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Jeep 4.0 Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost: Full Guide

The cost of replacing the serpentine belt in Jeep 4.0 can vary depending on whether you conduct the work yourself or hire a technician. If you opt to do this as a do-it-yourself job or go for labor service you’ll pay roughly $41 for just the parts or nearer to $53 if you buy a kit that includes all the essential parts.

If you hire a mechanic, though, you will have to invest in labor as well. The cost of labor varies greatly, but you really should expect a trained professional to execute the job.

If the labor rate in your area is $64, for example, you can expect to pay $81 in labor costs.

Jeep 4.0 serpentine belt Replacement Cost (Updated Price)

You can pick between saving time and saving money, but hiring a professional in this scenario would almost certainly provide you more peace of mind. The serpentine belt would cost you from $41 to $53 if you decide to change it yourself in your workshop.

However, it is probably wise to get a complete serpentine belt. Many, if not all, of the engine’s accessories, are driven by the belt, including the alternator, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, water pump, and air pump. An automated tensioner, either hydraulic or spring-loaded, tensions the serpentine belt. The full package will set you back around $55.

You would have to spend a considerable sum of cash regarding labor if you take your Jeep 4.0 to a workshop to have a professional execute the operation. Rates vary significantly across the country, but a starting point of $64 is a decent place to start.

If you assume that a professional may need a good amount of time to perform the task, you will spend around $83 in addition to the cost of the materials. However, once again, the calculation is largely depending on your location.

Product NamePriceWeightItem Dimensions LxWxH
Gates Micro-V Serpentine Belt compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L L6$35.870.52 Pounds20.63 x 10.75 x 0.8 inches
Dayco Main Drive Serpentine Belt compatible with Jeep TJ 2.5L 4.0L$30.790.62 PoundsLimited Lifetime 6PK1255 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt$12.200.25 Pounds1 Year 
Dayco 5060883 Serpentine Belt$17.490.44 Pounds2.3 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches
ContiTech PK060938 Serpentine Belt$26.490.50 Pounds2.54 L x 15.24 W x 36.83 H

When Should You Replace Your Jeep 4.0 serpentine belt?

Because of advances in rubber technology, serpentine belts are made to endure considerably longer than previously. A belt should last you anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles in perfect conditions. If your serpentine belt is somehow damaged, you may need to consider replacing your serpentine belt for-

1. Maintenance that is scheduled regularly

Manufacturers typically recommend belt replacement every 90,000 miles. However, before this high mileage, the belt must be examined for wear and damage at regular intervals.

2. Belt squealing, slippage, and obvious belt damage

You may hear noise or notice apparent symptoms of degradation such as missing bits of rubber, severe splitting, or a shredded look on the edge of the belt if the belt fails or wears out early.

3. Battery Light

A slack belt may be caused by a faulty tensioner, may not be able to drive the alternator at the proper speed, causing the battery to deplete and the indicator light to illuminate.

4. Overheating of the engine

The water pump is frequently driven by a serpentine belt. If the belt breaks in specific circumstances, the engine will overheat in seconds to several minutes. You may notice a higher-than-normal engine running temperature if the belt is not properly tensioned.

What Is The Procedure For Replacing A Serpentine Belt?

If your Jeep serpentine is somehow destroyed, it cannot be fixed and must be changed. The replacement of the serpentine takes a certain amount of time. To explain, the procedures are pointed here below:

  • The mechanic must first drive the motor to ensure that the idler pulley and the belt tensioner are noise-free before removing the belt. The grease-filled bearings on such spinning components are prone to wear. Furthermore, the technician will make certain that all pulleys and attachments are rotating in the same direction. These methods will ensure that your new belt runs well for the duration of its service life.

  • The course of the belt as it passes through the different components is documented. The stress on the belt is removed by releasing the belt tensioner, which is commonly done using a wrench or lever. The belt slides off the pulleys when the tension is released.

  • The alternator, air conditioner compressor, and other spinning components are all examined for smooth operation and noise.

  • If everything appears to be in order, the replacement belt is slid over these pulleys while the tensioner is kept away from the belt. The tensioner is loosened and the installation is finalized after the belt is positioned on all pulleys. To guarantee proper operation, the engine is started.

Keep the following in mind when changing the serpentine belt:

  • A serpentine belt’s projected service life on many autos is roughly 90,000 miles. If the belt fails before then, check for the out of pulleys, a possibly out-of-position crankshaft harmonic balance on which the drive pulley is placed, binding pulleys, or a malfunctioning belt tensioner.

  • Serpentine belt routing must always be taken into consideration, as good routing is essential for optimal belt tension and performance of the driven types of equipment.

  • It might be difficult to tell the difference between serpentine belt noise and other engine noises. In these circumstances, a mechanic will isolate the source of the noise by operating the engine even without a serpentine belt attached for a short period.


Finally, the serpentine belt in your Jeep is a major component. Serpentine belt difficulties that cause the alternator to stop charging might lead the battery to drain, resulting in the car losing power.

Furthermore, if a worn belt powers the water pump and breaks, the engine would overheat in a matter of moments.

You may risk unexpected and sudden breakage if the belt has noticeable damage, which might leave you stuck.

Thus, whenever you face any issue with the serpentine belt of your Jeep 4.0, follow the ways to replace it as soon as possible as the serpentine belt is one of the major parts of your Jeep engine.

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