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How to Replace the Turn Signal Bulb on Jeep Patriot?

It is critical to ensure that your turn signal bulbs are constantly working, whether for your personal safety, roadworthiness testing, or to avoid a citation.

You may have arrived here because one of your front turn lights has burned out, and you’re wondering how to replace the bulb in a front turn signal on your Jeep Patriot.

Your first duty, look for a mechanic. The mechanic will look at how to control a burnt-out front turn signal bulb on your Jeep Patriot in the first half, and how to change the front turn signal bulb on your automobile in the second part.

What is the turn signal bulb?

On all four corners of the jeep, the turn signal bulbs are positioned inside the light assemblies.

The turn signal switch receives the driver’s input and distributes electricity to the associated bulb to alert other drivers that you are changing lanes or turning. Turn signals are used to warn others that your vehicle is about to make a turn. Front and rear turn signal lamps flash when you press the lever on your steering column, alerting other vehicles to your intention to make a turn.

When a turn signal bulb burns out, the turn signal will stop working. This implies that your car will not warn traffic ahead of you or behind you that you are about to turn, posing a safety risk.

How You’ll Know the Front Turn Signal Bulb Needs to Be Replaced?

When you’re driving, you don’t always have the chance to check all of your Jeep Patriot’s safety features.

Indeed, you are usually pressed for time and rush into your car, drive away, and park it without stopping to do a routine check-up.

As a reason, it’s critical to check the condition of your headlights and turn signals regularly.

It’s conceivable that you have a front turn signal on your Jeep Patriot and are unaware of it.

Here are two easy ways to tell whether a front turn signal is burned out and needs to be replaced right away:

  • When you come to a complete stop, turn on your car’s ignition, then alternatively turn on your left and right front turn signals and exit the vehicle to check that they are working.
  • On your Jeep Patriot, there is an auditory indication that a front turn indicator bulb has burned out. You will notice that the duration between each “click” is substantially shorter, indicating that you will need to replace the front turn signal bulb or sooner.

It’s up to you to inspect and evaluate which one is burnt out using the visual verification method described in the first step.

Jeep Patriot Turn Signal Bulb Replacement Procedure

Let’s move on to the most important section of this article: how to replace your Jeep Patriot’s front turn signal bulb.

Please note that this procedure is quite straightforward; you will need to get access to your Jeep Patriot’s headlamp unit from the inside of the hood, via the wheel arch, or through the bumper, open it, and replace the burnt-out front turn signal bulb.

See our special content page if it’s a bulb on your rear turn signal.

However, here are the specifics of the basic procedures to follow to effectively carry out this activity following the plan you chose.

Through the Hood:

  • Clear access to your headlight pods by opening your hood.
  • To open your car’s headlight unit, use a Torx tip.
  • Turn the front turn signal bulb a quarter turn counterclockwise to remove it from your vehicle.
  • Replace your Jeep Patriot’s front flasher bulb with a new one. Make sure you check to see whether it’s an orange or clear bulb.
  • Reassemble the unit and verify that the new front turn signal bulb is operational.

Through the wheel arch:

  • Remove the front wheel on the side you wish to work on by lifting your automobile.
  • Use a Torx bit, remove your wheel arch.
  • Replace the front turn signal bulb on your automobile by going to your headlamp block and following the same basic methods as the prior phase.

Through the bumper:

  • Place a jack or a candle under your Jeep Patriot.
  • Remove the screws from your car’s motor shoe.
  • Be cautious of the plastic staples, since they might be delicate.
  • Remove your Patriot’s headlight block and replace the front turn indicator bulb by following the methods outlined in the previous sections.
  • Assemble the entire system once more.

You can change the bulbs by these simple steps above. If you need extra help, you can check this video.

How Much Does A Turn Signal Bulb Replacement Cost?

A Jeep Patriot Turn Signal Bulb Replacement costs $98 on average, with $3 for parts and $95 for labor. Prices may differ based on where you are.

Here’s a shortlist of the pricing on Jeep patriot turn signal bulb from the website

ServiceEstimatePrice Range
Turn Signal bulb – Front replacement$122.15$132 – $161
Turn signal bulb – Rear replacement$137.37$132 – $177

You can simply find the signal bulbs from Amazon.

Final Words

It’s a good idea to have the repair handbook for the specific car make and model you’ll be working on when dealing with any vehicle electrical circuit malfunction.

If it’s the case of jeep patriot turn signal bulb, you have now the full demonstration of how to initiate it.

I hope this article will assist you with the work.

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