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How to Turn Off ABS Light on a Jeep Wrangler? [Explained]

There is no argument about the Jeep wrangler’s ability to perform better in any road condition. This only happens with outstanding features like ABS ( Anti-lock Braking System). It makes the braking system more reliable and keeps contact on the road while braking.

If there is any problem with your jeep abs system, it will automatically give you information by light popping up. Abs light on the dashboard is so common. Sometimes it provides fault information for internal issues. 

So, you might want to turn off the light in such a condition. In the article, you will learn how to turn off abs light jeep wrangler.

How does the abs system work in a jeep wrangler? 

The abs system is a security feature for your Jeep. It determines the vehicle’s speed while you break the car using a sensor.

Generally, the abs system works with your regular jeep system by automatically pumping them.

This allows for better traction on the road. Pressing the brake button will apply the maximum brake and keep it from sliding.

What Happens when the Jeep Wrangler ABS Light is On?

When you notice the abs light on the dashboard, most of the time, it is caused due to the braking system facing issues.

Exactly means your Jeep Wrangler ABS system failed to perform with its full potential and failed to provide overall safety to you.

Reasons for a Jeep Wrangler Abs light on

You will notice the ABS light in the dashboard for a few reasons. Here are they1.:

1. Faulty ABS modules

Your Jeep wrangler ABS shares a common module with the traction control system.

The traction system prevents skidding when you are applying too much power by accident. In addition, it ensures smooth ground rolling.

As both of them use the same module and self-diagnostic system, they can interfere with each other.

For this, if your traction control system faces any issue, it might cause an ABS light on. Also, vice versa can happen.

So, you will need to find out which is the main culprit.

2. Damaged speed sensors

The sensor lets you know how fast the wheels turn independently. If the sensor stops working or faces any issue, it cannot provide information correctly.

You will find that it will disable the ABS or traction control systems, and the light will pop up.

3. Low levels of fluid

When your Jeep is facing any leakage issue or has a low-level fluid, then your wrangler screen will detect this, and the abs light will pop up.

4. The system is turned off

This problem will appear if you turn off the abs or traction control system.

As it directly connects your vehicle safety issue, it will warn you that one of the safety features is not properly working. 

How to turn off abs light on a jeep wrangler?

Follow the below steps to turn off the abs light in your jeep wrangler.

Step 1: First, you need to determine what causes the issue. For this, you need to use the scanner tool. You will get the OBD2 scanner connector on the left side of the instrument panel.

Step 2: After connecting it, you will find some code, for example, “c102a”. Now, you need to take some reading by driving the car. If any of the components do not show any reading or are stuck in 0, that means the part has any issue.

Step 3: If you find any issue, you need to fix it by contacting a professional mechanic, and the light will turn off.

How to reset abs light in a jeep wrangler?

The abs light come on due to this issue of your abs system. If the problems occur, first, you need to find out and solve them. Once you solve the issue, you need to rest abs-light.

Here is a complete procedure on how you can reset abs light. But if you do not have any mechanical issues, avoid doing it yourself.

Step 1: First, you need to disconnect the positive cables from the battery. Then, hold the brake pedal and drain the electrical system. It will reset your jeep wrangler computer.

Step 2: Then, plug all the cables to restore power on the vehicle. If everything is ok, then the ABS system will start resetting the light.

Step 3: After resetting the light, it is better to change the abs sensor. For this, you need to remove it from the wheel hub.

Step 4: Now, remove the wire from the wheel hub and mount the new sensor. Then, reset the system again following the previous procedure. 

Can a low battery cause ABS light to come on?

The ABS light may come on if the battery is low. Sometimes a drop in the electrical power due to the battery issue might cause the issue. But, you need to inspect other issues also. If the issue occurs, you need to replace the battery most of the time.

Can I drive my Jeep with the ABS light on?

ABS light on the dashboard of your vehicle indicates if there is a problem with the ABS system.

The abs help prevent wheels locking up, which protects the car from tire skidding uncontrollably.

Its primary purpose is to ensure better or enhanced braking when you press the pedal. 

So, you can drive a jeep with the abs light on. Because, sometimes you need to press the hard padel in several conditions while the abs system is the savior for you.

If you have any issue with the abs system, it is better to solve it as soon as possible.

Final Words

The abs light on means you have an issue with your abs system in a jeep wrangler. It is important to take steps to solve the issue, and as it is a security feature of your car, you should not avoid it. 

The article will help you to know how to turn off abs light jeep wrangler. If you are not confident about doing such things, it is advisable to contact a professional mechanic.

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