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How to Update Jeep Navigation System? (Why It’s Necessary)

Recent data on the Jeep upgrade improves navigation accuracy and fuel efficiency. These enhancements add to the many advantages of your whole navigation system.

It is mainly built for driving, but a map update also ensures that your vehicle is prepared for the journey ahead. So, what is the jeep navigation update procedure?

Check out the navigation software on the internet. Then go to the website and enter the vehicle identification number. Next, you must save the files in Zip format and copy them to the USB drive.

The final step is to update the navigation system using an anti-theft code. Then update the map.

The navigation system upgrade is a little perplexing. However, ensure your GPS is up to date for a safe ride.

Why Should You Update Jeep Navigation?

Get the most up-to-date maps for the jeep navigation system. Each map upgrade retains your system operating at peak performance with new addresses, signage, modified roads, and points of interest.

The software updates help ensure that your GPS is compatible with the most recent smartphones. It increases efficiency, allows the manufacturer to add new services for you to enjoy, and assists FCA in ensuring that your car is safe from cybersecurity threats.

GPS no longer just gives you a set and constant layout of the transit system. They include a wide range of essential considerations to make a good journey, including speed limits, points of interest, dangers, and so on. This tool rapidly diminishes if you do not have the most recent update.

How To Update Jeep Navigation?

Updating your minimizes security breaches and ensures that your vehicle performs at its best. You have to update both your map and the Uconnect system. Follow these steps to upgrade your GPS for the least amount of money and effort.

Step-1: Check the Software

The first step is to inspect the software. Going online is the simplest way to accomplish this.

Step-2: Enter Vehicle Identification Number

Put your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the Uconnect website. You can find it in the bottom corner of your front windshield.

A tutorial will arrive that will walk you through all of the steps you need to take. It is not essential to read through it because the steps are simple to understand.

Step-3: Save Files

Right-click the upgrade link to save the files in ZIP format.

Only 4 GB USB drives are supported by the Uconnect interface. If you have several updates, you must open each ZIP file and copy it to your USB drive.

Then,  upgrade it in the car, return it to your computer, empty it, and continue the cycle. Even with subfolders, you’ll have to go through this process.

Step-4: Update Uconnect

Disconnect all SD cards and USB connections from your car before inserting the disc to update Uconnect. Then turn the engine to the “Run” position.

You have to maintain your foot off the pedal and hit the button twice to achieve Run if you have a push-button starter. Uploading a file will take no more than 15 minutes.

You’ll need an anti-theft code, which can only be obtained from a dealership. Make sure you get the code when you start the update. Until you can update it, you must first enter the code.

After entering the incorrect code three times, wait about an hour before trying again. So be very careful doing this!

Step-5: Update Map

Save the navigation data using a USB key. Then it would be best if you waited for the ‘System Information Download Complete’ prompt to appear. Download the FCA Toolbox and insert the USB disk with the synced navigation data.

You need to log in using your FCA username and password. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Finally, replace the USB disk and upload the data.

Jeep Navigation Update Cost

The company charges $150 per year for map updates. They aren’t notably updated even after they’ve been launched.

The activation of the navigation system is free. However, it is a one-time charge. They don’t have a monthly payment, and they don’t offer free frequent updates.

If they publish an update, it will typically cost $150 to keep updating the maps. It will be mailed to you. If you pay a one-time fee of $100, you can get a lifetime update for your Garmin GPS.

The jeep navigation system is well worth the money because it includes climate control, navigation, connectivity, and entertainment features. There will be no additional charges for connectivity or entertainment, but there will be for weather patterns and navigation.

The GPS feature has become accessible on nearly every new FCA car, and it’s worthwhile.

How Often Does Jeep Navigation Need Upgrading?

You will notice that your nav system is not working as effectively as it once was. Location not found, each traffic inaccurately indicated, or no longer valid restrictions, etc., will suggest that your GPS is no longer updated.

Although some models include a lifetime free upgrade, several other navigation assistants charge a fee to be updated. Your usage determines the total of updates required per year.

A single payment update will suffice if you only drive your car once a year. On the contrary, unless you drive every day and regularly travel to unfamiliar addresses, it could be a wise option to upgrade more often.

Three to four times a year could allow you to take advantage of the most current maps and arrive at your desired location without any unexpected incidents.

Changing the country or speed limit necessitates an update as well. So keep that in mind.


If you’re going on a journey, make sure your Jeep navigation system is updated.

You will be able to drive easily and rapidly following the updated routes. Furthermore, this GPS device sends you real-time traffic notifications.

We’ve talked about the Jeep navigation update procedure and its purpose in this passage. Hopefully, it provides you with all of the crucial details.

So make sure your Jeep navigation system is up to date and take no risk while you travel. Ride safely!

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