow to program your Jeep gladiator’s key fob. These DIY methods can save you some money. If these fail, you can visit a dealership that does it for you.

While programming a Key Fob, remember to avoid the above mentioned mistakes. It will be much more difficult to program by yourself again if those occur. Best of luck, and be careful.

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