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How to Upgrade Speaker on Jeep Gladiator? (Cost, Explained)

The urgency of replacing the stock speakers depends on the sound-quality preference of the owner.

For various reasons, you may want it and I am going to tell you how to upgrade speaker on Jeep Gladiator.

In this article, I am going to recommend the best speakers that are way better than the stock ones. So, you will not only know the procedures but also order the right products that can match your expectations.

Can You Upgrade Speaker on Jeep Gladiator?

Yes, of course, you can upgrade the speakers on your Jeep Gladiator. And, it is normal among Jeep owners.

Because the quality of the stock speakers is not that great. When you are out in the wild, you will feel the need for high-definition audio quality.

That is why I have researched and gathered all the information you need for upgrading this part.

But before the cost and product recommendations, I want to tell you the right time to replace them.

It can help some people spend money on the upgrade unnecessarily. Read it carefully to understand whether you need it badly.

When Should You Upgrade Speaker on Jeep Gladiator?

When a certain part of a car goes bad, there is no other way but to replace it.

Other than that, there are no strict rules or symptoms indicating the right time for replacing or upgrading.

The following points include several situations and questions by which you will be able to figure out whether the upgrade is desirable or unavoidable.

1. Not satisfied with the stock option

Those who like to listen to the radio while driving is very sensitive to the quality of the audio.

In cars, you need specially designed and manufactured speakers to withstand vibrations and distortions.

Unfortunately, the stock parts are not much capable of providing such quality. Hence, you have to install something better.

In modern cars, automakers are trying to provide better products; still, you may not be satisfied with them.

2. Broken speakers

This is obvious. When the speakers are broken providing distorted sounds, replacing the old ones becomes unavoidable.

The longevity of the speakers depends on the material quality and method of production.

That is why one needs to research more and buy speakers from reputed brands with positive customer feedback.

3. Latest tech innovations

As a tech enthusiast, it is normal to get hyped about the new innovations in the car audio system.

Whether it is amplifiers or speakers, upgrading the old ones can give you something new to cherish for a long time.

The basic speaker hardware technology hasn’t been changed for a long time. But the way they are made and circuits have become smarter.

So, trying out the latest speaker models for getting better sound quality is a valid reason for the upgrade.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Speaker on Jeep Gladiator?

The labor cost of hiring a car mechanic can vary between $80 and $125 per hour.

For this particular task, I think that anyone can be well off without the help of a professional.

Now, let’s calculate the cost of the speakers. For the front dash tweeters, you have to spend at least $50 to get a decent pair.

On the rear, the calculation is not that simple. If you are replacing the stock 6.5” and 3.5”, you will have to spend around 150 bucks.

On the other hand, instead of two, you can install one 6×9 inch speaker. In this case, the cost is around $300.

It includes two large 3-way 6×9 360-watt speakers and two mounting kits. The last option is costlier but the sound quality is out of this world.

Our Top Recommendation on Jeep Gladiator Speaker Upgrade

The following three have different purposes in your Jeep Gladiator. Besides the Bluetooth speaker, you have to replace the other 6 for a complete upgrade.

1. Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5″

The stock 3.5” speakers are 8-ohm but this one from Infinity is 4-ohm. But the thing is that these can handle more power and are able to produce clearer, crisper sound, and punchy bass. Because of its advanced design and manufacturing in the US, you don’t have to worry about its quality.

2. JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch

I like this pair because of the Carbon-injected Plus One cones. They can move more air making more bass. Moreover, having dedicated 12dB, high-quality crossover components, you can get more lifelike sounds. The carbon-composite non-magnetic frame can handle the most demanding conditions.

3. Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6×9

This 4-ohm 3-way powerful speaker is a wonderful option for car owners. The sound quality of your Jeep Gladiator’s audio system can be improved dramatically by its 0.5-inch PEI dome tweeters. Also, the stiff polypropylene is perfect for hitting the low bass notes. You will be glad to know that Kicker uses neodymium magnets for the best results.

Those products are suitable for the latest Jeep Gladiator models. For older models, you should check out the specs and see whether they fit or not.

How to Upgrade Speaker on Jeep Gladiator?

In this part, I am only going to talk about upgrading the speakers; not the subwoofer or amplifier.

There is only one option for the front dash speakers. But you can choose one from two options when it comes to the rear ones.

Replacing the stock parts, you have to use one 6.5” and one 3.5” for each side. Or, one can go for a single 6×9 speaker. Let’s talk about them in detail below.

1. Front 3.5″ Soundbar Speaker Upgrade

The first step for the complete upgrade is to remove the stock 3.5” speakers and replace them with the new ones.

To do that, you have to use a plastic pry tool to get the grills open for both the passenger and driver sides.

While using force to open the grills, you have to be very careful not to apply too much force and break any part.

Then, you can use a right-angle screwdriver to unscrew the 3.5” speakers on your Jeep Gladiator. After taking out the 8-ohm speaker, unplug it.

Now, you can buy the Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5” Car Speakers with Edge-driven Textile Tweeter and plug it in the factory terminals.

After that, put down the speakers and tighten the screws. Finally, install the grills with a little push. Hearing the clicking sound will confirm the fit.

2. Rear 6.5″ Soundbar Speaker Upgrade (Option 1)

The next step includes replacing the rear speakers that are 6.5 inches in diameter.

To take out the plates on both sides, you have to use an Allen key set and remove the screws.

Inside each speaker set, you will find 3.5” and 6.5” stock parts. Carefully unplug and unscrew them.

Here, you can either install the recommended 3.5” speaker or buy more expensive Kicker 47KSC3504 KS Series speakers.

They will fit perfectly. Then, install the JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker. It has a much higher quality than the stock option.

3. Rear 6×9 Soundbar Speaker Upgrade (Option 2)

Another way of upgrading the rear speakers is by installing one 6×9 speaker such as Kicker 43DSC69304.

Instead of doing 3.5” and 6.5” replacements, you can simply install one and get much better sound quality.

But it requires some cutting and DIYing. Don’t worry, I am going to walk you through the procedure. To make you feel more confident, I can recommend a video.

One can either take out the whole soundbar for the cuts or do it inside the car. There are four bolts on the outsides and two underneath the trim panel pieces.

Before cutting the panel, you should buy MB Quart JE1-169SB Rear Speaker Soundbar Mounting Kit for easy and errorless completion of the task.

Put the frame on the speaker hole, and draw lines inside for the cut. Use cutters or Dremel to carefully grind it up, and do not damage the back part.

Now, drill new holes for the new grill and frame to be mounted. Use some Poly-fil to get better sound quality. Finally, put down the 6×9 inch speaker, and tighten the screws.

Pro Tip: Those who are not buying speakers according to my recommendation may find it slightly tough to identify positive and negative terminals. To get the polarity right, you can watch this video and connect them properly.


Here, I have only explained how to upgrade speaker on Jeep Gladiator. For a complete sound system upgrade, you have to replace a few more parts.

It includes buying a new amplifier that can improve sound quality in such boxy vehicles. And, you also have to buy a new radio system.

As long as you are only changing the speakers on your Jeep Gladiator, the cost is not that much. But the other things can make you spend over $2000.

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