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How Much Does It Cost to Replace jeep Antenna? (Details)

Most drivers perceive the antenna on Jeep wranglers to be too long and swingy. It’s tough to drive about without suspecting that the antenna has picked up on something. It takes no special skills to replace these antennas; anyone can do it.

A Jeep antenna replacement costs between $148 and $164 depending on the model.

You don’t have to be concerned about the expense of replacement because I’ll cover everything you need to know in this article.

Key Points:

  • Labour and parts for a Jeep antenna replacement cost $148 on the low end and $164 on the high end.
  • A malfunctioning antenna can cause problems such as Some users will notice a lost signal alert or experience strong static on all AM/FM channels with minimal range from the source of the transmission.
  • If a Jeep antenna failure is expected, a professional will test the Jeep antenna circuit to confirm the diagnosis.

Jeep Antenna Replacement Cost

Before planning or selecting to replace the jeep antenna, you must have information or an overview of the cost estimates.

To assist you right now, I’ll explain and clarify every detail of this replacement assignment, including expenses.

A jeep antenna intercepts and receives signal information from several sources by forming a larger base. The goal is to produce a functional, seamless design that blends in with the vehicle so that the user is unaware of the antenna’s presence.

Signals have difficulty reaching the receiver as a Jeep antenna begins to malfunction. On all AM/FM channels with minimal range from the source of the transmission, some users will see a lost signal warning or experience heavy static.

A faulty Jeep antenna could be self-diagnosed. If you take it to a shop, the work to diagnose the problem will cost between $20 and $60. Small shops in rural locations will have the lowest pricing, while dealers in major cities will have the most.

The two significant elements impacting the overall cost of replacing an automobile antenna are the antenna style and labour cost. On the low end, labour costs $58 and on the high end, it costs $74. The cost of parts is usually approximately $90.

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted specific Jeep antenna models and their approximate replacement costs here.

Model Feature Size Cost
Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU Rubicon Sahara (2007-2022)
  • Rubber antenna
  • Sustain under extreme weather conditions
  • Easy installation
13 Inches $24.83
Rugged Ridge 17212.11 Antenna, Reflex, 15 inch, 97-Current Jeep Wrangler / 2020 Gladiator
  • Flexible material in its construction
  • The lower antenna height significantly reduces the risk
15 Inches $20.00
AntennaX Off-Road (13-inch) Antenna for Jeep Wrangler JK JL Gladiator JT
  • Flexible rubber antenna
  • PLUG-N-PLAY installation
13 Inches $19.99
Rydonair Antenna Compatible with 2007-2022 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU Rubicon Sahara Gladiator
  • Premium rubber outer construction
  • Easy Installation
7 Inches $25.99

It will be an expensive ordeal to replace any portion of a jeep. The radio antenna was purchased at a surprising low price. Some antennas cost as little as $17, while others cost as much as $40.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Antenna?

Aside from the apparent fact that your Jeep Wrangler radio antenna can be broken or worn out, there are numerous more reasons why it may need to be replaced.

The antenna on Jeep wranglers is typically too long and swingy for most drivers. It’s tough to drive without thinking the antenna has picked up on something.

Radio waves bounce over an automobile instead of being intercepted by the Jeep due to a broken antenna, resulting in low quality broadcasts. The same idea applies to satellite signals and navigation systems.

These antennas can be replaced without any special skills. Still a professional is a good choice. A professional will test the jeep antenna circuit to validate the diagnosis if a jeep antenna failure is expected.

If any shortening is discovered, the technician will inspect the signal wire and then the wire harness for flaws.

Jeep Antenna Replacement Guideline:

It’s a simple operation to take out your old antenna and replace it with a new one. In some circumstances, only the antenna mast needs to be replaced, but in others, the entire antenna system must be replaced.

You should be able to work your way through it with the help of a few tools and, of course, installation knowledge.

You’ll learn how to replace the entire antenna system as well as the antenna mast in great detail. With this guide, you’ll be better prepared to rise to the occasion in any of the two scenarios.

Step 01: Unscrew the antenna

Using a 10mm wrench, unscrew the antenna from the bracket’s attachment base.

Step 02: Unscrew the bracket

Using a screw extractor machine, detach the bracket from the side of your Jeep. You can see the base cable running into the cable hole after the bracket is loose.

Step 03: Find out the base cable

All you have to do is pull the loose unscrewed bracket on the outside and look inside the compartment to see which cable moves, which should be the base cable.

Step 04: Disconnect the base cable

The cable’s tail attaches to the radio’s cord shaft. You only need to use your hands to disconnect the cord from the box.

Step 05: Remove the cable from the glove box

Remove the cable from the glove box at this point. All that’s left to do now is carefully take the base cable out of the hole.

Step 06: Insert new base cable and bracket kit

Carefully insert your new base cable and bracket kit into the hole.

Step 07: Connect cable to the radio

Plug the end of the base cable into the cord shaft to connect it to the radio once the entire base cable fits into the glove box.

Step 08: Screw all the parts

Close up the glove box and reach out for your screwing machine.

Step 09: Choose an adapter

Choose an adapter that is compatible with the antenna you currently have.

Step 10: Mount the antenna

With your hands, screw the adaptor into the bracket’s mount base. Mounting your antenna mast is the final stage.

When it comes to receiving frequencies for your radio, proper antenna installation ensures off-peak performance. Furthermore, you may rest confident that your antenna will not be left at the Jeep wash or on the road because it has become loosened.

Is Replacement of Your Jeep antenna Covered Under Insurance?

No. Simple changes that will not affect your insurance policy. If necessary, replace out your jeep antenna.

Final Words

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to replace your Jeep’s antenna. The standard antenna may have snapped and broken off, or it may have had reception issues, or the entire system antenna may not be working at all.

So, get rid of your old antenna and replace it with the greatest jeep antenna currently available.

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