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Jeep Blend Door Recall: Symptoms and Diagnosis

You won’t commonly hear the phrase blend door recall or actuator. But the actuator controls the blend door, which is basically the air conditioning system of your car. If anything goes wrong with your jeep blend door recall, you’ll need to run a diagnosis and probably replace it.

An imperfect blend door recall will show you some symptoms like noises from the dashboard, knocking, and inconsistent airflow. You’ll need to run some diagnoses, including blend door calibration, and check on the faulty relay. The problems need to be resolved quickly, or else your jeep will be in bad condition.

You might have to replace the whole blend door recall system if there’s no chance to repair it. So it’s better to learn about the issue in detail before having to deal with it.

Symptoms Of Bad Jeep Blend Door Recall:

A faulty jeep blend door recall will show you some symptoms. But as the symptoms don’t interrupt your driving, you may not realize the gravity of this problem.

However, these symptoms can cause your car to overheat. You should recognize them because they generate significant issues for your jeep.

1. Noises From Dashboard

Suppose you just turn on the AC of your jeep and try to adjust the temperature. After that, a squeaking sound comes from the dashboard of the central area. The HVAC system is located here.

If the sound is repetitive or feels like drowning, you might have a problem with the plastic gears of the actuator. Some teeth of the gears may have broken or worn down. That’s why these annoying sounds start.

If the gears are made of metal teeth, it’ll create a lower frequency, but the sounds won’t disappear.

2. Inconsistent Airflow

If you ever feel inconsistent airflow from your jeep air condition, the blend door actuator must be something wrong.

Any improper distribution will indicate issues as it diverts the airflow evenly all over the jeep. If the motor gear is damaged, it can’t distribute the cool air properly. 

Another reason can be the burned motor or actuator. Therefore, you can even change the temperature setting when you want to.

You can repair the gear of the actuator or replace the equipment. However, it’ll only solve the airflow problem temporarily. We recommend replacing the whole unit of the recall.

3. Knocking

The knocking is a bit different from other noises. You’ll hear clicking noises from the dashboard if the knocking problem appears.

Typically, the knocking starts when you turn on the ignition of your car. The blend door actuator recalibrates the door’s position whenever you start the ignition. According to your command, if there’s no change in the door’s position, something is wrong with the recall.

As it tries to adjust the door’s position, knocking noises will come from the dashboard.  Sometimes a faulty relay can create such noises. Therefore, you should also check on the relay.

Jeep Blend Recall: Diagnosis

When you are confident about the mentioned symptoms happening in your jeep, you need to run some diagnoses to fix the problem. If the methods are proved useful, you may not have to replace the whole actuator.

Recalibration Of Blend Door

A simple recalibration of the blend door may make the problems with the actuator disappear. For that, you first need to turn on the ignition and go to the settings. Then activate the auto option of your jeep’s AC system.

Now switch off the ignition of the car and remove the AC fuse. Wait about a minute and start the ignition again to leave for 2 minutes. The interval will help the system to learn the standard model.

Then switch on and off the ignition again and wait for 15 seconds. If the problem doesn’t disappear, you may need professional help.

Faulty Relay Diagnosis

As mentioned, a faulty relay can cause noises and the reason for malfunctioning blend door recall.

Mainly a relay is an electrical switch that ensures the opening and closing of the blend door of your jeep. When the relay switch gets dirty or faulty, it can’t pass an electric signal to the blend door.

On top of that, a faulty relay creates repeating noises because it can’t disengage or engage with the contact points properly. So, if you locate a defective relay and replace it, you’ll get a proper functioning actuator.

Blend Door Recall Replacement Cost

If you figure out that the actuator is no longer functioning or you just want a new actuator rather than a repairable one, you have to replace it with a new one. And that raises the question of money.

A new blend door recall can cost you $100 to $400 based on your car’s model and year of the vehicle. Well, it’s just equipment cost. You also have to pay labor costs during the repair. 

The labor cost is not fixed because it’ll vary according to your region. However, you can assume it’s about $50 to $150 as their demands.

Can You Drive with A Faulty Jeep Blend Door Actuator?

You have already learned the function of a blend door recall which is controlling the temperature inside your vehicle through AC. So, imagine the AC is broken. Don’t you have windows?

The engine will work just fine. So, you can ride your jeep. However, some discomfort will appear because the temperature isn’t in your hand anymore. You just have to use the windows when necessary. And the noises are also irritating, especially when it rings repeatedly.

Apart from the discomfort, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t drive a jeep with a damaged blend door actuator. It won’t compromise your driving safety.


As the faulty blend door recall isn’t a common problem, drivers don’t pay much attention to it until the continuous sound irritates us. Also, you can even see what’s wrong until you open the dashboard.

If your jeep blend door recall has such symptoms, go to a mechanic store and replace it. When comfort doesn’t matter to you, then don’t fix it. But we support the replacement of the actuator for your convenience driving in both summer and winter. Drive safe!

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