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Upgrade Your Jeep Renegade’s Speaker: Easy-to-Follow Steps

As of 2021, Jeep Renegade comes with 6 speakers. This is featured in all Jeep Renegade. These play music using Uconnect 4 infotainment system. If you go premium, you find a Kenwood premium audio system equipped with 9 speakers ( on Latitude, Trailhawk, and Limited).

But should you be okay with the default speaker setup? When should you replace the speakers on your Renegade? Can you DIY the changing of Speakers? What is the process?

To answer the first question, replace the default speakers if you desire more! In this article, I will answer all the above questions. It will include pro tips on choosing speakers and more. Read on below to resolve changing speakers on your Jeep Renegade.

Can You Upgrade the Speaker on Jeep Renegade?

Yes! You can change your speakers. It does not matter if it’s the 4xe or the Kenwood system. Neither does the newness of your speakers affect your decision. If you are not happy with your speakers, you can always change them.   

Removing the old speaker and installing a new one is easy. It does not require professional help, e.g: a mechanic. At least not for usual cases.

If you have other complications along with a speaker problem, then it depends on the situation.

When Should You Upgrade the Speaker?

Depending on the audio system and jeep model, the Renegade houses speakers in the door and the dash. An extra sub-woofer also exists.

It is easy to replace the speakers. Replacing the subwoofer can be a bit of a challenge. We will be focusing on removing and replacing speakers in your jeep Renegade today!

Speakers should give you the best stereo experience inside your jeep. In the case of jeep Renegade, here’s when you should replace your speakers:

  • The speaker makes some odd distortion sounds. Too loud or too loud in a distorted way.
  • Blown speakers. You can recognize this from distortions. Speakers don’t usually get blown if you’re blasting music. Speakers can get overpowered due to many reasons.
  • Bass is uncomfortable to the ears. It may be either too shrill or not enough.
  • Speakers are not loud enough for the huge compartment of the jeep.
  • Speakers are faded out. This may happen if you have nice and used speakers. Usually, after a long time from the purchase of the speakers/jeep, you may face this problem.

You should replace the speakers grossly for two reasons. The first is the speaker lacking desired specs. And the second is damage to the speakers. Or if the speakers are worn out.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade The Speaker On Jeep Renegade?

The dash speaker costs somewhere around $40-50 each. Door speakers (front and rear) cost around $30-60.

Individual tools to work in the replacement process can be rounded to $50-80. This includes the extra harnesses if needed.

So suppose you replace all 6 speakers (for a standard system), it will cost around $140-220 total. Adding the cost of tools, we can round it to $250-300.

This is about the cost of changing speakers. As you will be DIY-ing this down, forget about service charges.

My Top Recommendation On Jeep Renegade Speaker Upgrade

The default 4xe speakers may lack that ‘low end’ rumble. This may sound somewhat cut off. This of course is not a problem in Kenwood. Speaking of Kenwood, it also comes with 3 more speakers!

Of course, 4xe is a good system. But it’s quite mid-range. Gives you a normal experience, good for an outdoor vehicle. Here are some recommendations that may give you that smooth controlled audio system experience.

Peerless GBS-135F25AL02-04: It is a mid bass driver. It is a 5.25” aluminum cone. With a 25mm or 19mm tweeter, it performs quite compactly.

HiVi’s TN28-B Tweeters: Delivers warm sound. It’s Aluminum case is designed to reduce diffraction effects. It also has a ferrofluid cooled coil of 28mm. This helps in handling the power better.

Hertz DCX87.3: These come with a neodymium tweeter that features a PEI dome. This is combined with a woofer. It is a two-way coax that delivers a high-performance. It supplies a wide frequency response. And delivers an outstanding sound.

How To Upgrade Speaker On Jeep Renegade?

Even for a first timer, replacing the speaker is easy. Yes, you need to dismantle an entire door of your jeep (for door speakers).

But it is easier than it sounds. If you follow the step by step process mentioned in this article, you are going to be a natural at it!

The accessibility of the mechanical parts makes replacing the speaker on Renegade so easy. The replacement may be needed for the dash, front door, or rear door speaker.

Here’s all you need to know about replacing those speakers.

Tools needed to Upgrade/Replace the Speaker on Jeep Renegade:

  • A panel tool.
  • Screwdriver,
  • Flat blade screwdriver (small),
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 3/16″ driver,
  • Torx T-25 driver.
  • New speakers (see recommendation below). You will need component speakers for the doors. (5-1/4″ or 6-1/2″ speakers will do).
  • Adapter pieces.

Removing the Speaker on Your Jeep Renegade Dash:

Step-1: With the panel tool, pull up the corner dash grille. Find exposed, five retaining clips.

Step-2: Remove the grille.

Step-3: Using the Torx T-25 driver, remove the two Torx T-25 screws. These screws keep the speaker in place with the dash.

Step-4: After disconnecting the harness, remove the speaker.

Step-5: On the new speaker, find connecting sites. You should find one big connect site and one small connect site.

Step-6: You will find two plugs where the old speaker was. Connect the new speaker connecting sites with these plugs.  

Step-7: Now fit the new speakers right inside the hole where the old speaker was. Repeat the same for the other dash speaker.  

Removing the Speaker on Your Jeep Renegade Door (Front):

Step-1: Removing the door panel is the first step. There is a screw cover behind the door release handle. Take out this screw.

Step-1.2: Afterwards, take out an exposed 3/16″ screw.

Step-1.3: From inside the door pull cup, pull up the rubber mat.

Step-1.4: Remove the exposed hex screw.

Step-1.5: Fromalong the bottom edge of the door panel, take out the Phillips screw.

Step-1.6: Findtwo screw covers along the rear edge of the door panel. Take them out.

Step-1.7: Then proceed to remove one Phillips screw from each location.

Step-1.8: Take out the power switch panel that you will find if you move up along the door.

Step-1.9: Removing the power switch panel will expose the retaining clips

Step-1.10:  Remove the single exposed hex screw.

Step-2: Take out the sides and bottom of both front doors.This will expose eight retaining clips.

Step-3: Remove the door panel by isolating the harness and door lock cables.

Step-4: Using the Torx T-25 driver, remove the two Torx T-25 screws. These screws keep the speaker in place with the door.

Step-5: Now isolate the harness/plug and remove the speaker.

Step-6: You will need to flip the harness (positive and negative terminals) because of the setup that comes with these harnesses of the jeep.   

Step-7: Clip on the screws on the new speakers. Place it in the correct position, and screw it in.

Step-8: Follow reverse steps of everything you did to dismantle the door.   

Removing the Speaker on Your Jeep Renegade Door (Rear):

Step-1: Before you start working,check the box for replacement screws. Sometimes, you don’t get these screws with the replacement speakers. If you don’t have them, make sure you find some before starting to work.

Step-2: Take out the sail panel. Three retaining clips will come out. Afterwards, remove the panel.

Step-3: From behind the door release handle, remove the screw cover and take out the 3/16″ screw.

Step-4: Expose the 3/16″ hex screw by pulling up the rubber mat that’s inside the door pull cup. Now remove the hex screw.

Step-5: Remove the Phillips screw that’s along the bottom edge of the door panel. 

Step-6: Take out the power switch panel, similar to the front door, to expose retaining clips. Find 3/16″ screws here as well and remove them.

Step-7: Find eight retaining clips by taking out the sides and bottom of the door panel.

Step-8: Isolate the harness and door lock cables.

Step-9: Using the Torx T-25 driver, remove the four Torx T-25 screws. These screws keep the speaker in place with the door. Now remove the speaker.

Now follow steps 7 and 8 when replacing the speaker of the front door. In the case of flipped terminals follow step 6 as well.


Jeep Renegade has been upgraded as of 2021. The audio system has had a few upgrades. Whether it is the standard audio system or the premium one, the stereo is quite satisfactory. Especially the Kenwood sound system. Yet, if you need to replace any particular speaker or speakers, let this blog be your guide! Changing speakers on your jeep Renegade is now resolved!

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