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Guide: Replacing Hinges on a Jeep Wrangler

Doors not closing correctly or paint bubbling are common issues that vehicle owners often face. And that is due to hinges getting worn out after a considerable period.

You will face it quite a few times irrespective of the type of vehicle you own. That said, if you are facing issues with some of the hinges, the time has come to replace them. But how?

Worry not! This article will tell you how to replace the hinges on a Jeep Wrangler and some additional information that might be handy. So, what’s waiting for? Let us dive right into the article.

When should you replace hinges on a Jeep Wrangler?

When it is about replacing hinges, it is not always the door hinges. The windshield hinges and the tailgate hinges can also come with similar issues that ultimately focus on replacement.

That said, the aftermarket hinges turn out to be a good solution for mitigating the problems with the factory-made hinges. Here are some of the notable reasons behind replacement:

Peeling off Paint

One can argue that the corrosion of the hinges can be mitigated by painting. But it’s not possible all the time.

There will be situations where replacing the hinges is required. Such cases are when there is blistering corrosion and the paint peels, which is a severe issue.

As a result, it can have adverse effects on the surface. So, better to replace the hinges with some aftermarket option when the corrosion is beyond repair.

Doors not Closing

If your door hinges don’t respond the way they did even after repair, it is better to replace them.

When there are issues with the door hinges, you will face difficulties in the closure. There would be times you have to slam the door aggressively to close them.

However, there can be cases where the doors might not be closed appropriately, even after slamming. 

Therefore, the better option is to get the affected door hinges replaced.

Tools required to replace hinges on a Jeep Wrangler

If you have made up your mind that you will replace some of the hinges on your Jeep, you would need different types of tools.

The factory hinges can get worn out or rusted. They can even get in bad shape, which can cause troublesome situations for you.

It is better to go for some of the highest quality aftermarket options for your Jeep Wrangler. But before you replace the hinges, you need to gather all the tools required. Having said that, here are the tools to replace hinges on a Jeep Wrangler:

  • Allen Head Socket
  • T-50 Torx
  • T-47 Torx
  • 13 mm socket extension
  • Ratchet
  • Hammer
  • Anti-seize lubricant
  • Sharp knife
  • Wiper arm remover tool
  • A floor jack
  • A 4×4 or 2×2 piece of wood

How to replace the hinges on a Jeep Wrangler?

Since you already know which tools to use, we should get into replacing them.

Mainly, two types of hinges are commonly in contention to be replaced. It is either the door hinges or the hood hinges. Sometimes it can be such that you need to replace both types.

So, let’s not waste time and dive into replacing both these types of hinges.

Replacing Door Hinges:

The problem that old factory door hinges cause is that they don’t let the doors come off quickly. Even if you apply lubrication, it works for a while, but not all the time.

You need to replace these old and rusted hinges with the new aftermarket ones. Here are the steps you must follow:

Step-1: Arrange and Assemble

Firstly, you need to gather all the new aftermarket hinges you bought with the hardware that comes with it. After that, you should focus on the upper and lower body hinges and door side hinges and use the hardware to assemble them.

Step-2: Work on Rusted Hinges

Use the knife as a paint seam buster between the door and hinges. You should repeat the exact process for the removal of Torx bolts.

Step-3: Elevate the door

With the help of the floor jack, elevate the door up to a certain point. In this regard, place the lower tip of the 4×4 wood piece on the jack with the apex touching base of the door.

Step-4: Mark and Remove the bolts

Use a permanent marker and mark side hinges for identification. Then, remove all the 13 mm bolts from the lower hinges gently with your hands.

Also, use the T-50 Torx for the removal of Torx bolts. Lastly, end the process by removing all other remaining bolts with the ratchet and extension.

Step-5: Remove the rust

After you have removed all the hinges, remove the rust formed on the metallic part of the body with the knife. 

Then, match the new hinges with the old ones and apply some anti-seize lubes to the new 13 mm bolts and the bolts behind the centering plate.

Step-6: Place and adjust the new hinges

Place all the new hinges and make continuous adjustments after every hinge is installed.

Step-7: End the Process

Tighten all the bolts using the 13 mm extension on each hinge.

Replacing Hood Hinges:

Replacing the hood hinges is relatively easier than the door hinges. It involves less complexity compared to that of door hinges. 

However, you might need someone additional as you need to detach the cowl panel that is placed in between the hood and windshield. 

Below here are the steps to replace the hood hinges:

Step-1: Remove the wiper arm 

Use the wiper arm tool to remove the wiper arm within a few minutes.

Step-2: Get access to the hood

Remove the Cowl panel by removing T-30 Torx bolts. After that, you will get access to the hood.

Step-3: Open the hood

Open the hood, and you can view two clips holding the hood. Remove those clips, and you will view some tabs holding the panel.

Step-4: Pull the panel

Pull the panel to get it free from clips and pass the windshield hinges. After this using the knife cut the paint seam and then let the hood have closure.

Step-5: Remove bolts and clean rust

Use T-47 to remove all the bolts that are holding the hinges. After removing the hinges, you will notice the bare surface with a rusted coating. Clean the rust and then apply anti-seize lubricant before installing the bolts.

Step-6: Place and Adjust new hinges

Now, just like the door hinges, carry out the process similarly for placing the hinges.

Step-7: End the Process

The process ends when you check whether the hood is working correctly.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Jeep Wrangler Hinges?

The cost of replacing the Hinges in a Jeep Wrangler is variable. It all depends on the type of aftermarket hinges that you want to add to your Jeep Wrangler.

You will find a hinges kit priced between $15 and $250 in the market. Also, if you want to buy a specific kit for installing them, then the costs get higher.

If you don’t want to try it yourself, you can always go for a mechanic. But then again, that would incur you around $400-500.

It all depends on the budget that you want to spend.


Replacing the hinges on your Jeep Wrangler becomes mandatory when the factory-made ones aren’t repairable.

You need to replace them because they would produce noise that most won’t like. Also, if it is about door hinges, the door not closing correctly can give you a good reason for a headache.

In this article, we have tried to portray the exact cause and fixes of replacing hinges. We hope that helps your case and make sure that you don’t face any issues with the new hinges that you installed in your SUV.

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