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How to Upgrade Subwoofer on Jeep JK? (Cost, Explained)

Knowing how to upgrade subwoofer on Jeep JK can significantly improve the overall audio quality in your car.

Using simple tools and having a DIY mindset, you can replace the stock subwoofer with a better aftermarket one.

Read till the end to know how much it costs, the steps to do it, and the best available products on the market.

Can You Upgrade Subwoofer on Jeep JK?

Yes, you can upgrade the subwoofer on Jeep JK with the help of my guide and product recommendation.

Some of you may think that replacing speakers or subwoofers are not possible without the help of a professional.

But you are wrong. Because it requires some simple tools to finish the task. And, you have probably everything in your garage toolset.

Before you start reading how to replace, you must know when is the right time to upgrade.

When Should You Upgrade Subwoofer on Jeep JK?

I have seen lots of complaints about the quality of the stock subwoofer. Here, upgrading can solve the issue.

However, there are several other signs and symptoms that indicate a problematic subwoofer ready to be replaced.

1. Hearing Abnormal Noises

Being blown or broken, a subwoofer can produce cracking or popping sounds.

As soon as you detect or hear something like that, you should take the car to a mechanic for inspection and solution.

2. Hearing Distorted Audio

Another very common and main sign of a speaker blow-out is hearing distorted sounds.

It is possible that the audio quality has become muffled, off-key, or similar to sounds coming out of a tin can or box.

Also, some sounds of a certain frequency can completely disappear while playing a song.

3. Lack of Speaker Vibration

Weak sound is another symptom indicating the necessity of upgrading the system.

It happens due to the lack of vibration. A blown speaker or faulty wiring can cause this issue. 

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Subwoofer on Jeep JK?

The cost of upgrading the subwoofer on Jeep JK is minimum when you are doing the replacement by not hiring a professional.

Because giving this simple task to a car mechanic can add up to $130 depending on the area you live in.

That is why I have described the whole replacement process to help you. Just buy the best product from my list of recommendations.

After knowing about the available subwoofers on the market, you will see that there are both expensive and low-budget options.

One of the products in my suggestion costs below $300 but the other two cost around $400.

Our Top Recommendation on Jeep JK Subwoofer Upgrade

Subwoofers are the heart of your car radio system because it creates produces all of the lower notes.

Without a good-quality subwoofer, the whole audio system is worthless. So, I have listed the top-rated products below.

1. Alpine SBV-10-WRA

The first 10” subwoofer substitute for Jeep JK is from the most famous Alpine. They offer this model in a sealed custom-fit enclosure. Therefore, installing it into Jeep JK is not an issue. Another benefit is that you can simply place it by applying some pressure, no need for mounting tools. Its IP66 rating lets you drive in any terrain. 

2. KICKER 11HS8 8″

The second one is a low-budget 8” subwoofer from another famous car audio manufacturer names Kicker. And, you must not worry about their quality just because they are not as expensive as the competitors. The 8-inch powerful 150W subwoofer is perfect for thumping bass.

3. DS18 JBASS Jeep Wrangler JK

The last aftermarket subwoofer is from DS18 which has a measurement of 10 inches. And, it comes with an enclosure. What makes it stand out is the integration of 2 10” subwoofers making a great sound system. The RGB lighting adds to the car interior.

How to Upgrade Subwoofer on Jeep JK?

For any of the 8” inch replacements, you won’t have to worry about anything. Because it is a direct fit to the factory-made compartment.

1. 8” subwoofer upgrade 

First of all, get a T20 Torx driver to take out the 6 Torx fasteners on the grill of the subwoofer setup.

After pulling the grill plate out, you have to remove the stock subwoofer by disconnecting two electrical connections.

Find a small notch on the side of the speaker surrounding it and place it on the bottom. It will match the tab on the grill.

Finally, install the enclosure tightening the 6 Torx fasteners, and you are good to go.

Tip: While connecting the new subwoofer to the electrical system, you don’t have to worry about which of the two connectors. Anyone connecting to any port will work just fine.

2. 10” subwoofer upgrade 

The Alpine 10” subwoofer I have recommended above is suitable for 4-door Jeep Wrangler JK models built between 2007 and 2018.

It has a pre-loaded sealed subwoofer enclosure so that you can install it without using any tool.

The press-fit design makes it easy for anyone to do the replacement.

Also, the product has a water-resistant coating making it suitable for use in any condition.

You will be glad to know that the entire unit perfectly fits under the driver’s seat. And, you won’t have to do any modifications at all.

First of all, remove the driver’s seat from your Wrangler JKU, and don’t forget to remove the seat belt too.

Then, you have to drill a few holes in the seat mounting bracket. It is necessary to attach the subwoofer to the mounting bracket conveniently.

Alpine has made the wiring very easy making with a simple plug-and-play design. Watch this video to see how it is done.


That is how to upgrade subwoofer on Jeep JK properly. I hope that you have understood the steps I have explained in the last section. Otherwise, watch the video and be confident about doing it yourself without requiring the help of a professional.

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