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Jeep 4.0 Oil Type and Capacity (Details Explained)

Jeep is a trusted vehicle brand that has proved its worth to be one of the best SUV makers out there over time. They have always provided us with the best driving experience while also ensuring that we are getting a nice rugged look from it. 

However, despite the praise they get and how good they are, there were many times that the oil efficiency of the Jeep was questioned. This is why you should know how to find the Jeep 4.0 oil capacity of your Jeep engine. 

Knowing this will not only help you put the right amount of oil needed for your vehicle but also avoid overfilling, thus saving your engine from getting damaged earlier than expected. 

How to Find the Jeep 4.0 Oil Capacity

Most of the Jeep SUVs that you will come across will use 6 quarts of oil for their 4.0 engines. 6 quarts is basically 1.5 gallons of oil in the US or 5.7 liters.

Many repairing manuals suggest you not to use more than 5 quarts of oil for your engine and tell you that your oil capacity is 5 quarts. 

You should just keep in mind that when you are replacing the oil filter and the engine oil, just fill up the oil to the very top level of the oil dipstick.

Doing this would generally fill up your oil with around 5.5 quarts. However, depending on a few other factors, such as the oil filter, it would be between 5 to 6 quarts of oil. 

Make sure that you also consider that usually, a dry engine comes with a fill level of a whole 6 quarts. For example, it could be after a rebuild.

There are also oils out there that tend to always remain in the engine even when you are changing the oil. 

Remember that if you are to do the maintenance just by yourself, you must always make sure to have the oil service light of your Jeep reset.

Reset the oil light after you have done an oil change, or you could also just reset the check engine light.

Just reset about any service reminder warning light that appears on your Jeep.

What Type of Oil Does a 4.0 Jeep Engine Require?

Jeeps are a vehicle that will last you a whole lifetime if you know how to take proper care of them.

This is something that many people do not really pay much attention to, but one of the most critical decisions to ensure that your Jeep is healthy is choosing the correct motor oil for your Jeep.

Back in 1986 is when Jeep first introduced its 4.0 engine. This engine proved to be one of the best engines to go off-road driving with.

Not only that, this engine has been used in almost every model of Jeeps out there, both the Cherokee and the Wrangler included.

This six-cylinder engine is one of those engines that can go up as far as 200000 miles without having any significant overhauls or problems.

There are tons of motor oils out there that claim to be the best for your 4.0 engine. However, to make sure that your Jeep stays in good health and condition, here is a list of some of the best oils for your Jeep 4.0 engine.

These are some of the best motor oils that you can get for your Jeep so that you can make sure your Jeep stays healthy and in service for a long time.

How Much of Oil Does a Jeep 4.0 Engine Take?

As we already mentioned above, a 4.0 engine of a Jeep takes in about 6 quarts of oil to fill up.

5.5 quarts of oil would be the general sweet spot for most Jeeps, but depending on the type of oil filter you have, including some other factors, your Jeep might just take in about 5 quarts.

The 6 quarts of oil are usually for engines that have mostly gone dry. 

6 quarts of oil is generally around 5.7 liters of oil or about 1.5 gallons of oil in the US.

The recommended viscosity of the motor oil for your Jeep would be around 5W to 30W.

The oil box quantity of a manual gearbox is 1.5 or 0.4 gallons. 

The oil volume in an automatic gearbox would be 3.8 or 1 gallon US or 4.02 US quarts.

Jeep 4.0 Oil Capacity: How Much is It?

The oil capacity for a 4.0 Jeep engine would be around 6 quarts or even 6.2, to be more precise. In US quarts and gallons, it would be 5.7 liters or 1.5 gallons.

The chart below contains the model and years of different Jeeps with their oil capacity, viscosity, and torque to help you have a better look. 

ModelYearOil CapacityViscosityTorque
Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L1987 – 1990 5.5 quarts (filer included)10W – 30, 10W – 40, 20W – 40, 20W to 5030 ft/lbs.
Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L1991 – 1999 6 quarts (filter included)10W – 30 5W – 3030 ft/lbs.
Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L2000-20016 quarts (filter included)10W – 305W – 3025 ft/lbs.
Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 4.0L93 – 986 quarts (filter included)10W – 30 5W – 3030 ft/lbs.
Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 4.0L99 – 046 quarts (filter included)10W – 30 5W – 3025 ft/lbs.
Jeep Wrangler YJ1991 – 19956 quarts (filter included)10W – 30 5W – 3030 ft/lbs.
Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ1997- 19996 quarts (filter included)10W – 30 5W- 3025 ft/lbs.
Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ2000 – 20066 quarts (filter included)10W – 30 5W- 3025 ft/lbs.

Why Oil Maintenance is Important for Your Jeep 4.0 Engine?

As you keep on using your engine, it keeps on building up dirt and debris. All of this excess dirt can be removed or even reduced just by changing your oil.

The sludge build-up is also a prevalent thing for any vehicle.

Regular oil changes can help you remove and give you an engine that runs a lot more efficiently. 

Not only do oil changes come in handy to keep your engine clean and running efficiently, but it also helps to keep your engine lubricated adequately and makes sure that it does not overheat.

Doing regular oil changes will also help your Jeep maintain good performance throughout the years and, of course, last a lot longer. 

This is why you need to ensure that you do regular oil maintenance for your 4.0 engine Jeep to keep it away from any type of wear and damage.

Final Words

Jeeps are comfortable and reliable vehicles. They are a great choice if you want to spend some time with your family on an adventure away from the city roads and onto rough terrains.

However, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere just because you didn’t bring enough oil.

So, always make sure that you have enough oil to go on trips. That’s why it’s essential to find out Jeep 4.0 oil capacity if you own one. Drive safe!

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