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How to Upgrade Dash on Jeep JK? (Cost, Explained)

The Jeep JK’s dash has evolved from sparse metal flat plates to a curved, softer, and well-appointed design. Given the advancements throughout time, there are still more alternatives for upgrading your Jeep’s dashboard.

Recent Wranglers are getting more complex, with technological choices comparable to those available in most new jeeps. Satellite radio and Bluetooth technologies with a hands-free operation are becoming more common.

If your Jeep arrived with a basic radio, you may update to a device with a touch-screen interface, such as the Raxiom OE. You’ll get GPS, Bluetooth, and even a backup camera with this vehicle.

All wire adapters are included in the package to enable appropriate connection with your Jeep JK’s electrical system.

Can You Upgrade Dash on Jeep JK?

Yes, you may update your Jeep JK’s dashboard. The dashboard gauges on your Jeep can tell you practically anything about the condition of your vehicle. When one of the gauges stops working, the issue may be pinpointed.

It could be a sign of a faulty dashboard if all of the gauges stop working. Most professionals can upgrade the dashboard. However, anybody with little vehicle repair knowledge could do it.

Depending on your mechanical ability, the dashboard can be removed and replaced in roughly two hours. It’s simple to upgrade the dash on your Jeep JK.

However, you may use similar disassembly techniques on practically any jeep. Before you begin the procedure, go to an auto parts store and buy the needed parts. You will need to set aside approximately two hours to do it.

Jeep customization experts can assist you in creating an entirely new design for your vehicle’s primary dashboard and driver controls, allowing you to create something unique and personal.

When Should You Upgrade Dash?

Here are a few indicators or warning signals that your Jeep JK’s dash may be having a problem. If you have any of these problems with your Jeep JK, you should consider updating the dash.

1. Dimmer Test

On certain Jeep JK variants, based on the year of manufacturing, you may have a dimmer that adjusts the brightness of the light on the dash of your Jeep JK, and so it is not always the bulbs that are the cause of failures.

The latter, to varying degrees, is employed as a switch. This may have been set too low lighting accidentally, preventing you from seeing the indicators on your center console.

It’s usually under the steering wheel, on the right or left depending on the year your jeep was built. If you need additional information, we recommend consulting your user’s manual.

2. Blown Dashboard Fuse

The fuses on the dash of your Jeep JK may have burned. Also, the lights on the dash of your vehicle may no longer be functional. This can occur if they’re too old or if the electrical energy became too high, a device that safeguards your Jeep JK’s elements.

If it did, the fuse will be black in color or the top strand will be severed. When dealing with your jeep’s fuses, we recommend that you take certain measures, including turning off your vehicle’s engine and having the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers, to catch the fuses easier.

If your dashboard lights still don’t function after changing the fuses, we recommend visiting a repair, since this might be a more difficult issue than it appears.

3. To Have A New Look

As previously said, Jeep JK interiors, especially the overall aesthetic, have gone a long way. A basic chrome accent kit from Rugged Ridge will give enough bling to set your Jeep different from other stock models if you want to further enhance the look of your interior.

Furthermore, if your Jeep is equipped with a manual gearbox, the stock shift knob may be upgraded to show your Jeep’s personality. Shift knob customization is broad and has a considerable influence on a relatively inexpensive price.

If you have the money, time, and knowledge, practically every aspect of your Jeep’s interior may be changed, including the dashboard, which can be customized in a variety of ways.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Dash On Jeep JK?

The cost of replacing the dashboard of your Jeep JK is expected to range between $2,118 and $2,267. Labor expenses are expected to range between $562 and $708, with parts costing $1,308.

This range excludes taxes and fees, as well as your car and geographic region. Repairs to the surrounding area may also be required.

Although this pricing excludes taxes and fees, it might give you an idea of how much a new dashboard will cost at your local mechanic’s shop or dealership. Knowing the typical price will help you obtain a good bargain on a critical component for your car.

You must grasp the function of the instrument panel, the symptoms of a broken dashboard, and how frequently your instrument panel or dash needs to be changed to fully comprehend the dashboard replacement cost.

My Top Recommendation on Jeep JK Dash Upgrade

Here are some of my suggestions on upgrading your Jeep JK.

Dash Cam

  • If you obtain one, you’ll be ahead of the game. Dash cams are available in basic versions that simply record out the windshield all the moment.
  • It also has attached editions that provide remote connection to the camera from everywhere, collapse sensing, and emergency alerts.
  • It even provides fundamental driver aids such as keeping you in your lane or preventing you from colliding with the car in front of you.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

  • This type of automobile audio is referred to as a “head unit” in the industry since it does so much more than play music.
  • A head unit with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay accomplishes just that, leveraging your device’s apps, settings, and information. Most of them also offer both versions.
  • Music streaming, audiobooks, directions, conversations, and texting all occur in the dash.
  • These are converted for the head unit’s appearance and with the least amount of disruption.

Digital Dash for Jeep JK

  • All models of Jeep JKs are fitted with the Carobotor J Pro Jeep Wrangler JK digital dash.
  • The J Pro is a one-of-a-kind digital instrument cluster modification for Jeep Wranglers.
  • The boot speed of the Carobotor Jeep wrangler digital dash is quite quick, taking only 3 seconds.
  • Can show Jeep JK 4-wheel drive functions directly, so you can simply know your driving situations.

How to Upgrade Dash on Jeep JK?

Only a basic understanding of engines, maintenance experience, and self-assurance are necessary. This is a step-by-step guide on how to improve the dash on your Jeep JK:

  • The trim pieces around the dashboard must first be uninstalled. Air conditioner, radio, infotainment system, recreational gadgets, headlight buttons, and steering columns all must be removed as well.

    Second, the battery and wiring connection must be disconnected and uninstalled from the Jeep JK chassis’ connection points once these components have been removed from the dash.

  • Following that, certain automobiles may require the removal of vacuum lines and manifolds to reach and remove the motor mount bolts.

    After this phase, the mechanic or auto owner will do a final scan to assess and confirm that all of the components have been removed.
  • Some jeeps may require the seats to be removed once the scan is completed to thoroughly retrieve the damaged dashboard.
  • Finally, once the seats have been removed from the vehicle, a new instrument panel can be placed, and all of the vehicle’s electrical components may be reinstalled.

Owners will need to know the most typical dashboard warning signals, the elements that might impact the overall price, and the methods for replacing and repairing instrument panel components when determining how much they will spend on dashboard replacement.


As previously said, if you have the time and money, you can modify almost any aspect of your Jeep JK’s interior, including the complete front dashboard and steering wheel.

Jeep modification experts can assist you in creating an entirely new design for your Jeep JK’s primary dashboard and driver controls, allowing you to create something unique and personal. Naturally, replacing the entire dashboard will be costly, since various separate components, as well as the new dashboard, will be necessary. There’s no better method to give your jeep an entirely new appearance and feel if you’re ready to go the extra mile and pay the money.

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